Thursday, June 30, 2011

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon 

 IMDB has a 7.0 rating for the movie. BUT FUCK THAT! That was a fucking 8.5
I was very weary and didnt have my hopes up too much. . . i mean after the "Revenge of the Fallen" who could blame me. But obviously i was gona go watch the bloody movie.
I was talking with my girlfriend last week and she said she wanted to go watch the movie which was even better for me cuz if it sucked i could always go bang her in the bathroom to realease the stress caused by the disappointment. Anyway i was driving on friday and i heard on the radio that Event Cinemas are having a midnight release of the movie and i was like...hey thats perfect. Obviously i decided to flex some mussle for my girl and got us the GoldClass tix :P 75$ but what the hell you watch a movie on a fucking bed...if it is really bad you could always sleep (rofl).
So we go there on Tuesday night and actually there were alot of people in the cinema. One thing i do love about the G.C is the fact that there like 30 people in the whole place. Aint nobody bumping into me or some 2 m. tall guy sitting infront of me to screw my view :D

So anywy the movie starts and...ITS FUCKING AAAAWESOME. I could  tell right from the bat. The way the movie started and that massive build up that it produced. And from there on it was just up-hill.
The Best Transformers movie so far!
There wasnt mindless acton in this movie and the mind blowing special effects this time were carefully scripted and didnt make you yawn (like in the Fallen) because they were too long.
The story was great and it was crafted very well. It connected all the dots and made alot of sense. There nice plot twists in the movie that will make you go "HUUUH?"
I loved how Megatron was shown as weaker and beat down robot due to his last movie`s  injuries. I guess it makes sense it would be hard for him to get repaired but . . . how do the other robots got themselfs fixed? Still it was interesting. However i do dislike how all decepticons are shown as mindless red eyed savages. They are quite intelligent in the Animated Series and have their own personalities. But i guess exploring 30 robots in detail would take too much time. And the movie is already  two and a half hours!
Btw did i mention we have fucking John Malkovich in the movie? Hell yeah baby and you can bet he delivered some very very awesome scenes! Also we had another cameo appearance from Hangover star Ken Jeong who had 1 "piss your pants" scene with Shia in the bathroom. But i wont go ahead and spoil things for you. But ....dont drink when you see the asian guy show up or you might spit on the person infront of you. :D

I loved the cars :D That new ferrari daaaaamn !!!  SPeaking of ferrari there was ALOT..... and i mean ALOT of brand advertising in this movie. I guess that joke that its not a Michael Bay movie because there not enough brand ads in it is true.
I mean we got the bossy CIA women suddenly putting on NIKE high tops wtf that...the shoes were great but really...thats how you promote NIKE? With CIA agents X_X Even NIKE`s rival Adidas had a go when Sam`s family showed up in a green kit. Then there was the Mercedes and phones and all kind of shits. I mean every sponsorship got literraly smacked in your face. I do think they could have done a better job and made the things a bit more fluid. Or im assuming...noone cared on the production crew. Or maybe Michael Bay likes this way of promoting.
But that was pretty much my only beef with the movie.
The ending was solid. I dont think we will see another transformers movie any time soon. I know  Shia LaBeouf is not going to make more of these. And honestly he shouldnt as an actor he needs some good story movies to make otherwise his current star might fade. And he is a damn good actor in my opinion too. Of the newcomers i think Shia is much better than Channing Tatum who is getting all sorts of hype. But on the other hand Channy got more diverse roles and the ladies love him. So yeah . . . go Shia show us what you got. But i digress. . . the ending was solid and kinda of making sure for now there wont be another Transformers movie why is that Jimmy you ask? Ill tell you why,...because alot of the main characters died :D Okay not that many...but when main characters start dying. . . . you know there aint gona be a 4thquel coming anytime soon.

