Tuesday, December 29, 2009


James Cameron originally attempted to get this film made in 1999 as his immediate follow-up to Titanic (1997). However, at the time, the special effects he wanted for the movie ran the proposed budget up to $400 million. No studio would fund the film, and it was subsequently shelved for almost ten years.
Avatar Trivia

Ah man what a great day. I went to the gym in the morning and my Trainer as usual made sure i get the hell treatment :D After the heavy workout i went to the Commonwealth bank to fix my inetrnet account cuz i forgot my password. The damn teller was having trouble confirming my identity o.O I mean srsly with driver license and ID from BG and he still found it weid. . . .god damn NSW aint the only state in AU . . . . learn the damn ID designs.
Anyway everything is good now. Even got a new smart savings account. With...2.5% interest wooot hahah not that i care :D

After that i thought id check out if there are any Avatar morning screenings. Well....there was one at 11:15 and since i had no plans for the day i thought i might aswell hit the cinema and relax. turned out the Bondi Junction where i usualy go to see movies in the city had a 3D screen . . . . -_- So obviously i got myself a Vmax ticket but before entering i went to the McDonalds across the street and sneaked 3 cheesburgers and large french fries inside the place :D I hate those damn rules of . . . . no outside drinks n food. But then again noone ever checks the bags :D

About the movie......

I almost pissed myself during this film cuz i did not want to go out the lounge. But it was so long i just couldnt help it anymore. And i honestly think i was freakin out ppl around me with my nerveous leg shakings. I mean it was freaking me out . . . :D
It was my first time seeing in 3d. The googles were better than the usual stuff. Looked just like normal ones...just very ugly. Actually they didnt change my view of the real world...and ive had the red-blue ones before just as test n i know they kinda weird everything out. So obviously the movie looked great. There wasnt that much stuff popping out of the screen but ye you can see n sense everything alot better. 3D is the way to go thats for sure. I still wanna check the Imax cinema . . . largest in the world . . . but god damn tickets sell so fast. Maybe ill watch Sherlock Holmes there. If im lucky.
So Avatar . . . . where do i start . . . .alot of ppl are pissign on the movie cuz the story sucked o.O
NOw hold on a minute you ignorant arseholes. The story is cliche true enough. But god damn it there aint pretty much anything left to be invented anymore. From now on its just telling a cliche story very good in order to please the audience. Now this story we figured it out in the trailers. . . . but its the way its told that makes it so great. And its been told with pictures. its for the eyes not for ur ears. Maybe thats what people fail to see. But i honestly dont think there that many ppl who did not like Avatar. For me this was an amazing adventure. I felt. . . . like im inside the Pandora world. So real . . .. so detailed. . . .it was the best alien-sci-fi-fantasy world i have ever seen. Its like being on a holiday in an exotic country. Your eyes just cant get enough of it all. And the movie is long too. I mean RLY LONG. Like Lord of The Rings Long. But you dont feel it. time flies when you watch AVATAR. Its about 2h n 48mins or something. ....n for most of the time i wanted to go n take a piss but i was so sucked in with Pandora i forced myself to stay n watch. To be honest , come to think of it the major fights happened in the end of the movie. And before that it was all about exploring Pandora and learning about the Na`vi. And they say the movie sucks? If it sucked half the ppl would fall asleep for 2 hours witheout action.
The pandora universe is so well crafter. A real masterpiece. the "Bond" that goes around. . . . its just amazing. I rly loved the bond trial with the flying mounts. speaking of them i wish Blizzard would put something as cool as those dragon butterfly looking mounts cuz they were just AWESOME. the creatures in general were awesome.
And the scenery . . . MY GOD. . . . there goes hundreds of hours of CGI work just on the background. Altho at time i believe the actors were the background. I think a strong part of the message this movie sents is about us and the planet. And how we should nurture it and bond with Earth instead of slowly destroying it. Its a good msg considering the recent climate changes that we experiance.

The bad guys in the movie. . . .oh well the "evil" corporation thing is old as popcorn but we do need a reason to blow things up n do some good ol epic fights ala Bravehearth.
There were some things that are bugging me at the moment. . . .the military had some weird ass tech which kinda made it convenient for the Na`vi since they got the opportunity to kill the soldiers with arrows alone. But anyway its a small thing and i certainly didnt think about it during the movie.
It was great fun too. Plenty of jokes n cool moments to enjoy. But i think the focus of the movie was the path that Jake took in order to learn about the forest and the ways of the Na`vi. And it is because of this that i think some ppl fail to see the point of the movie. They were just expecting something different and since they didnt get it, they hate the movie o.O
And avatar will be remembered. I dont know if it will break the 1.8bil record that Titanic set. But this is a movie that everybody will want and need to see at some point. And im god damn sure im buying dvd/blue-ray so i can enjoy it again at home.

Its the end of the year and i honestly cant think of a better movie to finish it with xD


p.p: I looked and looked but i couldnt google out any good pictures. Its like noone took a snapshot of Pandora or any really good moments of this movie. its rly weird :O

p.p2: Sasuke vs Danzo. Danzo`s eyes are certainly a gross sight. But i am curious exactly what jutsu he is using. Im sure the closing of the eyes is not what it looks like. There must be something else. And why the hell isnt Madara doing anything. he is a rly wacko villain.
p.p3: One Piece turned the tables again. Luffy is back on his feet and just brought down a whole lot of marines and pirates with his Major Haki Battle shout! I wonder tho. . . . when will Whitebeard finally die. Stubborn old bastard :O

Friday, December 25, 2009

Quick Re-cap!

Shrimps hearts are in their heads!
Animal Trivia

Here have a look at another pic of ....ME :D haha if i take off my glasses (actually those are not mine) i shoot laser beams :O
Sooo ive been slacking alot in my blog lately. Been an interesting couple of days . . .or weeks...not sure :D
My holidays started great on the 19th of december.
I was pretty excited by the fact that im going on a forum meeting with a bunch of gamers. i wasnt sure what to expect. . . not to mention that this time im meeting strangers from another country :D
Sooooo um. . . . the whole escapism day was great. But i found out that these nerds were rly rly rly shy. the chinese guy at some point pointed out that for 9 ppl we were awfully quiet. And i agree with him . . . it was weird. Later i was told it was because they didnt know each other very well. . . . . pffft ive been going to forum meetings since i was 14 :D Never had problems untill the escapism. So i was un-easy with the conversations. I had good talks with some peeps but generally it was a very non-talkin hangin out. The bowling was fun. . . . i ddint play tho. Never liked that sport.
The arcade games were great. The Star Wars Pod-Racer was a reflex and coordination check at which we all failed BIG TIME. And i swear the speed booster button was positioned in the middle of the Car and the only way to press it with your hand is to release 1 of the handles and crash . . . . which would make the boost pointless. So what we had to do was smack the damn thing with our faces :O I honestly believe the designers of the platform thought that there will be actual Jedi who will race and will press the button with the Force. . . . . . -_-` Or they were just a bunch of sadistic arseholes!
The Air Hockey was my shit tho. We all did tons of games and i swear to god that the girl (her name was Tess) had the most amazing right hand ever. Untill that i honestly couldnt imagine someone having such speed and catchy eye. She would almost always manage to catch the damn disc and do a penalty shoot. Which is very hard to guard against. After couple of games i improved alot n started kicking major butt at the game. Later on we went to another arcade and i pwned everybody. At the end of the day Tess still claimed she was the ultiamte winner -_-`
Oh rematches are incoming thats for sure.
But the highlight for me....and the sole purpose of my visit to that forum meeting was the LASER TAG! Whooooo boyyy.
My sister told me it was an awesome game . . . . but what i experianced was beyond my imagination :O It was soooo utterly cool. I could play this shit ALL FREAKIN DAY!
The gear was abit small . . . . ithink they tried to hit the average mark since its a place open for children and adults alike. I found the fact that the smaller hit spots gave you less points on the score board :O And i truly think that it should be the other way around. I was pretty upset with the...hold gun with 2 hands or u cant shoot. Sometimes i just misplaced my grip and i couldnt fire....and by the time i fix that i was shot in the back 20 times.
We were facing off against another forum which the girl Tess challanged couple of days before we all met. It was rly cool we won 2 out of 3 games :> And we were even less than them. Each of the 3 games we had new random 3rd team agaisnt us.
1st- bunch of 10-12 year old girls.
2nd- bunch of 7-9 year old boys.
3rd- Bunch of 14-16 year old asian girls.
It was hillarious when the lil boys were playing. They had NO Freakin idea what was going on. Their fathers were like titans walking behind them and were free kills cuz they usualy didnt shoot back at you and were just watching the children. If i have to describe the kids teams...i would say that it felt like i was a Star Craft marine being swarmed by Zerglings :D
There was one girl in the blue team (the other forum) that was chasing me alot and tagging me from behind. I rly hated her :D God damn ninja`s -_-`
We had one guy in our team who was probably the sleeziest bastard. . . he was just sitting in the red team`s base and shooting it for shit loads of points :D He was always in the top 5 -_-` Speaking of top 5 here is Me checking out the Rankings after the 2nd game i think. CLICK to view picture if you are a noob and didnt know it already :D
All in all it was a great and fun day for me. the laser tag and the air hockey rly got my blood boiling :D But the nerdy attitude kinda dissapointed me. First time ever i felt out of place on a forum meeting. I was expecting more........but if another Sydney meeting is to happen i would probably go if they play laser tag again :D
I mean i honestly cant see how will i be able to convince my co-workers to go . . . .
oh and in the forum there was this commet about when i showed up i brought lil bit insanity with me :O
ahhah well...seems i still got the funk :D

