Friday, November 27, 2009


Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite.
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Blizz oh Blizz what have you done!?!?
Blizz has announced that Diablo 3 wont be released in 2010!!!
Apperantly the dudes in the dev team are still developin the game o.O Wait so....all the videos and trailers . . . . did they spent the last 1 year just making those stuff to keep us on our toes o.O
Soon after that they announced that they are trashing the Diablo 3 skill tree system. The same system that WoW uses.
Okaaay im all up for innovation and if they need more time to make it good alright. . . . but damn 1 whole year wait and 2011 is not a 100% release too.
Blizz claims Star Craft2: part 1 and Cataclysm are not to be blamed for the delay but i seriously doubt the truth behind those words. Altho with bills of $ in their vaults i find it hard to believe that they cant support their babies. Not to mention they merged with Activision. . . . . it is true new artists and developers doesnt necceseraly mean they will do good but i dont know . . . . .maybe they got themselfs involved with too many things and now the schedules are banging on their heads like a Relentless Gladiator from wow`s latest season :D
Not to mention the new MMORPG they are making.
In a recent interview the lead desidner of WoW said that they realise wow wont last forever (WTF OFC IT WILL!) and there is bound after awhile that a new game will arise:
"Someone will surely make a new game. . . . faster and better. . . . might aswell be us!"
Weeeeeell im not rdy to quit wow so i hope that new thing even if it is from Blizz doesnt come soon :D Id hate to throw away all my acomplishments in Azeroth -_-`
Come to think of it i quit goonzu and i was so high ranking politician there :S And there ppl who owe me bils of gold too :S Damn maybe i should download it again just to collect my debts and then quit again hahaha xd

Ive been having some serious fun in the "escapist" forum :> Any gamer who reads my blog will be wise to check it out :>

Ive been rather busy lately so no time to play wow. . . . i believe i missed the free 5th anniversary pet -_-` which is a major piss for me.
Played Killzone:Liberation for psp n i got to say its a very neat game. Maybe ill write a review later. Now im too lazy for it :D

Also slowly filling my laptop with pics n stuff :> Now it starts to feel like my own baby :P
\Thinking of doing some major shopping next week. I found an uber cool Adidas shop last time i went to the city so im thinking of tuning myself in pure adidas kit :>
And also i prolly gona need more office shirts....this summer makes me sweat alot and even Lynx cant save me from the heat ! :O

Yours Jimmy :>


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