Still the movie was GREAT! 8.5/10!
And pls go watch in the cinema those special effects and massive fights arent made for your small ass TV at home X_X

Man how can you not love Valve. Those awesome jerks just released their summer promotion and it is OFF THE HOOK! I meant it. . .. massive slashes on prices. Like -75% of games. And a small competition where you can try to earn yourself some phat loot. I got myself Borderlands and its 4DLC for just 8$ and who knows how many games ill be tricked into buying. Damn you Gabe Newell!! X_X

Magic The Gathering
Finally i managed to beat all the archenemy missions. Damn Nicol Bolas the last boss was really fucking tough to beat. And his deck was fucking retarded. I honestly kept dying just because of the scheme cards. His deck in itself had no power at all. Also a trick for everybody out there who is struggling with handling the bosses. Use your favorite deck and put the AI team to go with the ELF deck. The massive amount of creatures they dish out will eat alot of the enemy`s removal. So you have more chances to use your kill combo creatures. Some games even i used the Elf deck. I mean imagine 3 elf decks and then dropping couple of Heedles One`s . . . now that is some big big fat creature right there and they have trample so the AI is forced to start blocking with more than 1 creature. All in all i think it was the 1st archenemy and the final boss that gave me any real trouble. The other decks just dont work that well with the schemes i guess.
The Ancient Depths deck is great i see the winning combos but it is too messed up to be competitive. Too easy to screw the plan with just couple of removals or counterspells. And even with all that massive mana gain it is still a very slow deck. I hope the next expansion brings more cards for it. Because right now that deck is like the lamest.

So thats about it for now. Oh and btw Darky i know you will see this:

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Game Setup

Okay inspired by Shinji i decided to take a new photo of my current gaming setup.
Okay so my PS3 is missing from the shot but thats due to the fact that im using it at work altho lately i spend less and less time on it so i may bring it back home.
Too much gaming tech? xD
One the other hand now i got my new Laptop. I had to cough up 2300 AU$ for that baby. As i mentioned earlier it has way too much storage space that i need but hey maybe now`s the time to download some porn movies hahah (im semi joking here). Btw the bluetooth mouse they gave me broke down haha. It suddenly stopped receiving signal or maybe it fails to connect i dont know which one is it but it aint working anymore. Good thing i still have my old mouse so i didnt have to go out and buy a replacement. I love that steel cover it keeps my palms cold and comfy :) I hated it when my hands get sweaty X_X Also on the picture i left the Die2Nite window open :P My current town might actually die tonight but its all good because i got the chance to repair a broken chainsaw and will get a rare distinction for it later :PPP Random towns may have short lifespans but at least you have the chance to get some good distinctions :P Who knows maybe ill get another LMS.

You can also see my Nintendo DS XL running Pokemon White. Man i`ve no idea when ill finish that game. And honestly im having doubts ill ever find the time X_X But the game is sitting quitely on my bookshelfs and is praying to the gaming gods that one day ill catch em all.

My beloved PSP is here aswell. I actually got a new game for it like a month or so ago. Its called Lord of Arcana and is the typical Jrpg grinder. I do use the PSP from time to time. Sometimes just to play some music or maybe a quick race on Need For Speed:Shift.  And unlike my PC games or the pokemon series i have completed almost all of my games on it.

Here you can see my brand new keyboard Razor Lycosa . I was thining for awhile to get the SC2 keyboard but i really didnt see the use of all those extra buttons. Im not that heavily involved with SC2 anymore and i never really play heavy macro on any of my games. Even in WoW im rellying on quick APM and just couple of extra shortcuts on my mouse. So i got the nice razor lycosa that has a cool blue blow too :P Actually . . . i think the StarCraft keyboard glows in blue too . . .  anyway this is what i chose.

On the pic you can also see my Shogun 2 statue from the collectors edition. He is guarding my necklace and wristband from Armani and also my favorite Magic The Gathering card!!! MARCH OF THE MACHINES!!!

Also under my screen we have a very special "Dark Magician" card from the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise. Why special you ask? Because it has an autograph from creator Kazuki Takahashi ^_^
And on the right side of the Magician is his bodyguard. Squall Lionheart from FF:Dissidia.