After that i went home took a shower and was chillin before that mysterious party at which i ws supposed to go.
My boss came to my house and took me to a gas station where i took a cab and went to the Fox Studious in Sydney where i had to enter the party alone and wait for my uncle my boss and their friends to show up.
The party name was : Technoboy (after the main DJ). bunch of italian DJs that were apperantly very popular. But techno music isnt exactly my game so i rly had no idea who they were or what to expect.
There were some 4,000 people (maybe less i cant rly say) and there were some crazy nutjobs that just made me stop and drop my jaw on the floor. We had a panda guy, wacko techno heads, coupel of guys dressed like the ghost from Scary movie, ppl with weird glowing pants....fat girls dressed liek fiery`s -_- It was insane. Ofc there were tons of hot girls walkin around in their underwear. . . . which is a great thing to know about techno parties :D Ive never been in such event so all the info and stuff were sinkin in my head. I came dressed rly in-appropriate with nice shirt n jacket. I was just expecting somethign completely different since i was told my boss n uncle are taking their wifes this time.
I hate when they keep surprising me with shit :O
But it was great cuz i didnt pass security check. The outfit probably made the security think im with the staff or something o.O Also in the morning i remember couple of guys sayign its great to see someone suiting up for the party. ye another thing was the suepr friendly atmosphere. Everybody was so nice. . . .its so different from partying in my countryl. Everybody is just out to have a good time and noone makes trouble. I mean there was security and police around. But that never stopped morons in europe to do some stupid shits.
I showed to the rest of the family what a great dancer i am :D altho later on it felt weird to see my aunt and the wife of my boss drunk as hell and dancing in a slutty manner :O
There was a parthner of my boss who took his wife aswell...they were both in their 50s but god...they were on it all night. I wasnt sure if i should have applaud or laughed at them. Certainly brings some respect tho . . . . beign so old and still wanting to go crazy n to boogie boogie :D
So it was 8 hours of italian techno madness and then in the morning some good and well deserved sleep. That pretty much how my holiday vacation started :D
I got a great present for my boss`s lil son who is a big pokemon fan. His mom told me he wont even go to bed and would just stay up all night reading the manga i got for him :P
Well i certainly know how to make a child happy. . . . especially if we consider the fact that i was a HUGE pokemon fan as a kid too. So i knew exactly what to get for the lil fella :D
Also got a japanese yukata for my boss. . . . but altho he said he loves it im not sure. . . . i am yet to see him wear it. but i havent been in his house since i gave him the gift so....well see :D
Uncle got me an Armani shirt...at which me and my cousin laughed cuz Armani seems to be the only brand and shop my uncle knows in this whole god damn city :D But it was a nice gift. . . . tho i didnt approve of the "fashion" tie so i threw it in the drawer .

Started my fitness and boxing training at the gym. But i think ill leave this story for the next post cuz this is getting pretty long i think.


p.p: Grandfather Winter rly fucked up this year. . . .thx for the lame Rifle blizzard -_-`
p.p2: Sry that there are no pics from the party. I actually managed to break my camera`s lens...but i have plenty of videos. Im still slacking with the upload on facebook tho :D
maybe ill post one here later. I love techno music alot more now :D

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I got Cold......mount!

The four hotels at the Las Vegas Blvd and Tropicana (MGM Grand, Tropicana, Excalibur, and New York-New York) have more hotel rooms than all San Francisco.
Las Vegas Trivia

The name is Bond.....James Bond!
Daniel Craig is the best Bond ever! And if you dont agree with me you should go and jump out the window while holding a finger up your ass. -_-`
i bought the Quantum of Solace dvd yesterday and i got to say it was awesome. While i cant say it was better than Casino Royale it still lived up to the expectations. Packed with awesome action. Altho i found the 3 vehicle sequences (1 ground-1 water and 1 air) a bit too much. i would`ve loved some melee combat instead but oh well. . . i guess they wanted some new stuff. Anyway its a great movie and if you enjoy great action and hot girls (we get the awesome Olga Kurylenko from Hitman) then this is a must see movie for you. I liked how the story was connected. James follows the organisation that got his girl killed in the first movie. Those Quantum guys rly dont fool around. In the end we still dont know anything about them -_-` but from imdb i found out that the enxt movie wont be a follow up to the first 2. . . so we get a completely new story which is probably going to be unfolding itself in New York. Oh god there are going to be alot of stuff blown up im sure of it. I found out that Daniel signed a contract for 4 more Bond movies after Casino Royale . . . which means we get to see 3 more :P i bet they all gona kick arse!
And the movies are rly making me appreciate the awesomeness of Aston Martin. I wonder if one day ill be rich enough to afford one. They are very classy cars indeed. I like the incoming 2010 Aston Martin Convertable :o rly pew pew car. But still my first goal is to try n buy a Zagato ^_^ i rly hope the italians make a reverse wheel version for UK-AU :(

Also watched Valkyrie. Its a great ww2 movie. but if your expecting Saving Private Ryan action then this is not a movie for you. Its a story movie and they are bettign on suspense more than anythign else. But i enjoyed it greatly. WW2 has always been a favorite subject for me. I honestly didnt feels the 1h n 40min of the movie. Sucked to see Tom Cruise get shot in the end. . . . but it is a movie based on a true story. So we cant rly expect a happy ending. I rly dont know what kind of ppl would enjoy this movie. i guess ull just have to see it and make your own decision.

Arlong`s Journal Entry Number: 13

The storm on Icecrown Citadel has started. The Ashen Verdict has been formed. Uniting the Argent Crusade and the Knight of the Ebon Blade. Both Horde and Alliance are gathering their forces preparing for the final assault. So far we have managed to breach only 1 wing of the citadel. Preparations are made for the upper levels . . . but the Lich King is not making this fight easy. Also Lady Sylvannas is leading brave champions in daily assaults in the back of the Citadel in an effort to weaken Arthas. I personally have only stormed the Forge of Souls . . . what a dreadfull place that is. I certainly see a difference in the power of Arthas`s minions there. i guess i should have expected it . . . we are in the hearth of the lion`s den. This is no game. . . the real war starts now. And there could be only 1 winner! I hope in the end its us. . . .for if we fail . . . all of Azeroth is doomed!

There was an urgent call to Utgarde Pinnacle! Acevendooza our guild master heard a rumor about a new Vrykul leader rising and amassing alot of his vikings. We cant afford such things now. Not with the majority of the Horde`s forces concentrated in Icecrown. So me, Amalia, Mixalaras and Kawje led a small force of troops into the castle to deal with the issue. During the assault we encountered Skadi the Ruthless one of the most fearsome warriors the Vrykul had ever raised inside the damn place.
It was a tough fight in the end we had to order our troops to hold on the waves of vikings and the 4 of us with the aid of 1 hunter delt with Skadi on our own. It was a tough fight but in the end the champion of the Lich King fell. his Proto Drake who he called Grauf was gravelly enjured. But he was a fighter and i saw even staring death in the eye he was still prepared to fight. So i healed the beast and with some mind control talking subdued the beast to my will. As a royalty i cant say i approve the way those brutish drakes look. but in the harsh lands of Northrend grauf will prove to be a worthy ally. His thick frozen scales make him the perfect mount for the icy conditions of the land. And the blue proto drakes have always been a rare commodity and their prices on the hunter market are always offensively high. So i am also happy i got something precious like Grauf in my collection. Kawje didnt rly care but i know Amalia and Mixalaras feel abit jelous of my new companion but they all took it well. I am blessed with incredible teammates. After we left Skadi`s dead body we finished our task in couple of hours and left the Castle yet again ravaged. I wonder how long before another viking clan takes residence . . . a week....prehaps two?
Whenever it happens . . . . well be there....making sure no evil ever comes out. And when Arthas is finally no more. . . . . we shall destroy the vrykul once and for all.

End of entry!
Its ironic how i got the mount. i had totally forgoten about him and yet on the first time i see him drop i win the roll. rly lucky :D althou i had a cold when he dropped. I guess the 3 days of nose-bleeding werent for nothing :D a cold for a cold mount :P Hence the name of the post :D

p.p: Since i was on a small week break n slacked couple of days i kinda lost track of my storyline. So im coming up with something new to match the patch. But since im farming [ heroics like hell it might be hard. Unless i get another rare mount :O
Im thinking of prehaps using Falling`s 2 bans to implement a kidnapping story or something. . . . im open up to suggestions in the game. So if u got someting whisp/mail. Also Mixalaras if you wanna be in the journal get me something on which i should base your RP persona. You dont wanna end up a gay rogue trust me on that ahahha :D

p.p2: Playlist update incoming soon :P

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Assault Begins!

A vampire's diet is revealed by the color of the eyes - the Cullens feast only on animal blood and therefore have topaz eyes, whereas the Nomads and the Volturi have red eyes indicating they feast upon human blood.
Twilight Trivia

Where is Edward you ask? Well hes doing heroics as a mofo ever since 3.3 hit the realms :D So this time im putting a pic of Lee Jun-Ki. Kewl face dont you think? :D
Also todays trivia is of one thing that i aprrove in that vamp shit that Stephenie introduced. Its a interesting idea tho i think it was never implemented simply cuz other ppl`s vampires are not pussies and dont drink animal blood. . . . .

I was a bit gloomy since i could not bring myself back to play wow. but 3.3 kinda fixed this for me. After 2 bugged tries i finally managed to get started with the new Dungeon system and i love it. At first i thought the fact that we gona get teleported is stupid and makes it too easy. But now i see its a rather neat feature that saves time especially if the group disbands. The extra rewards are great :O 13g and 2 emblems...wayyyy cool :D
Also a new title and pet just from using the system. Havent tried the 3 new heroics. But its great. . . . whole 3 new dungeons. Certainly cracks the routine we have had with the previous ones. I hope in Cataclysm they bring shit loads of dungeons. I love the variety.
Ill try n get into couple of Icecrown raids with my guild. I guess ill have to run my ass to the Korean cyber club the net there PWNs!

