Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Deadpool: Suicide Kings!

In Deadpool's comic book appearances he is known for breaking the fourth wall!
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Well couple of days ago i was walking around the shelves at the comics section of my favorite bookstore wondering what should i buy.....there just so many stuff :O I was on a roll with buying manga but right now im waiting for the store to re-fill with 2 missing vols of One Piece so i decided ill take a turn and go back to normal US comic books. last thing i got were the 2 TP vols of Ultimate Spider-Man which were extreamly awesome but beyond taht i dont have anything else. And i even got the spidey books like almost a year ago when i started Death Note.
So i was looking around...i swear everymonth the comics and manga get relocated in the store....so i was looking around and trying to figure out what was where and etc etc...
so when i passed the new release stand i saw this cool looking Deadpool comic TP named Suicide Kings. And from waht i saw in the back cover it was a solo collection which i liked cuz there so many events right now and so many big stuff going on at the Marvel Universe taht i felt like just getting 1 TP is like jumping in a huge maze witheout lights.
So i browsed couple pages...the art was great. I rly love how the style of the artists in the past years has evolved....change for the good :)
So after reading the introduction of the comic i was totally hyped up. The way Deadpool talks with himself and with the comic bubbles....thats just too awesome :D
So i bought the book and i was NOT disapointed. It was EPIC!
Great art. the story was kinda cheesy but it was delivered perfectly!
And we got The Punisher, Daredevil and Spidey in the story.....poor Wade got himself cut and blown away so many times....i was rly glad for him that he got laid at the end of the story....(okay like thats a big spoiler...)...and also pleasantly surprised at the level of violence in the book...n the hot chick scenes :PpPp
its good to know there not holding back with some of their titles (i mean Marvel).
And it was very funny too...the merc with the mouth....hehe suits him right :P
I think its a safe bet to say that ive become a Deadpool fan :P

Looking forward to my next clash with his stories.

p.p: And the way he knows he`s a comic character is amazing :O....i was twitching when he made funny remarks about the marvel universe infront of the punisher and spider-man ahhahah it was hillarious!

So if your looking for a great comic book to cool off some time the Suicide Kings TP (Vols 1-5) is well worth its price + we get 1 extra story which was pretty good too tho i didnt enjoy the art as much.