And above everything i have a gorgeous Final Fantasy XIII poster. Never played the game but one day at the bookstore i saw they sold some cool posters so i picked a pack. I also have a Marvel poster from the event Fear Itself that is going on right now. It looked amazing so i bought it. But that one is a bit more to the right so its not immediate to my gaming setup so i didnt took a picture. Maybe ill show it to you guys later.

So thats how i roll right now. I have some great ideas for a gaming room with a a library wall for my books,manga collections and high shelfs for the games and then a 3 screen gaming setup. + a fat cough and a TV+PS3 config to chill or for people to play while im on the PC. BUT i cant afford to do it right now. Mostly because the next room is not free for use yet X_X So hopefully ill be able to get it soon and start working on my dream gaming room :PpP

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Left 4 Dead 2

Hey everyone :)

First thing i got to say is. I finally got myself a new laptop to replace the old one. Its an "HP" and its pretty cool. 2294 AU$ And because i was getting some DVDs from the store aswell they gave me a free bluetooth mouse. Damn marketing tricks haha. I bet it didnt cost them anything to throw that mouse with the purchase. Not to mention since i sold my old laptop bag i had to buy a new one. But this time i got a backpack because i have the adidas bag to carry around.

Its again 17 inches but the body is bigger and the stainless steel cover is much cooler than the old laptops. I named my new baby Phyrexia :D in honor of the current block in Magic The Gathering. This one works well with my TV at work so i can hook it up with HDMI cable and dual screen it. I love it. The resolution on the TV kinda sucks or should i say the quality is not at 100%. I am not sure about the reason behind this but ill try to fix it. for some reason the laptop comes with 2x 1TB space and . . . its fucking alot. What the hell am i to put there X_X Its even got more space than my Aurora lolz. But then again i didnt buy more for the R2 because i knew i dont need that much. I have only played a bit of Duels of the Planeswalkers on Phyrexia so im not sure how good it will be on proper games. Will have to test later. Maybe Shogun 2.

Also got to send some money to my mom later this week. I dread the incoming phone call already X_X

Left 4 Dead 2

Downloaded the game yesterday after i got it for like 7$ on steam :D

It was such a great deal that i didnt really care whatever id like the game or not. Ofc i knew the reputation so it wasnt exactly a blind purchase. Anyway i just played for like 1 hour and a half and the game is MIND blowing. Fucking love it! It has a great apocalyptic feeling and the atmosphere is great. It keeps you on your toes not sure when the next zombie ambush will come from. The characters are cool and its very fast paced. Its pure fun. I completed 2 chapters on the 1st campaign so im very much a rookie. But ill soon dive into the action and hopefully will do some campaigns with real people on the online co-op mode.
Great game i highly recommend!!!!
p.p: I reckon i should buy this for Shinji he will enjoy it.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Return to the Magic!

Magic The Gathering

So even before i finished Duels of The Planeswalers the new Duels came out. DotP 2012. It is improved or so they say....i played just for an hour so i cant really say exactly how much of the game got changed and upgraded. Still it felt great. I should probably finish the campaign of the first one and beat the challanges. I hate to leave things un-finished.

The thing is the game is very fun to play on PC. It keeps reminding me of my childhood days when i used to play with my friends the actual TCG! I get this alot . . . . man i wish i wasnt so weak. Every month ill see something get excited about it and spend some cash X_X
Thats how i dumped around  600$ on Warhammer minuatures that i didnt even finish painting. It seemed like a good idea at the time but in the end i played like 2 games and quit that. Honestly id like to play some WH40k. But i just cant afford the time. I dont consider buying bunch of books and manga as a $$$ dumping since i enjoy it and it has been a long standing hobby of mine. But decoration figures on the other hand are not really neccesery yet everynow and then ill see one cool figure and buy it. Squall Lionheart from FF Dissidian being the last one i got. Dont get me wrong the figure is awesome and is proudly chilling next to my Berserk volumes but still . . . . did i really need it ?_?