Been playing Fallout 3 too. It was money well spent the game is just pure AWESOMENESS!
I think ill dedicate a whole post for it later.

Also i bought the WoW: Death Knight manga. It covers the full story of Thassarian . For everybody who has leveled up a DK they surely have encountered him.It was very nice to follow his story. From a loyal soldier of Lordaeron to his raise as a DK and eventually member of the Knights of the Ebon Blade and becoming the first DK to re-join the alliance.
I think so far this has been the best warcraft manga released. The Sunwell Trilogy was great but the way they told the story was a bit lacking. This volume has it all. Great story, great characters and ofc amazing art. its not exactly japanese style but its awesome nevertheless. And it has a great Northrend feeling to it.
We also get to see how Koltira Deathweaver was born. if you have red Arlong`s journal you probably know that Koltira is the DK on Orgrim`s hammer that gives plenty of dailys and other quests. So lore wise this is just pure joy for the fans.
I highly recommend this manga!

Also updating my reading list with:
Terry Prattchet`s: Moving Pictures!

Actually i have red this book when i was in bg but it has been so so so long ago i hardly remember anything. And i also want to collect all the books ^_^ Im getting the cool Corgi black editions but i still got myself the Rincewind trilogy on a nice big collectors edition and Making Money big cover aswell.
Speaking of Making Money. . . . it was amazing. One of my favorites. Me and Moist have alot in common rly. . . . . thing is he is just a higher level than me. His way with words and convincing ppl he is right is great. . . . i wish i could be like that at work :D would give me an incredible advantage ^^
Its ironic but Making Money turned out to be the 2nd book about Moist. But lucky for me the story was writen in such a manner that it wasnt relevant if i had seen the first book.

Also i got my FitnessFirst membership. The facilities are great. And im rly hyped about starting my training. My Personal Trainer is slacking tho. I still havent got my phone call for our assessment session! If i dont get it untill tomorrow ill go n try setting a date or someting cuz i rly cant be arsed to wait.
Not to mention i still pay weekly n lost time means im also losing money -_-` Tho its pretty cheap . . .23$ a week sounds very reasonable especially if i take into account what stuff i get to use.
....n the hot chicks at the gym hahha ^^

p.p: Im kinda sick today so im not goign to work :S I got rolls of toilet paper on my couch cuz my nose is like a waterfall :S This post took a lot longer to write just cuz i had to wipe my nose every minute.

Friday, December 04, 2009


Failed the 9th grade three times until finally dropping out. He said that he was not stupid [which is evident from interviews and his obvious success], but said that he lacked an interest in school. All he wanted to do was rap.
Eminem Trivia

Zeh Lord is BACK! It was a crazy week travelling around AU working my ass off to finish my contract. Paperwork paperwork.....tickets...airplanes...taxis....wrong adresses. It was such a mess! But in the end i ar PWN! . . . wait what :O

Got back to Sydney yesterday had dinner with my uncle during which my boss called me to tell me exactly how much did my bank account had increased. I didnt fall from the chair but i think it was very in-polite of me not to. . . . not after hearing what i heard :D FuCk you all i aint saying how much % i got from it :D
So today accidentally my uncle decided to join my celebration for my first big deal so we all went on a family cruise around the city. I couldnt take my cousins lame taste in clothes so after he got a 570$ BELT! ( A BELT FOR CHRIST SAKE!) i totally freaked out and just left em and went to do a some shopping of my own. I finally got myself flezxible headphones....gosh i coukldnt believe my eyes when i saw em :O i hate the normal ones...they always fell off my ears.....i mean with my dancing n stuff is pretty hard to stay hehe ^^
After joining the Escapist forums ive been thinking about my gaming life in general and i thought i need to cool off wow a bit n do some catching up. So i got myself Fallout 3 (yes i purchased it! wait...WHAT :O) cuz well . . . . it is a big shame that i still havent played one of the best games of 08. Actually i have missed so many good games -_-` WoW is so time consuming. I need to try n figure out some way to allow myself the time to play some normal games.
Not to mention i got a fair amount of PSP games stacked on my shelfs waiting for me to unleash their fury. N now we got Tekken 6 and Assassin`s Creed:Bloodlines . . . . i mean THATS some real juice!
Anyway i went to my fav japanese shopping centre and there were soem funky (mexican-hawaii) dudes in this weird streep-style shop where i got myself nice hip-hop shorts and 2 great shirts :>
Oh btw before that i found out in my bank that i actually dont have a limit on my credit card if i use "credit" payment option . . . . now they tell me...the bastards!
Ive always prided myself in being a fast and efficient shopper. I know what i like n i can decide whatever i want to buy somethign or not pretty much straight away. Unless im buying combos..then i need some matching up to do. What i greatly enjoy today was the fact that. . . . .well i finally get the chance to let my inner shopper loose! I can look at somethign and if i want it i could buy it witheout even considering its price. And thats.....well its a great feeling :>
So i screwed my old workin shoes at a pool. Now why does a pool have a sharp metal pole next to it is still a mystery to me but anyway....so i look around the Victoria Shopping Centre. Its funny cuz the place has lifts for the upper floors but if you wanna go down u got to walk...the bastards -_-
It took me awhile to find a place with nice shoes. Okay i saw 2 places but aint no way im paying 1,000$ for a pair of shoes. (not yet at least).
So i dropped at "Messinni"`s shop where i got myself a nice 370$ Italian shoes. Now i was already set for buying shoes...but when i got out i was 1400$ lighter....the damn Italian salesman got me talkin n trying stuff. He was giving me tips on wearing bussiness shirts n gave me some stuff to try . . . . n then came the jacket. . . then some pants...then the offer....and suddenly i felt like i should rly buy it all -_-`
I think he subtly brainwashed me . . . .ofc i needed extra working smokings anyway so that`s the only reason i agreed to buy everything. . . . (at least thats what ill be telling myself in the next few days). Anyway im pretty happy i got a new full set of italian outfit n when i pick it up on Tuesday ill show some pics :P (well you know me...i do love to show off).
After that i looked around for some Adidas, Nike shops. Found 2 Adidas but they didnt have anything i liked. But then i accidentally stumbled on Footlocker which had shoes n clothing gear from tons of brands. It was awesome. I went there with my office costume but went out in full Adidas kit :D It was hillarous i rly had fun shopping in there. And the girls that worked there and the other customers had the funny sight of me jumping arond the place in my purple socks (ye,..so what?) picking up shirt after shirt n shoes after shoes :D When i got out the only thing that was the same on me was my underwear....reason being sports manufacturers apperantly dont make underwear....The women n girls and the shop were very nice. . . . . i dont remember having so much fun shoppin in my country. N the salespersons are always evil -_-`
So all in all at the end of the day i spent around 2400$ for my new toys :P I could get used to that kind of shopping kekeke....

Come to think of it i got to buy a washing machine -_-` Hope my cousin wont play a deaf ear when i ask him to pay for half of it. N speaking of him i was standing 20 meters from him waving while waiting for the light to change so i can cross the street and he couldnt recognise me :D Lmao it was hillarious. But honestly i just dont feel thta comfortable in tuxedos. Italian luxury? fuck give me a nike shoes n some casual adidas clothing n im king of the world :D
I even got a hat cuz i just wanted to have a complete look :D

Also before i went around the country trying to score some cash i went clubbing with my cousins friends. 1 guy n 3 girls i didnt know. My cousin ditched me with them n ....well i just went with the flow :D
It was weird...first at the station i had only 50$ bills in my wallet so i asked some group of guys to help me with some change. But in the end 1 bloke ended up buying me ticket o.O
Hey who was the idiot who said Lebanese ppl aint cool? The girls were litlle shocked cuz noone offered to buy them tickets and thought the dude was actually a friend of mine. Also cuz they as 90% of VN ppl speak eng for shit.
My cousin`s GF was a bit flirty with me the whole night. But i maintained my cool and thankfully nothing happened -_-` A rl amusing fact was that before we got to Mamboo club we walked around for 40 mins. Cuz they guys were lost. And then one of the girls told me what we were looking for and it turned out that i actually knew where we were going. And ive never been in the damn club before. It was a small but rly nice place. It was RnB night which in the begining kinda sucked but later i was all over the place.
inside we met more Vn ppl and everybody immidiately gave me the best dancer crown :D
At some point i was dancing on top of one of the giant speakers and i was looking around. Lots of girls checking my moves out...normal...some guys cheering me up...normal...
then i notice alot ppl stare a bit too much...im thinking...oh shit im gona get my ass kicked soon. Well i didnt...and after 2 hours in the place i realised that with the exception of the staff i was the only white guy in the place. I mean im half asian but i dont look like it and i mustve been like a tauren among bunch of gnomes in the middle of tanaris desert :O :O
Those chinese ppl mustve been like "man that white boy is trippin!" :D rofl
In the morning we walked around the city for a bit then had breakfast in KFC. After that i took everyone to their homes and payed a shit taxi fare -_-` ph well the new guy always has to pay right...breakign the ice n stuff.
the girls all asked me to go out with them again but im fairly convinced ill pass cuz well . . . besides goign out clubbing i cant hangout with ppl who speak retarded english :S
Its kinda boring. But clubbing is alright. . . . there is no talkin in dancing :D

On 19th DEC im (hopefully) going to a escapist forum meeting. When i saw they are going laser tag i just....i was like...SHIT IM THERE! And the imba part is after that my family n my boss are going to a major techno-dance party. i cant believe im saing this...me going out with my uncle n stuff. . . . . . ive never thought family time can be actually a good time hahaha :D Well i guess having very very old school parents got me confused :D its good to know that there some fathers out there that are still grooving n shit :D

My WoW account turned out had expired.....why my auto-recharge didnt kick in is a mystery that ill have to solve later. What i rly rly enjoyed was that when i loged in i got the onyxia whelping pet ^_^ I was totally depressed i had missed it but here it was...waiting for me in my mailbox :D

Blizz.......i LOVE YOU! :D

well thats the short story of the past week.
Come to think of it the post didnt come out as good as i was planning....maybe its cuz its 2 am -_- and that i already spilled all the stuff to my sister...n i do hate repeating myself. I think next time ill write here first.

