Monday, May 30, 2011

Lost SkillZ


I recently got hooked on watching pro StarCraft 2 games on YouTube and after going over few dozen of them i decided it will be cool if i go back to actually playing the game. It has been a very very long time since i last played. Apperantly there is a new season going on now and some updates to the Icons for the league ladders. Not to mention bunch of patches and updates to the balance of the game. So hey when it came out i played for a short period of time but i played it alot. I wasnt super good at it but i still had my SC1 skills and i had an almost 50-50% win-lose ratio. Now im getting back to the game and im totally out of it. Ive been trying some games today and i just get completely owned. I have this huge macro economy and always have tons of money and i cant seem to be able to get rid of it and byuild up my army. Even with superior economy when the big battle comes my enemy always has more units. Its just so annoying.
I know its been along time but can i really lose my skills completely?

It just doesnt seem real. Im very frustrated and dissapointed right now X_X I wonder if i sit down in my free time and really commit....will i be able to return to my previous shape or even get better? Or perhaps i should just stick to watching pro games and eat french fries.

Magic The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers

Got it couple of days ago on Steam. It was a cheap deal for the core game and the 3 expansions. And ofc i used to play the TCG as a kid so i thought. Hey lets see what this is all about. I red some great reviews of the game on the internet and soon enough i bought it.
The game is awesome. It feels exactly like playing it on a table with cards. Great interface, great gameplay. There is this one issue i have with the times where you can cast instant spells. As it is an instant you should be able to cast it wherever you like. But the duels are designed in such a way that you in-fact have certain situations where the game wont allow you to do so. Once you learn the restriction tho you can fix your style around it and avoid any troubles. But it is still frustrating. Also the game ends your phases even if you still have stuff you can do. So again you need to be carefull how you drop your cards in order to avoid triggering the attack phase. But except these slight mistakes by the developers the game is brilliant. Oh yeah you cant actually build your own decks but you can unlock more cards for the decks you play by winning games. I guess the reason behind this is when you play online you wont get pro players dominating with insane deck combos. At least this way everybody has pretty much equal chances. Im yet to unlock all decks or upgrade them to the max but so far everything seems pretty balanced out. I personally play a cute blue/black artifact deck and im loving it. Alot of the cards in the deck are from Mirrodin which is the set with which i started playing mtG so its kinda cool. Certainly brings back memories. Im saw a knew Duels is coming next month but ill still finish all the challanges and campaign missions. Its just a great fun and a good time killer. And at least i dont get stressed the way i do playing SC2 X_X
Bottom line: If you are a MtG fan. BUY THIS GAME! (and get the expansion combo deal as it saves you alot of cash)


My town is up to day 19. We are having a spike today but we will handle it. Then tommorow we will be safe and hopefully day 21 will be mercyfull. We got amazing 3 day in a roll winds in the east. So we got some great replenishements there. And also we have a trench and a car park in the east. But we did not get too many DOs. Nevertheless surviving until day 25 still seems possible. We got this player called klakk and he has been kind of annoying on the forums. I guess the guy is just quite bored at this point. Sigh . . . but no matter how i hate him for the spams in the forum that is no reason to hang the dude.

The Hangover Part 2

Saw the movie on Sunday night. It was really hard to get a ticket for it!!! Friday and Saturdays got totally sold out. It was crazy. After the awesomeness of the 1st movie i was not surprised at all to see the huge interest for the sequel but still i was slightly annoyed for not being able to watch it on friday X_X
The sequel was EPIC! I mean this is totally going to be the best comedy of 2011 just as part 1 was the best comedy of 2009. If you want to have a good laugh this is the movie to watch. There couple of moments where people will have serious trouble breathing :D
Now if i have to be completely honest it did feel like the script writers had some trouble moving the story from chapter to chapter. I know you need a break from the comedy but the way it was done didnt feel very natural. On the contrary it looked forceful. Still the amazing acting that all the guys from the wolfpack did was the thing that made this movie good. The guys just have such an amazing chemestry on the screen. And Zach is soooo good he doesnt even need to speak in order to make you laugh.
Towards the end of the movie i got a bit nerveous. I knew Mike Tyson was coming back and i was is Mikey? And then when he finally showed his face up i was like HOLY SHIT! ROFL :D
It was an unexpected way of doing it. In a way it was cool to have Mikey in the movie but on the other hand....i just know the only reason he did it is because he is kinda broke. I know it sounds silly but yeah....Mike Tyson is broke X_X. So that extra income came pretty handy for the ex-champion.
Anyway. Go watch the movie you wont regret it. Seriously i love the wolfpack so much im going to give it a
10/10! I know its not THE PERFECT movie but hell. . . . this is a movie you can watch again and again and it just wont get old. Im soo buying this when it comes out on Blue-Ray!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Life in the Wasteland

Life in the Wasteland is hard.