I do the same thing with Clothes and Shoes. . . . thats why i got a dozen shoes X_X i get bored and i go do some shopping . . . . sigh. Its partly because i can afford it and partly because im so busy and i just need a break from all the pressure from work. But still it pisses me off that i cant control my urges better. Shit i got a girlfriend now and even with all the sex i get i still feel like getting geeky things X_X 
I guess my friends were wrong. . . being in a relationship wont save me from my nerdy addictions.

The reason im talking about these stuff is . . . well . . . plating the planeswalker games suddenly i thought HEY! I SHOULD PLAY MAGIC AGAIN! Now around 1 year ago (maybe longer) i had the same brilliant idea (sarcasm) and got some boosters and some kind of intro deck or something made a lame deck. Got my ass kicked and then i gave up. Still put the cards in a nice folder so i can enjoy em wherever i feel like it but thats as far as i went. It costed me like 70$ or so.
This time i felt like going back into collecting the cards. See the current running block in MtG is storywise happening in Mirrodin. Which is the same world on which i played when i started the game. And that was back in 2005. So i dont know. i guess nostalgia hit me. Ive always liked collecting the cards. Great art pieces especially the dragons and the multiple color cards. 
So yeah i went to the wizards website. Did some scouting and research. 2 days later i went to the Good Games shop in the CDB and . . .
I fucking ordered ONE COPY OF EACH CARD FROM THE "SCARS OF MIRRODIN SET" X_X I must have been out of my mind! It costed me 400$ with the folder and some protectors.

Well yesterday i went to pick up my loot. I was semi-excited semi pissed the fuck off at myself for spending that money on the cards. So i got my stuff. It turned out that 3 of the rare cards were un-available and will take around a week for the shop to obtain them for me. I had a chat with the guy at the counter and i asked about how should i proccede about getting back into the game. And there were like a dozen or so players in the shop so he told me to go talk to 2 guys that were very casual players and they could give me a hand. So i go there say hi and one of the guys checks out my deck. Its "Standard" and he has nothing to fight me with (nothing that wont kill me in 1 turn) and then guy offers that i join him and his 2 friends in a something called Commander type of game where we play 4 FFA with 40 life at begining and he gave each of us a 100 card deck. I got a blue/red deck. Im not sure what kind of deck it was because i didnt see that many of the cards. but MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN that game was an amazing fun. First of all he had those decks duked with some crazy ass rare cards. Some of them from blocks so old i didnt even recognize their emblems. The game was insane and uber fun. At start was kinda slow then finally i got a funny creature that mind controls and then i got an enchantement that made copies of it and i started stealing creatures and spaming tokens. And that pretty much took out the fighting abilities of the Green/Red guy. But then the Mono Green player started dishing out some serious army while the black/blue deck was gearing up with alot of artefacts. Eventually i lost my copy powers and was left with like 1 creature. I had this 8 mana spell that takes control of all creatures and untaps them for 1 turn. So i was like omg i need one mana and i can kill the elf guy with the huge army . . . and kill him with his OWN army. So i draw a card i get the mana. I go like OOOO your so dead. And before i casted it i was like...oh wait...nah its doesnt have any couneter spells...So i cast it atk him with like 30 creatures from all of us and then he casts . . . . FOG! MAN that was so crazy! Everybody was laughing so hard. It was the ultimate screw up!
He was like...FOG OFF Mate hahaha i aint dying. I actually gave myself that finger since he said he was about to discard the card but when i said i can kill him he kept it just in case. X_X
After that he got called to play in a draft with bunch of other guys so we had to stop and i also had to rush out bacause i was late for a dinner appointement. But the game was just so so so much fun. I really think ill give it a shot this time and try to do some Magic everynow and then. I find that im enjoyed it too much. :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

UFC 131

UFC 131

Man last sunday morning was epic. UFC 130 was pretty dissapointing and i was a bit worried how this fight card will turn out. But my worries were quickly washed away. The very first fight between Beltran and Rosa proved to be an extreamly exiting fight. It was and let me quote Joe Rogan here: A pure rock-em-sock em robot fight! These guys were smacking each other HARD. Wild punches all the way. It was unbelievable we just dont see alot of fights like that. Most fighters are just so cautions that situations dont present them self for thing like that to happen. But here we got 2 crazy mother fuckers who just wanted to brawl it out.