Also thank to Milan i got hooked up on Eminem`s new song: Beautiful. Which ofc i updated on my music playlist.
Ever since i was a kid i adored Eminem. This song again proves how great he is. And also is a song i can relate to. . . . which makes her an all time favorite of mine.

p.p: I hope u like the asian chick pics that i put on the slidesow window :D
p.p2: there 6 comments on chinese in my Gentleman post.....i am sooo dying to find out what they say o.O

Friday, November 27, 2009


Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite.
Weapons Trivia

Blizz oh Blizz what have you done!?!?
Blizz has announced that Diablo 3 wont be released in 2010!!!
Apperantly the dudes in the dev team are still developin the game o.O Wait so....all the videos and trailers . . . . did they spent the last 1 year just making those stuff to keep us on our toes o.O
Soon after that they announced that they are trashing the Diablo 3 skill tree system. The same system that WoW uses.
Okaaay im all up for innovation and if they need more time to make it good alright. . . . but damn 1 whole year wait and 2011 is not a 100% release too.
Blizz claims Star Craft2: part 1 and Cataclysm are not to be blamed for the delay but i seriously doubt the truth behind those words. Altho with bills of $ in their vaults i find it hard to believe that they cant support their babies. Not to mention they merged with Activision. . . . . it is true new artists and developers doesnt necceseraly mean they will do good but i dont know . . . . .maybe they got themselfs involved with too many things and now the schedules are banging on their heads like a Relentless Gladiator from wow`s latest season :D
Not to mention the new MMORPG they are making.
In a recent interview the lead desidner of WoW said that they realise wow wont last forever (WTF OFC IT WILL!) and there is bound after awhile that a new game will arise:
"Someone will surely make a new game. . . . faster and better. . . . might aswell be us!"
Weeeeeell im not rdy to quit wow so i hope that new thing even if it is from Blizz doesnt come soon :D Id hate to throw away all my acomplishments in Azeroth -_-`
Come to think of it i quit goonzu and i was so high ranking politician there :S And there ppl who owe me bils of gold too :S Damn maybe i should download it again just to collect my debts and then quit again hahaha xd

Ive been having some serious fun in the "escapist" forum :> Any gamer who reads my blog will be wise to check it out :>

Ive been rather busy lately so no time to play wow. . . . i believe i missed the free 5th anniversary pet -_-` which is a major piss for me.
Played Killzone:Liberation for psp n i got to say its a very neat game. Maybe ill write a review later. Now im too lazy for it :D

Also slowly filling my laptop with pics n stuff :> Now it starts to feel like my own baby :P
\Thinking of doing some major shopping next week. I found an uber cool Adidas shop last time i went to the city so im thinking of tuning myself in pure adidas kit :>
And also i prolly gona need more office shirts....this summer makes me sweat alot and even Lynx cant save me from the heat ! :O

Yours Jimmy :>

Thursday, November 19, 2009

OH NOES! Visions of the past!

The Guinness Book of Records holds the record for being the book most often stolen from public libraries.
Guinness Trivia

After leaving bg . . . . naturally this ment i left my PC . . .and all the crap i have gathered there. Which means. . . .TBs of porn . . . . hahah and lots of animes n manga. . . . n pointless stuff :D
Anyway. . . . . never been fond of collecting n makign pic of myself when i was a kid. i was too busy doing shits . . .n being scolded for doing shits :D So never rly took interest in that area. Untill i left the stupid country. Now i feel like i need to record my adventures and share pics with my mates. So now im kinda sad ya know . . . . not having pics from the past. too see my funky crazy ass face . . . .but hey luck smiled upon me again today. As i managed to pull off some pics from friends and the internet :D And . . . . this made me laugh so much that i just cant hold it back . . . .i got to share this xD

So here it goes :D dont laugh at me too much......n keep in mind these are OLD PICS! this is young Zdra4 . . . .u laugh at me now i kick ur ass xD

This is from August 2007 . . . .not sure the date i actually got a post for that night in my blog but i wont link it. . . .if u are curious youll dig it up like i did xD
Me and my best mate Gesha shakin it up at 6 am in the morning in Sunny Beach`s night club Lazur! I remember at the time of the pic there were 2 breakdancing dudes n me n gesha was like....man we can out-do em for sure :D . . . . . well we failed but we sure rocked the scene hahaha.

So here is i think my only pic with Rocky that i have ever made . . . . at least i cant recollect ever seeing us together in a picture before. Homeboy remember we gonna be italian godfathers one day xD
This one: Honestly i have no idea who these guys were...n i still dont know who they are! But obviously that night we were friends hahah!

this is a reminder how happy i was when i was drinking :D LMAO
I bet i was saying...cheers haha

here im proudly taking a pic with a imba artists whos one of the few non japanese ppl recognised in manga drawing! Satanasov ftw! Im so serious . . . . . if my eyes were red id swear i was high at that time haha xD

this guy is a big shot artist too . . . . but i cant remember his name. . . .actually i had no idea that he was famous in my country . . . i just took the pic to brag about it xD

Im trying to stick a carrot up his ass to force him to make a sound.....meh guy is tough tho . . . .he wont move! Lost 5 bucks cuz of that prick -_-`

Oh god this pic of me and my sister is wrong in so many ways..... -_-` kewl

Hey i liked spider-man back in the day . . . now the comics are lil bit lame :S Gief back the Civil War costume :(

Now the next pics are from a trip to Sofia that remains one of the most fucked up n weird visits of that town i had. Me n my mate went there...no plans...he actually ran away from home...almost no money . . . . no place to sleep . . . end up with 2 an ex model girl and her underage boyfriend ...both fucked up junkies . . . . their place. . . .a small unit,....no water no electricity! got em selfs high n went to fuck each other while we had to sleep in 2 small coaches in a room filled with garbage bags n candles we stole from a coffe shop (cuz we needed light . . .no electric remember?)! N then we did the "Kabinata" video which was a hit for 2 months on national tv....mkay BTV aint national but is the most watched station anyway :D it was our 15(maybe 1 hour) mins of fame :D
Tho i wont mind some more mins :D

Infront of Sofia`s Hali or whatever...u hungry? Thats the place to go :D they got all the right shits....witheout making holes in ur wallet that is :D

I love the faces the statues are making :D . . . . im not sure if u can notice my friends look....his high ahaha
This here is me being a toilet paper mummie......in my defence...i was drunk....but boy we got smashed later....there were some weird pics after that i remember....a women with a bum leg and annoyign mouth and some gay stuff . . . . porn magazines.....hm....i cant recall where did the porn came from :O
U seen the movie Alien vs Predator? :D next time u mess with me i morph n eat youuuu :D
Darth Arlong ! I think there are actually jedi weapons in wow. . . .

this is me...trying to kick a classmate before math class. You can see my teacher totally ignoring me. . . . . not that un-ignoring me would stop me from going berserk :D The GI im wearing belongs to the dude from the Night Club picture . . . . his like rly tall so his Gi was like....2 times my size :D I even went out with it to buy lunch hahah ppl were like wtf :D Notice how lame my school was....do u rly need to ask me why i dont wanna return to bg? :D Altho before i got to this place i was in an architecture collage. . . . but got kicked out :d
I remember i liked to stay on the windows and look outside or sleep...well this time i was meditating so i got a good excuse :D
Here is me.....learning math xD look aroud the misery......pffff how can u blame me for being crazy mm xD look where i grew up :D Notice my mate (same guy from Sofia pics) . . hes high again . . .n trying to figure out what the fuck is our math teacher saying!
This is me doing my signature move in class....i call it "the shaolin leg" okay i just made that up . . . but it is true that this is my sig move. Anyone who knows me has seen me do this more than once :D Weird racial talent rly haha xD . . . . my friend is totally NOT getting the lesson. This is shot during class if u havent got it yet :D
God i love these retro pics :D
And this after a anime meeting in my home town. . . .god this is one big ass nerds meeting but we had so much fun. Got some great friends on this pic :> Lil geeky some of em . . . . but awesome friends :P Let me see....im seeing Christiana doing something weird to me...cuz im on the ground n screaming :O then. . . .on the right the dude with the yellow shirt...i reckon he is eye-fuckin her :D I see Emo . . . who is hugging Mery Jane o.O but he is actually looking at the beer that Kuolema is holding . . .Dragoon is reaching to Alex`s pants. . . but the shock is seeing Alex drinking :O :O n who the hell is the dude on the street? :D DOnt know why but blogger wont upload the big size pic so this one is kinda blurry n crappy :S Tried to fix it 10 times...dont know whats wrong! :S
Thats all Folks!
Retro Zungi/Zdra4/Arlong/Jimmy u take ur pick depending how we know each other :D

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Battle at Valhalas!