I didnt watch the next 4 prelims so ill skip those as i cant really comment on them.

Stout (W)  vs (L) Edwards

Stout was behind in the fight until he delivered that amazing 1 punch knockout. Edwards was out cold i believe even before he hit the mat and remained there even as the winner was declared. It was just such an amazing punch. Great highlight reel addition for Stout.

Cerrone (W) vs (L) Rocha  
This was my personal favorite of all the fights.  Now often people speak about how kicks are underrated and that the fighters should really utilize them more. Well this fight was a master class in low-kicks. Cerrone landed some good low kicks to Rocha at the start of the fight and since Rocha didnt engage him in any punching exchanges Cerrone just remained calm and kept working his lead leg. After the 1st round was done Greg Jackson told Cerrone to stop playing with Rocha and finish him. Well he couldnt knock him out but what he did was in a way humiliate Rocha by devastating him with his low kicks. Even doing some kick takedowns. Rocha was completely out-classed and even tried to invite Cerrone for a fight on the mat but the Cowboy  just took a step back and called Rocha to stand up.
Its just awesome to see a different kind of fight and i hope others will see the true power behind low kicks and try to use them more. Also alot of the UFC fighters should train how to check those kicks as it can save them during a long fight where the opponent will try to punish those legs.
I know we have had recently some amazing kick knockouts by Anderson Silva and Machida but those are just standard random kicks gone lucky. Tactical kicks are much more rare and hopefully MMA will evolve and improve in that sphere.

Demian Maia (L) vs (W) Mark Munoz
Maia was in top shape for this fight. He started off great and really used his speed to shock and surprise Munoz. But his great performance didnt do him any good because the fight went the distance and to my big surprise the judges gave the fight to Mark. o.O
Honestly i thought Maia was winning so i was pretty confused as to what happened to make the judges make a uninanymos decision.

Jogn-Olav Einemo (L) vs (W) Dave Herman
This was my 2nd favorite fight. Great great fight....actually...maybe this was even better than the Cerrone/Rocha fight. What really got my eye at the start was that Herman was......well...smiling all the bloody time! It took until the 2nd round for Joe himself to make a note of that and he even asked him about it in the post fight interview. It was a great back and forth fight. Not that many wild exchanges as with Beltran and Rosa but still very good fight. The ending was amazing it looked like Herman was going to get knocked out and suddenly he made a great comeback. And all the while smiling like a 15 year old kid in the schoold yard that knows something that noone else does. xD Im looking forward to see more of Dave in the future.

CO-MAIN EVENT Kenny Florian (W) vs (L) Diego Nunes
Im not very familiar with these fighters even tho this was the co-main event of the night. Florian apperantly made a big cut down to featherweight and there were concerns if he would be able to perform to the best of his abilities. Well...he did. He dominated the fight and Diego Nunes was a bloody mess by the end of the fight. Props for the heart Nunes displayed.

MAIN EVENT: Junio Dos Santos (W) vs (L) Shane Carwin 
  The main event was a great battle. The reason it was not my favorite fight of the night is because it was totally dominated by Junior Dos Santos. Cigano really smashed Carwin at the end of the 1st round and his speed is just unbeliavable. Carwin was getting tagged by that left jab so much it was not even funny. I mean literraly Cigano was punching him between his guard finding that tiny hole in his defense and keeping Carwin no the defensive. Which costed him the fight because after that devastating finish at the end of round one Carwin just couldnt get back into the fight. He made  some attempts but the speed and amazing technique of Junior proved too much. Its crazy how a Heavyweight fighter can move so fast. Dos Santos was already the top contender for the HW title but because Cain Velasquez got that shoulder injury he had to fight Carwin instead. So yet again he proves why he is the top guy in line and his next fight now officially against Cain for the UFC HW Belt. And after the amazing performance he gave us i expect him to win yet again.
Did i mention Dos Santos has yet to be defeated in the Octagon? Yeah....dude is crazy!

The meta my team was supposed to join forces with kinda screwed me over. After the final campers died they decided to make an imidiate jump after ARGH and since i was sleeping after a long night (look below) i was left my crew to they made the jump witheout us. So now we are in a random distant town with too many rookies and 8 citizens already dead. Sigh. . . . at least im racking up some hero days to unlock another power.
Im thinking maybe i should let Shinji and Vik rest for a bit and go join one of the big meta`s. I certainly have the Forum name for it and the Soul page stats. And ive always wanted to try and play in a town with Workshop.

Had a ranchy night that Sunday. I`ve got this sex girlfriend of mine....but i think we might be making the full relationship transition if things keep going this way. Altho to be honest it was kind of always ment to go that way. We are almost dating just never really had any talk about it. Ugh....i hate relationship talks X_X

Saturday, June 11, 2011

X-Men: First Class

X-Men: First Class

Ah the 4th X-Men movie is upon us. It took me couple of days before i can go to the cinema to see it but even then the cinema was quite full and i had a pretty bad seat :(
Nevertheless the movie was great. I had some doubts after the first teasers and pictures coming out. But the movie turned out great. Id say the only X men movie that is better than it is X2.

The reset of the franchise did its job well. I have not red the First Class comic books so ive no idea if the story they used was any good. But still as a start up to the whole X universe it was great.
I have to say the whole cast did an amazing job. They had great chemistry especially James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender as Xavier and Magneto respectively.
And for me personally Michael did such incredible job with his way of depicting the young Magneto. I really felt the sadness and strugles and that internal conflict he had with himself. We can really see the transformation from Erik to Magneto by the end of the movie. And his german and even that Argentinian performances also greatly enchanced my experiance. There were couple of moments that offered everybody in the audience a good laugh and the jokes didnt felt forced.
The BEST moment of the movie was Hugh Jackman`s cameo appearance as Wolverine. i swear everybody in the cinema skippeda bit when he showed up on the screen. It is a real shame he was not in the movie but i think it was a smart move to at least give him some kind of a spot in the movie in order to be able to add him to the next installment. Actually i wonder if Hugh`s own schedule was the reason Wolverine had such a minor role.
I must say i was pleasantly surprised by Kevin Bacon`s apperance as the main villain. And i also think he did a phenomenal job. I really loved to hate him in the movie. Also Kevin Bacon is one of my favorite actors. He is not a AAA lister and maybe alot of people nowadas have forgotten about him. But i hold him dear to my heart.

So bottom line the new X-Men movie is well worth the money. Its entertaining, its fun  it has alot of action and a pretty powerfull story (Marvel wise i mean) so it will make any X-men fan out there happy. But also people who are just looking for a good sci-fi flick will not leave the cinema dissapointed.
Not to mention that the movie`s imdb  score is pretty good.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

E3 2011

E3 2011

So E3 is here and there is tons of stuff to be excited about :>  (and the trailers ofc)

Lets see we have the latest trailer from Assassins Creed: Revelations  and it is FUCKING AWESOME! Its like Ezio had a master class with Jackie Chan at some point :O Im a big fan of the AC series and just cant wait to get my hands on the next instalment. Not to mention i even have the Collector edition from Brotherhood :D

Mass Effect 3  !! Im ashamed to admit that i am yet to play ME:2 . But i will correct this mistake as soon as possible! I loved ME:1 and it is only due to the lack of time that i have not yet completed ME:2. But obvioously with the 3rd part coming our way ill have to shape up and get my space suit ready for action.

Prototype 2     this might turn out to be an awesome game. I will keep a close eye on it.