Charlie Chaplin once won third prize in a Charlie Chaplin look alike contest.
Movie Trivia

No i rather eat ice cream . . . . bahahahahhahahah xD

Its a nice sunday morning. I got too much free time on my hands and no plans at all. Ive seen in magazines that Crank 2`s dvd has just been released so naturally i decide i should go buy it. After a masterpiece like Crank 1 and the fact that its Jason after all i had my hopes up for a wonderfull start of my day. So i go to Video Ezy cough up 27$ for the dvd. I go buy some chips n drinks. I come home. I watch the movie. I go to the bathroom and i puke. . . .okay i didnt puke but i rly wanted to :O

My mind still relives the horror of Crank 2. . . .my mind cannot understand (and i have a big imagination) how the FUCK its possible to FUCK UP a movie like Crank 2. . .the crew is the same. Same writer-same director. Same everything . . . AND we got JASON STATHAM FOR FUCK`s SAKE!!! How did you guys fuck manage to fuck this up. Its not even close to Crank 1. . . .the whole god damn movie did not make any fucking sense. the Story outline in the begining of the movie actually made some logic. I mean if we overlook the fact that Chev survived a chopper fall it was all very well in place. N then he goes out the "surgery" starts kickin some ass . . . and im like oh boy here it goes. . . but that was it after escaping everything turned into a pile of shit/
The new camera shooting was horrible. There were no fighting scenes . . .wtf was that pussy fight with the cops? I couldnt rly see anything. WTF Jason can pull fighting scenes off . . . . have you morons seen transporter 1,2 ? and your own Crank 1? :O How did u manage to screw this up??? i just cant believe it it was a disaster. At the dvd special i saw that jason rly liked the script of this movie. Well script and end product are two different things mate :S At the bonus materials i saw they had fun shooting the movie . . . but ye that was it wasnt it you guys had fun n didnt care how this fun will turn up in the final cut. Its just . . . .FUCK...
Crank 1 was a fresh dose of air. A new way to do action movies. And and . . . and nwo this . . . god im so pissed off. This is the worst 27$ i have ever spent. i think i should go fuckin wank someone with a chair just to get that itchy feeling out of my right hand.
Seems to me ppl just wanna use jason to milk franchises for extra cash witheout caring about quality. Its fuck ups like this one that i guess prevent him for scoring a major role in hollywood :S
And Jason is such an amazing presence on screen. His like higher level version of Vin Diesel he just brings it up whatever he does. Bad ass aura now we just need a good movie that woukd take advantage of his awesome presence.

Arlong`s Journal Entry Number: 12

My investigation of the silithid is yet to uncover who is controling the Silithid. There is some tainted divine essence from the Qiraj fortress but its unclear. And it is way too dangerous to stay outside the gates and trying to scry its source. Evil has taken place inside that place and i will personaly make sure that it does not stay much longer. Guild Master Ace organised a raid and many champions of our guild joined in our quest to unlock the secrets of the Silithid after i revealed what i have uncovered. The Cenarion Circle tasked us with creating The Scepter of the Shifting Sands which is said to hold the power to open the gates of the Qiraj Fortress. We were sent on a mission to slay Broodlord Lashlayer in Blackwing Lair but this brave attack led to yet another glorious achievement. Acevendooza our leader has always be known for his dragon hunting missions. And since we were already inside the place he led us thru enourmous battles until we finally reached our goal. Lord Victor Nefarius as he is known in his human form the son of the infamous Deathwing and brother of Onyxia broodmother of the blackdragon flight. i guess as a dragon of incredible power he somehow had ways of recognising some of us. Me and some other members were part of that fatefull attack in dustwallow marsch which led to his Sister`s demise. He knew us by name and his anger was unlimited. I always thought Onyxia was the most fearsome dragon i have ever encountered in my life. But after meeting her brother that changed. I guess being the son of Deathwing there was nothing else to expect from him. the fight was horrible. Wave after wave drakonids from all dragonflights came at us. He had no mercy nor he planned to play with us. He just summon his minions and came at us with all his might. We were victorious in the end. Few fell in the battle after many years of braving Azeroth and Outland we had certainly grown alot stronger. I guess Nefarian underestimated us. two years ago it may have been all of us lying dead on the floor . . . . but after years of fighting and traveling around the world we have all became so much more. It certainly makes the thought of facing the Lich King more comforting. There not that many heroes that can say they have slain dragons as powerfull as Nefarian and Onyxia. Im one of them . . . .and it pleases me that i have another dot to add to my reputation. Noone likes the idea of facing the wrath of a dragonslayer. Or a whole guild of them.
Later we went to Silithus only to learn that our victory in BWL was just the begining of a much longer and grand task. Its not going to be easy to create that scepter. Before i left Kalimdor i tasked some of my underlings to gather silithid shells for me for i was needed back in Northrend.

Days later after the accident with Idbl i took Amalia under my wing and made it my task to train and prepare her for the incoming storm. We braved together the ice cold Icecrown where the young paladin truly amazed me with her skills. The rookie proved to be alot stronger that i expected and we certainly laid a major blow on the Lich King in those few days.

We took a quest from the Bone Witch and after many adventures we finaly got a chance to slain of the Arthas`s finest: Overthane Balargarde . The Lich King himself appeared during the battle and again he was pretty upset of me interrupting his plans. I am not sure why does he not take any special measures to deal with me. After Zul`drak, utgarde Keep and my numerous hits around his strongholds in Icecrown he is still not trying to get me killed. Well i am endangering my life daily but seems to me he for some twisted reason sees it fit not to slay me. There have been some attempts by his minions but . . . why . . . why does he not try to get rid of me or my companions. Surely a blow like this would cripple the horde`s operations against him. What is his goal . . . . will he try to recruit me again. . . . have a shown some kind of weakness that he wants to exploit? Well . . . .as a priest i better not doubt myself for doubt is one of the greatest enemies on the battlefield. Whatever he throws at me ill deal with it.

After doing some training at the Argent tournament (where i also became Undercity champion) me and Amalia went to Battle at Valhalas since we were now deemed worthy. It was a long week. Day after day we were challanged by numerous champions of the Lich King. In the end from deep inside Icecrown Citadel came Prince Sandoval himself . . . . one which`s name raises fear even in the most battle hardened warriors. We slew him and proved ourselfs more than worthy . . . .i dont know why the Vrykul even allow their enemies at those ritual fights . . .why does Arthas tolerate it . . .he must have some kind of an ulterior motive here . . .i just cant figure out what it is. Does he want to rid himself of the weaklings that surround him or . . . .is he marking the champions of the horde and alliance for conversion in the future . . .sigh . . .too many questions and no answers. I guess we just have to wait and see what happens.

After all the fighting i now know that Amalia will prove an in-valuable asset for my organisation and i shall be paying close attention to her progress in the guild. Falling was little upset i took the girl on such a dangerous mission but im already used to her scoldings. Its not like its my first time breaking protocol.

p.p: I received reports Valium has tracked down a Demon Lord in Outland. I have made arrangements for a small hunting party to be gathered under his command in Shattrath and will be joining them tomorrow. When it comes to the Burning Legion im not taking any chances. They must all be destroyed or banished!

end of entry

Friday, November 13, 2009

Just a slap!

Postmaster Malown drops the item "Malown's Slam" referring to NBA star Karl 'The Mailman' Malone.
World Of Warcraft Trivia

Arlong`s Journal Entry Number: 11

Arlong walked down to the guild nursery. Other members told him that Falling was there and he needed her to sign some authorization papers since Ace was nowhere to be found. After couple of minutes wandering around the corridors he finally found her. She was in a small room kneeling down next to the bed where Amalia was lying. There were other members of the guild present too. They looked at him, Falling turned too. She let out a long sigh and came to him:
"Those the papers you mentioned yesterday?" said the woman and took the files.
"Yes. . . . . what happened to Amalia?"-he looked at the paladin`s bruised face.
"Idbl beat her up after some argument in the training grounds." Falling looked very concern and sad. She had taken personal interest in the training of the new paladin and probably had a deep connection with her.
"She just completed her Northrend training correct?"
"Yes...yesterday . . . she was so exited." - Falling looked away . . .she couldnt stand to look the rookie in such condition.
"Ace knows about this?-asked the priest.
"His in Icecrown on frostwyrm hunting with the crusaders. . . should be some days before he returns. The others say Amalia had it coming with her jokes about Idbl . . .i doubt hell punish him too harshly."
Arlong nodded silently took the signed papers and start walking away.
"Where you going?"
"To finish my job . . ."-Arlong waved the papers around his head.
Falling nodded to somebody in the room and the shadows moved silently.

*later the same day*

Idbl was walking around the streets of Dalaran he was headed for the blacksmith district where he had left some of his gear for repair. Thats where Arlong approached him. The tauren took notice of the elfs presence and said:
"hey . . . sry i missed the last guild meeting , look im in a rush . ."said the Warrior while still going for the blacksmith.
"Amalia?"-Arlong gave a questionable gaze to the Tauren.
"Lil punk went out of line, so i put her back in line. No big deal."-grunted the Tauren with disgust.
"you put her in hospital"
"She`s alvie aint she? Look . . . if she`s smart she learned herself a lesson.
Arlong made an ugly face.:
"What are you. . .320-340kg?"
"Yea. . ."- nodded the tauren.
"Your a big guy . . .how much do you think Amalia weights? 50-57kg?"Idbl just shook his head. "Thats not even a feather on ya . . .if this wouldve been a fight you would be way out of your division."
The tauren stoped:
"Look . . . it was a slap . . . it was nothin." -Arlong locked his eyes on him:
"well, next time youll be meeting me . . and i may not be in your division but i do weight more than 57kg . . . .and you wont need a doctor when im done with you. . . . youll need a priest . . . to pray over your dead body."
the tauren fell silent . . . a slight drop of sweat appearing on his forehead.
"See you in the guildhouse." Arlong nodded to the warrior to go away.
On a nearby roof Valium sat down to Feisong:
"he doesnt like beign followed." said the assassin.
"Father Arlong wouldve made a great hit-man." Feisong ignored his visitor`s statement.
"a real reaper indeed." -agreed Valium.
"Shame we lost him to the other side . . ."-mutttered Feisong and jumped down on the street. A minute later after making sure there was no one else following Arlong, Valium jumped down too.

end of entry

p.p: Lil gz for Amalia for levelign his new tank xD. And a tribute to the movie sleepers which inspired the post.
Loved the BWL-MC raids gona write about it later tho now im going for lunch xD

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No more nurse for you!

In The Barrens, there is a tombstone complete with a Spirit Healer, known as The Shrine of the Fallen Warrior. This is a shrine dedicated to Michael Koiter, a designer of World of Warcraft who died during development due to heart failure.
World of Warcraft Trivia

I actually know the damn place. It was way back when i was playing with my rogue in classic wow. While i was leveling him up i climbed to the place. Ive always wondered where is the quest giver that will lead me there...never found him . . . .now i know why. Poor chap . . . . couldnt see his baby rise to glory :S

Arlong`s Journal Entry Number: 10

Arlong and Valium were walking towards one of the medical wards in Thunder Bluff. Falling had asked the priest to go and visit her step brother because he had fallen sick after a major battle in Alterac Valley 1 week ago. The Assassin had to wait for couple of minutes while Arlogn went to see the Druid overseeing the patients. Some orc girl went in the room aswell. Valium always felt a bit out of place in TB. It was a place full with life and nature was breathing down his neck. He didnt like anyone breating anything in his neck. . .and he preffered more dark n dead places...especially if he made them dead. But his patron requested his company before they embark on their missions. Arlong came finaly came out the door. the orc girl rushed after him jumping with a weird smile on her face.

"Whats with the orc o.O?-asked valium.
Arlong just shook his head:
"no idea."

They opened the door to his room. The giant body of Chromoly layed hapless on the bed:
"ARRRRGH if it isnt meh arena mate! Come INnN lad and take yer friend there plenty of drinks for everybody in this place! HArr HARR!- the warrior waved the bottle of whiskey around his head. Valium whispered:
"Is he trying to sound like a pirate?"
"Trying..."-agreed the Elf.
"Chromoly . . . .i see you are alive and well . . .pray tell why havent you joined us back in Northrend?"-The elf took a good measure at the orc.
"BAH. .. .BAH I TELL YA!. . . .dem Druids dun let me go laddy. . .been sayin im not fit . . .my body be weak. . . WEAK??? the ignorant fools ! Ill be smashin their heads with meh fist once i get outta here i tell ya that!"
"Well . . .you did take 76 stabs and 18 arrows . . . I reckon even the highest ranking priests in my order would need some time with your condition. . "-explained Arlong- "Besides. . . i dont think wounded warrior should be drinking in the nursery."
"Arrrr and i dont be thinkin priests should care more about money than prayin . . .ye aint hearin me barking about it!" -shouted the orc in clumsy dwarvish accent.
"AHAHAH . . . .fair enough i guess"-Arlong gave up.-"Anyway. . . .your sister asked me to come adn check you on. She is pretty upset with your condition, asked me to come give you couple of my own spells for good luck you see . . ."- Arlong gave an encouraging smile.
"Bahhh....screw luck just get me as far away from this bed as possible laddy! I be needing a good day of running i tell ya that...meh legs forgot what the ground feels like. And whats with my lilttle sister eh? She and you not trusting the fair folk tauren eh?-Chromoly drank some more whiskey.
Arlong shook his head:
"We trust the Druids of mighty Thunder Bluff . . . but we dont trust you. . ."-Arlong glanced at the pile of empty bottles . . . he could swear there were at least 20 of em.
"bah lil booze never hurt nobody . .. . *BURP*. . . much.!-Shouted the orc."Dont ya worry bout me u better get urself ready for when i am back we shall storm the arena and i wont forgive you if u slow me down *HIC*.
Valium giggled in the back of the room.
"yes well . . .about that. I am heading to Un`Goro to do soem investigation. I spent couple of days in terrokar forest and i got some dwarfs from the explorers guild to come down and help me with a research on the Silithid and Valium is going to the Caverns of Time to help the bronze dragonflight with yet another attempt of the Infinites to break history`s course. So it should be some good days before i go back in Northrend but i just thought ill honor your sisters wish and come check on you."
"Aiii aii i be aight laddy . . .i got good ppl here takin care of ol me."
"yes so i heard...karaiskakis shared some information after his visit. Well . . .ill be on my way then you take care and see you in Dalaran when i get back."
Arlong and valium headed towards the exit. A big troll passed them and went for Chromoly`s bed.
"Arrr lad...who be you? what you doing with my sheets. . . HEY! . . . . what in thrall`s beard are yoyu doing with that needle! HEY?! NURSE . . . . NURSE! Where be my nurse i tell ya!?!- Chromoly`s outrage was quite comical.
"Be cool mon . . . your nurse is on oliday now i be your new carer." then the Troll tried once again to poke the orc`s arm with the needle.
"OI OI OI . . . what holiday! i saw her this morning?"
"Dont know mon . . .some posh Blood Elf came today and said he owed her father some money . . .but see mon . . .her papa dead . . . so he say . . . be only fair give gold to her and be done with the debt ye? And then orc girl get the 500 gold and go crazy mon . . .crazy i tell ya . . .i hear from other doctors she be going to Grom`gol on safari or something. Lucky girl that one." the troll shook his head and sent away the dreamy images that were hunting his mind.
Chromoly blinked stupidly at the troll:
"Blood....BLOOD ELF????"

VAlium was staring at Arlong all the way to the Flight Master. Nothing . . . .Finaly just before they mounted their wyverns he said:
"Well . . . *cough cough. . . . dont you think that was a bit too much? I reckon he will whine about this for months after he gets better. You rly think it was worth it?" the Assassin kept staring at his patron.
Arlong didnt say anything for awhile . . . . then the scream came.
The priest and the rogue glanced at each other:


end of entry

Monday, November 09, 2009

Behind the Bugs!

If one places a tiny amount of liquor on a scorpion, it will instantly go mad and look like it is stinging itself to death. It spasms a lot.
Animal Trivia

Now dont get the wrong idea but i would rly like to see that myself :D Not as a torture just pure curioisty what will happen ^_^

Arlong`s Journal Entry Number: 9

My training as champion of Undercity is going very well. Now that i have mastered the lance once it is alot easier to raise in rank for the 2nd time. I found support in couple of my guildmates and i believe that i have been a fool not to gather them by my side earlier. And the tips in mounted combat that i have acquired proved invaluable to my training. The Trials of the Crusader that Tirion is putting weekly are more than a simple training excercise and only the truly great champions can pass them. It is indeed a place to steel your nerves and prepare your hearth for the horror that is Icecrown Citadel.
Couple of days ago i was contacted by a goblin associate of mine in Gadgetzan. There were some troubles with the Trolls in Zul`Farak again. I really thought i had taken care of the issue. I went down to Tanaris and personally looked into the matter . . .i beleive with their new leadership slain the trolls will dig up in their small village and keep it to themself. I still dont understand how does thrall tolerate them for so long. Prehaps it is because it is on goblin land. . . surely if we get rid of them both the horde and the Cartel will benefit.
No matter . . .Nara Windmane from Thunder Bluff asked me to check out the uldaman discs that i acquired for her ages ago. It certainly took them time to get some information out of them. She sent me to the gates of uldum where i encountered a Stone Watcher holograph. Apperantly i cannot enter the research facility witheout the prime discs of Uldum . . .but i am to a miss where to start looking for them. the druids will look into the matter and said they will let me known if something comes up. From my conversation with the sentry i learned that the Creators have scheduled a visit for us. . . .i only hope that this is a good thing but from what i understand . . . its not!
The goblin alchemists have done some extensive research on the Silithid. Apperantly they discovered that the insects are not acting on their own and are beign controlled by some unknown entity. Truly distubring information. I am preparing myself for an expedition to Un`Goro Crater asap. I may not be available in the next days but i believe we cannot overlook a threat like this. And altho i have spent time in Silithus fighting the bugs this new information is really disturbing and i must investigate the issue. In the meantime Grand warlock Kalovo is going to oversee my current operations and i have placed Valium under his command.
I havent heard form my old friend Colleostro in a very long time aswell . . . and that worris me. I am sending some scouts to look for him in Outland where he was last seen. Its never good news when he dissapears and i want to know what hes been up to.

end of entry

p.p: In the next 2 chapters ill introduce Chromoly in the story and then Alex and Falling. I did some quick drafts but i think i need to shape things a lil bit more before its rdy to be put on the blog :>

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Get To The Choppa!