Prey 2 this is beyond AWESOME! This is just quite simply mind blowing EPICNESS! It bloody looked like a movie. I just cannot wait to start campturing aliens :D Its interesting to note that the sequel has nothing to do with the original prey game. I wonder if there will be any kind of tie-in.

And probably the most hyped game for the past year:
Star Wars: The Old Republic    This was a movie! Noone can convince my otherwise! Im starting to fear that the game might turn into a Final Fantasy farm. Grind your way tru some monsters until you unlock a new cut scene/cinematic X_X Im not very optimistic about the game itself. 100,000,000$+ and some super awesome trailers. . . . but trailers dont make a good game. Ill probably buy and try it. But so far the only thing i love about this are the super aweesome short movies BioWare are releasing. They should really just make a movie out of the whole thing and be done with it.

There is a new Halo trilogy in the works but i dont own a Xbox so ...yeah whatever :D

Bioshock Infinite of course is coming and that will be a super duper game no doubt.

Also the PSP succesor the PSVita is coming our way sometime in the near future. I am so looking forward to that baby. Hopefully games from the PSP can still be played on the new version otherwise ill have 2 dozen of outdated games :(

Btw i had an awesome Magic The Gathering game before i came here to talk about the cool stuff from E3. Im so glad i dont have the time to play MtG again otherwise id be in home unpacking 500 booster packs haha. But playing online is super fun and im just fighting with 1 deck. And there others to unlock and upgrade. And not to mention that after 1 week the MtG: Duels Of the Planeswalkers 2012 is coming out. And im 99.5% sure ill buy that one. Ill probably complete the campaign and challanges in the 2010 version but the competitive gaming will be on the new one as im assuming most players and fans will be transitioning there.  The new one will feature editable decks. And only 10 at start. But im sure the expansion packs with new missions and cards will start popping up pretty quickly. Ofc we will have to cough up some $$$ for the new decks but hey. . . . it will most likely be worth it :D

In D2N we are in limbo. Couple of guys are camping and we are waiting for them to die and then around 27 of us from the Ghouls will join a new town together and hopefully we can survive past day 24. xD Shinji is complaining a bit about not wanting to play but i hope ill get to keep him for at least couple more towns :D
Got some new comics aswell but i think i should talk about them in another post.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

UFC 130


Okay this event happened on May 29 but i just had no time to talk about it until now.
So yeah it was a nice quite sunday morning here in good ol Oz i was home and had plans to lay in my bed and enjoy the show. Well things didnt workout that way at all.
All in all the fights were dissapointing. The main event didnt deliver and all the hype was wasted and just made the fans including myself upset. The co-main event was not bad. Roy Nelson showed some heart in there but lets face it. The dude IS FAT! He should get into better shape. It literally showed during the fight how out of breath he was. He could barely keep going. Altho Mir got kinda tired too and could not finish Nelson.
Out of the 6 fights i watched (i slept tru the first 4 prelims) the Toress vs Johnson fight was the one i enjoyed the most.
The 3 rounds went kind of the same. Johnson on top of Miguel and trying to make something happen. But Miguel had such an amazing jiu jutsu so left Mighty Mouse with nothing. He was attacking from the guard and sweeping and controling everything. But at the end of the fight he lost on points. And probably a huge factor in his loss was due to him being on the bottom. But as a BJJ practicioner myself i did appreciate the amazing techniques that Miguel showed.

Other than that tho. . . . the event was  disappointing.

Right now my car has passed the 135k mark and is having this blip everytime i start it that it needs a service check. But i did have a check couple of days before i hit the 135k so i dont understand why does it display that msg on my screen. And whats worst ive no bloody idea how to make it stop. And im too lazy to go to the mechanic and check X_X
Sigh. . . . .got to learn more about cars.


My town might finally die tonight. We have a quite big spike today and tommorow is just totally out of our reach. Still a good run. Day 24. I do not intend to camp and push it further altho i do agree couple of extra days and pts would be pretty cool on my soul. Maybe next time.