On average, 12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents daily.
Hospital Trivia

Okay this is disturbing . . . 12 kids daily end up with wrong parents? CMON WTF :O Imagine one day a guy comes to your house and says. . . hey guys look we know you love ur kid but its actually NOT yours . . . we made a mistake and we wanna give you this one which is rly yours . . .btw he is a retard -_-` This is nuts o.O hire extra ppl to keep track of the records and the babies . . .put a military tattoo or something . . . .i swear ill brand somehow my child just to be sure i get the right one out of the hospital :O

Also i went for my weekend shopping spree to stack my fridge with some food and i thought oh hell ill have launch at pizza hut and then i saw that there is this promo thing going on right now "Hunger Relief" so i bought myself a yallow wristband which says "From Hunger To Hope" it thing its a rly good idea. . . the wristband could be mistaken for a party one or an endorsement but the important thing is that the money go to charity. Click the link if you wanna see more info and if you have time and 2 bucks spare cash go to your local KFC (yes Chromoly ur favorites are suporting the cause aswell) or Pizza Hut and buy a wristband or a pen. You might enjoy a nice meal today . . . but there hundreds of thousands of kids who wont! So help them out or i will smack you with holy fire in azeroth . . . or a chair if i see you down the street xD

And then there is Clive`s new nickname.
Yesterday i went to work on couple of galons of coffee cuz i didnt sleep. Kiki kept me busy but thats not a story for the blog xD besides i already shared it with my Mahi so . . .ye...
So im like rly hyper at work cuz of all the coffee and during launch Mark says he knows some rly cool thai joint where we can go n grab some imba food. So me and Clive get in Mark`s car and head for the place. So we are cruising on the road and suddenly Clive bursts like a god damn girl "AAAAAAAAAAAA" "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK" me and Mark go like : WTF mate? S`going on?
And Clive says: "There is a spider on the window" So i turn around and look and i see this spider stuck at the window but . . .its OUTSIDE! Im like jeez dude dont be such a woman its not even inside the car! And Clive says "r u kidding me its trying to get inside!"
No srsly now. . .how the fuck will the spider get in? Break the window or something o.O
But he keeps whining like a bitch so we opened the window n i reached to get it and . . . well only naturally i decide to prank Clive and go screaming "AAAAAAAARGH THE FUCKER BIT ME"
I swear Clive was shitting his pants in the backseat with face white as my god damn bed sheats :D it was priceless :D eventually we had to stop the car to get the spider out and after that the whole day i was making fun of Clive n telling everybody what a big phat girl he is :D Also from now on i call him Spider-Man xD
And on monday ill do the Homer Simpson song "Spider Clive, Spider Clive, Does whatever Spider Clive does.! LMAO its gona be awesome ima bust his balls for this accident for months :D

Arlong`s Journal Entry Number: 8

Valium was walking the magnificent streets of Silvermoon. As an assassin he didnt rly like the magical aura of the place not to mention that it was so god damn bright. Its not easy to hide in the shadows when there are none. Arlong`s phoenix had found him earlier today and delivered a small partchment on which the Forsaken red that he was to meet with his employer asap at his residency in the Royal District. Valium had just arrived in the city after a mission in Dun Murogh and he was looking forward in spending some time with his own stuff (which usually ment going to Eye of The Storm to kill some Alliance scum).
"Why does he want to debrief me so fast"-murmured the undead. "Its not like they had anything important in their possesions . . . he said just kill the dwarfs and come back"- still with his inner thoughts the assassin arrived at Arlong`s house. The two Arcane Sentries made Valium smile. His patron even in the hearth of Silvermoon city where he is considered one of the greatest champions, still put up defenses to protect his privacy (and any treasures he had in store). The guardians didnt move as the rogue went past them. The place was too fancy . . . the high priest didnt spare any gold to make it as posh as possible. He had used some very rare findings to decorate his house aswell. There were alot of powerfull artefacts that would make alot of heroes lick their lips and wet their eyes in dreams of owning some of the stuff that were placed around the house. valium wondered how many times other champions have asked the priest to sell some of his prized items.
"Ah Conqueror Valium"- Arlongs voice came from the 2nd floor of the house. "You are just in time" the priest jumped and slowly levitated down to greet the assassin. He always flies around thought the rogue. Must be some royal thing . . . .dont wanna get dirty by walkin the roads of the common folk or something.
"How did your assignment go?" -asked the priest but he didnt seem intrigued at all.
"Flawless. . . .i dont understand why you sent me. . .they didnt prove to be worthy of my weapons . . .i just poisoned them."-the undead spat on the floor.
"now now . . . . there is no such thing as a unworthy job, but i agree i did not really need to send you . . . but i needed you away from here so i can prepare something.
Valium raised an eyebrow but Arlong just waved for him to follow. They went outside to the garden where surrounded by bunch of goblins stood a Mechano-Hog . The undead stopped in the middle of his tracks.
"LOL you didnt! . . "
"Dont be daft . . . . of course i didnt" Arlong laughed at the outragoues thoughts that went tru his assassin`s mind. "Its for me"
Valium grinned:
"I hear those puppies cost a small fortune. But i really dont get it . . .why buying one now? Its not like you rly need it."
"Actually. . .this is a gift from Cermacrome of The horde. Grand Priestess of the Silverlance order. Apperantly my recent return and deeds have sparkled some disccusions amongst the higher ups. It was not unknown that i desired one of these for a long time. So as a rewrd for my dedicated services i received this . . .but ofc i hired these fine gentleman" Arlong pointed to the goblins. "to perform some upgrades and modifications that would better suit my needs. But there is actually something for you in here."
The priest walked towards the small backpack that was hanging from the hog and took something from inside of it.
"Here thats for you . . . i think a martial artists like you would appreciate this fella"-said Arlong and threw a small gem with a bear picture on it.
"is that. . . .but they have been released just 2 days ago . . . when did you . . .word on the street is they cost quiet alot. . ." valium kept staring at his pandarian monk magical gem. That was really a very generous gift. "I dont know what to say . . . .its really a wonderfull companion for someone in my line of work . . . .i will . . . . find a way to return the favor m`lord." Valium gave a clumsy bow to the priest.
"Now now . . .its a token of friendship. Besides im in a good mood so lets not be so official about this shall we? I reckon this baby needs to be taken out for a ride so if you will excuse me . . ." that said the priest sent away the goblins hopped on his hog and left the building with a very weird and happy smile on his face.
* * * * * * * *
I am currently undergoing undercity champion training.
yesterday a very hardcore dungeon farming from which i got myself new gloves and a new belt. Coughed up 200g for the belt gem :O
Apperantly the Get to the Choppa! achievement is a refference to one of my favorite movies "Predator"! it was a cool thing to know. . . . i think now i love my hog even more xD
Also did:
Good Grief
Hadronox Denied
I think ill talk with Guild Master Ace to hook me up with a party for the Glory of the Hero achievement. I could fancy the red proto drake :>

Also Mount of the week: Red Drake
I think from all the drakes the red one looks the most natural. i mean i know they are all the same design but the other colors look kinda kinky -_-`The red is like the traditional dragon color so i like it best. And just thought ill make a change of pace. been using my netherdrake for far too long xD
Favorite Pet: Lil KT. I think i wont use another pet for a long time xD Maybe the panda when i get it. But KT`s animations just make him the best so far. Im sad i missed out on Grunty :( having a Star Craft pet wouldve been awesome. Sry im not RPing this part of the journal but im lazy now xD and in a hurry to get back to wow n do some PWN! :P

Would love some comments from my guildies when u read my posts. Slackerzz xD
Duh preview-ing the post makes me think that writing personal and wow stuff at once is pretty expansive :D tcsk.....maybe ill cut em in two.

Yours Arlong The Argent Champion

end of entry

Also Whitebeards health is pear shaped. and he got struck in the chest with a sword. Now he is enraged and is goign full out. FINALLY :D The Strongest man in the world attacks. What will happen? :O well . . . we got to wait 2 weeks cuz Oda is taking another break. At least he allows himself time to come up with the chapters not like naruto where everything seems a bit puked in some kind of weird rush :O But Kisame still pwns :D n WTF is wrong with samehada. . . . . looks like some of those worms in Dragonblight rly :O

Well thats all folks xD

p.p:LUV TO MY MAHI {}{}{}{} we shall be the PROs :D hahaha

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Mutual Benefits!

As well as race cars, from 1934 until the early 1960s, Porsche also made Tractors!
Car Trivia

Arlong`s Journal Entry Number: 7

It was a cold night in Ratchet. The port town inn`s were busting with travellers trying to relax a lil bit with couple of drinks or playing some cards. There were of course the information seekers. . .but they were becoming more of a regular fixture lately. Bussiness in ratchet was good . . . the contracts from Northrend were coming in bulks and all the merchans and ship captains were happy to get their hands on the cold and shiny gold from the north. But for Innkeeper Wiley things were getting abit slow. He still had customers. . . but it wasnt the same as couple of years ago. Now with this whole Lich King campaign up in Northrend all the adventurers, treasure seekers and champions of both the alliance and the horde were sent far far away from his tables and there wasnt much reason for them to come back. Occasionally there were big groups passing through but that was a rare sight of lately. Sometimes some of his older customers came back for day or two to do some quick deals but that was about it. His inn was quiet tonight. There were only couple of goblin workers from the dock and then there was Willix the Importer with his 4 fat and smelly Ogre Bodyguards. Ever since Willix was rescued from Razorfren Kraul he became a lil bit paranoid about his security and spared no expense on his protection. Wiley didnt like Willix alot. . . he was a shady dealer and there were rumors that he broke some of the fundamental rules of the goblins . . . .which basically ment he screw his clients or one of the Prince`s with heaps of gold. But he was still alive so guess it wasnt that bad. . .or maybe noone had proof.
Wiley was cleaning a glass with the persistence of somebody who knew that if he wasnt cleaning it he might aswell shoot himself with a blunderboose before he loses his mind.
Then the chill came . . . .as a veteran Innkeeper Wiley has witnessed alot of fights, alot of spells and alot of dangerous people. He had developed the extreamly important 7th sense that all innkeepers had: the famous "dont fucking get in the way of this dude or you will die!" When High Priest Arlong stepped in the inn everybody went quiet. The two Ratchet Bruisers that were sitting close to the door suddenly felt the urge to hug their weapons and slowly pushed aside their drinks and focused their eyes on the newcomer. Wait stepped in? . . .Wiley shook his head. . . .no he actually FLEW in the place . . .there is nothing more freaky to see late at night in an inn than a god damn flying blood elf who is as infamous as Arlong. Exepct maybe if Arthas himself flew into the place. . . . which happened on Halloween when a Tauren dressed as Arthas crashed tru the roof of the inn and scared the shit of everybody! Nobody saw the prankster ever again . . .rumors are he was buried somewhere in the hills above ratchet with his frostmourne replica shoved in his ass . . . . but then again . . . those were just rumors.

The blood elf looked around and very very slowly raised his hand and pointed to the front door:
"I believe you guys need to get home" said the priest witheout adressing anyone in particular. All the chairs suddenly moved and the greedy but not stupid goblins slowly excused themselfs from the place. The two bruisers looked up at the elf as they went for the door and said:
"there is not gona be any . . . .erm trouble. . . we hope." The Elf didnt respond.
Soon the only persons in the inn were Wiley, the priest and Willix and his bodyguards. The ogres apperantly were too stupid to acknowledge the hero of the horde but Willix was movign uneasily on his chair. Arlong threw a small pouch to the innkeeper and the sound of gold rang across the hall:
"I will need a very. . .clean glass of your finest wine Wiley." Of course Arlong had visited the place many times in the past. Wiley had seen the elf in his younger days when he was just a rookie. . . but it was a very logn time since then and the small goblin wasnt about to take his past with the priest for granted.
"yes ofc m`lord"-said Wiley and turned to pick up a glass from the shelve and started polishing it while whistling to some famous innkeeper "anti boring" melody.
*cough cough.

"Arlong, Arlong . . . . my dear friend please, please sit down. Do i have a deal for you!"-began the infamous importer.
"You better . . . i did not come back here from Northrend to drink wine and catch up with the latest buzz in ratchet!"
"yes yes . . .ofc! Listen . . . .i have this contact up in the north you see . . .he got himself a nice supply of saronite ore you see. . .but thing is . . .the prince`s have sent the contract fees sky high! Its bloody offensive really!?! Outrageous!
"I reckon 1 silver coin would be too much a tax for a goblin." -Arlong measured the small goblin with a cold stare. "What do you need me for Willix?"
*cough cough
"Now look . . . .you are a famous guy . . .champion of the horde and crusader of silvermoon and all those priest thingies. . . . i know you got connections in the cartel. Deep connections . . . .word on the street is you`ve done alot of conctrats and favours for the higher merchants and prehaps a prince too. . . .see. . .maybe . . .if you could mention to some of the port chiefs that im running. . . . some shipments for you . . .you know . . .supplies for the battle and stuff like that . . .
"You think they wont check your cargo?"-Arlong raised an eyebrow.
"hehe . . . im sure of it. . . an ambassador of the horde requesting a high priority passage to his shipments . . .there will be some extra coins for that but its nothing i cant take care of . . . and wont be anything compared to the gold i would need to pay for the saronite. You`ll get piece of the action too"-Willix gave a sly smile at the priest. He had made his homework . . .he gathered alot of information on the priest. It wasnt difficult really he had dealings across all of azeroth and alot of goblins knew him. With couple of drinks and calling some favours in Booty Bay Willix learned that the priest was as greedy as any goblin. And now the devious importer was betting on the elf`s greed to get him the tax free contract which would make a fortune for him in just coule of runs.
"So what do you say . . .i promise you will get an honest cut of each succesfull shipment."
"Who is your supplier?"
"Hey now . . . . i cant tell you that . . .customer confidentiallity . . . you know that!
"I didnt ask who you are shipping to . . . im asking where do you get the ore?"- Arlong raised his right hand and let some yellow sparks to walk around his armored glove.
"Heh its just some guy . . . i met him . . ."
" You mean to tell me you dont know who your supplier is?
"Well . . . . i dont know who exactly is delivering the ore. . . .but its safe i . . . smuggled. . . i mean . . . i delivered 1 shipment and everything checked out. No curses no Lich King voices and anything like that . . ."
"How do you buy it?"- Arlong levitated closer to the table.
"Well . . . . there is this goblin in Dragonblight you see . . .name`s Grixx Copperhead. I deal through him. We meet atthe Kalu`ak village we discuss the amount and the price. then we meet at a secret location on the coast and then my ship come here and then i send the ore to my clients." Willix was getting a bit confused. "Will you help? The payment will be . ."
Arlong waved his hand and made the goblin to shut up. He looked around . . .Wiley took his quick stare and quickly returned to his previous task. The elf`s green eyes glowed for a second then Willix froze with a blank stare. The Ogre Bodyguards knew something was wrong . . .but their limited intelligence was not sufficient enough to unreveal this mystery.
The High Priest turned his attention to the innkeeper again and started levitating in his direction.
"What the . . ." Willix was trying to come to his senses. "what. . . .what did you do to me??"-the small goblin was rubbing his head in confusion. "Hey . . .what . . .you dont like the offer? Ill double your cut. . . how about that? No ? . . . then ill tri....AAARGH!" Willixs`s mouth filled with blood while his shocked eyes were looking at the sudden blade that was sticking out of his chest.
Arlong reached the bar and took a big purple gem from his robe. Wiley`s eyes widened and he instinctively licked his lips . . .
"Abyss Crystal . . ."
"Yes"-Nodded Arlong. "I reckon your inn is abit dirty . . . maybe you should close the place down and clean it abit. So tomorrow`s customers dont have to see it in its curent state."
wiley was used to seeing assassinations in his inn . . . . it wsnt un-common . . .many times the bruisers had to be called to stop a massive outbrake between the hode and the alliance. But when the sound of profit made its voice heard the innkeepers eyes were very focused on NOT seeing and his mouth somehow forgot how to shout for the guards.

Later that night Arlong was at the main dock staring curiously at the stars. Warfmaster Dizzywig
was holding a small piece of paper.
"You know that there will be some questions after this."
The priest didnt answer.
"He had some pretty good ties around here" -Dizzywig scratched his ear while still reading the paper.
"None of his associates will go after me . . .unless their desire to live has suddenly left their bodies. The Baron has already been notified . . . Willix death is not unexpected and not unjust. He was double deeling and selling out horde shipment details to the Alliance. And smuggling some goblin tech to the gnomes aswell."
Dizzywig looked up at the elf:
"So why the assassination it couldve been alot more official if we just. . ."
"NO. . . we must not alarm his suppliers . . .for whatever reason . . . someone is smugglign huge amounts of saronite to Stormwind. It is still un-clear why they even bother with the travel expenses and the risk . . . they have plenty of establishments in Northrend to build weapons. . .they are planing something down there Dizzywig . . .and i have to find out what. We do not need surprises from the Alliance . . . not at this stage of the campaign against Arthas." -Arlong looked around.
"Besides . . .i know you were planning to put a hit on Willix . . . . you too are having your share of "deliveries" do you not?"
"erh . . .it is noting that would go against the interest of the horde ofc . . .its all in good manners"-the Warfmaster quickly defended himself.
"Your actions are not uncommon . . . .seems to me alot of the merchants around here are trying to cash in the big prizes from the North. the competition is big . . . just keep in mind who got you the Vale and the necklace deals." Arlong smiled at the lil goblin. he and Dizzywig go way back when he was just starting out his training as a priest and was just one of the many rookies travelling the world. They have pulled off alot of scams together and it was Dizzywig who got Arlong involved with the Cartels in the first place.
"Grixx Copperhead. . .the name mean anything to you?"
"Never heard of him . . .you want me to ask around?"
"Yes . . .sent the letter at the usual place in Orgrimmar. Your courier will receive the payment so make sure you sent somebody trustworthy."
"yes yes . . . . i know the drill" the old goblin made a face in frustration. "So your heading to Northrend again to look for this ore supplier?
"If it is not for him then it will be for something else. . . . there is so much to be done my old friend. Time is precious and i sense the final fight is dawning on us. "
"You know everytime you say something like that alot of shit starts happening" Dizzywig allowed himself a laugh. So did Arlong.

An hour later Arlong was sitting in mid-air and enjoying a drink on the hills overlooking ratchet, when Valìum approached him from the shadows.
"My blades stink of blood" -said the assassin.
"Your blades always stink of blood"- Arlong allowed himself a smile.
"Did we had to kill the punk?"
"It was neccesery . . . . i do not like the idea of him suplying the alliance with saronite."
"But we did not get who is his supplier anyway . . ." The undead sat down next to Arlong. "Do you think Dizzywig will find out this Copperhead fella?"
"Most likely not but he may find somekind of information . . .it is worth the shot. And its not like i cant afford to spent the gold."
"What about some of Willix`s friends? Wont they come after you . . .i know goblins dont like their profits cut."
"yes there will be some angry individuals . . .but my reputation will keep them at bay. If not that the Barons will do . . .i am a very profitable friend for the goblins. And they owe me alot of favors aswell . . .and they will never try to put their noses in a cross faction incident . . . its bad bussiness you see. Its just mutual benefit. Its really hard to make goblins to like you. . . but you can make them like your money. Always remind them how valuable you are alive . . .and how much money they can make from parthnership with you. That or surround yourself with a dreadfull reputation and powerfull associates so they dont even dare thinking of calling a hit on you."
"Or like you. . . both" said Valium witheout hiding his evil grin.
Arlong giggled.

End of Entry!

p.p: This was inspired from work today. Me and Kev had a long argument about mutual benefit bussiness . . .actually i had a lil bit different story outline for the post but i kinda lost the line of thought while writing cuz i got phone called 4 times -_-` Distraction FTL !
Would appreciate some feedback from Valium cuz i am yet to build his Role Play personality and i dont wanna screw him up xD
Also if u havent noticed most of the involved chars are actual NPCs in the game ive posted link to wowhead if u are curious who they are. And im linking armory links to the guildies that get involved in my journal xD ima make u stars lol!
Consider it a gratitude for reading the blog :P