I have been trying to get myself a nice big crew to play with in D2N but its hard. The social aspect of the game makes it really hard to keep people around. I am finding myself replacing team members after each town. Some because of a fall in, others simply decide to go in a different direction and some just had their real life be in the way of their gaming and couldnt be with us anymore. Either way it is hard. One of the first people i recruited a girl from the US wont be with me and my crew in the next town. Lately her annoying bitch attitude forced me to re-think her role in the team and whatever it was worth it keeping her around.
And the answer is NO. When other crews state that they would like to team up for future towns but dont like her that is becoming quite troublesome for me. And i wont pass up on good coalitions just because of her. She had 30 days to fix her attitude towards other citizens but failed to do so. So im letting her go.

My current town is doing prety good. We are a bit behind on our defensive objects quota but that is life in the dessert. Sometimes you find alot of good stuff sometimes you dont.
Its day 12 now. Im confident we can make it to at least day 20. The Big Rebuild should get completed soon which will give us a nice DEF. bonus. We are kinda low on nuts and bolts which is quite a surprise for me since we have plenty of scavengers searching the dessert each day. I myself due to my heavy training schedule cannot auto-search alot and sometimes at all but such is life. :X
After my training today me and my coach did a quick measurement check to see how much i have grown since last time.
So in 2 months and 2 days i gained 7kg. My biceps got 4cm bigger. The chest also got 4cm bigger and the thigh got 5cm. ofc waist and other small muscles got bigger too my back is wider and etc but we just did a quick check. So yeah big improvement. I was surprised to be honest. And i dont see the difference in my arms so i dont know.....maybe its due to the fact that my whole body is growing and even tho im bigger the proportions are the same as when i used to be skinny. Still great results. I think ive been training for about 6 months now with some days off due to work and stuff. So yeah im happy. As long as im improving ill keep up the hardwork and hopefully ill get even fitter.


Also id like to say that the new Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is a HORRIBLE MOVIE! Dont get me wrong Johnny Depp did a great job as Jack Sparrow but one guy doesnt make a movie. And when everything else in the movie sucks its hard to compensate. The story was poor. The dialog was bad. The locations were boring and it was obvious that they didnt invest alot of money in the project. This is just money milking from studio. Minimum investement maximum return. It is working as currently the movie is topping the box office with what im seeing on as 90 million!!! I mean girls are flocking the theatres to drool over mr. Depp! But still i think the movie was a disaster. I liked the previous instalments but this is is not offten when i give very low rating for movies. But this is 3 out of 10. It was so dissapointing i dont even know how to trash talk it....its not even worth it.
So bottom line...if you have anything else to do....anything at that and spare yourself the brain damage that you would otherwise receive from seeing the 4th pirates movie!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

10 Months. . . It IS a long time!

Okay yay. . . . . my last post here was around 10 months ago!!!

YAY. Time sure flies fast. Seriously looking at my StarCraft 2 post . . . . i mean i remember that day as it happened yesterday. Im amazed how fast time flies! Especially after new year. Since then i just cant believe it . . .

I guess thats the problem with having a very persistent lifestyle. The majority of my days have been pretty much the same and even tho interesting and crazy things do happen to me they are still somehow fitted in my daily routines.

This feels slightly weird.
It has been such a long time since i last posted here. Its facebook`s fault really. The super fast updates and quick picture upload is truly a dreadfull thing for every blogger. And its so much easier to share information with people. But i have been away from Facebook for awhile now.
I got a bit sick of it. I admit i am thinking of going back but i still feel i need a bit more time away from the site.

I was clearing up my blog for half an hour. Had to delete like 700 spam msgs. Lord for a small time blogger like me im surprised to see that much trash being constantly posted here by bots and spammers and viagra merchants. X_X
Cleared up my menu aswell.
1) I removed the cute asian girls slideshow. It was cool but the idea doesnt seem that entertaining anymore.
2) Cleared my contact list from blogs of people i no longer visit or have no interest in following.
3) Re-did my Favorites. After all in 10 months my most visited web sites did change...but not much xD And the ones i still visit but not much i transferred to the "Other Sites" category.
4) Updated the book im reading. I finished couple of books in those months and right now im not really reading anything per say. . . . but "Fall of Damnos" is one of the 3 books i have lined up and since i updated it on the site i guess ill start with it.
5) Changed my profile Avatar. Lil tribute to One Piece. Which 10 months since last time i wrote here is still my favorite manga. (my collection has grown alot too).

I saw the Walking with Dinosaurs show yesterday. It was amazing. Got some awesome Videos and couple of low quality picture. It really is too dark during these events to make a good shot X_X At least not with an average pocket camera. But i dont feel like investing into a proper one anytime soon.
I knew the Dinosaurs were animatronix but JESUS . . . . they looked SOOOO DAMN REAL! There was no surprise there at all when all the kids were freaking out and getting scared and excited. The show was an amazing experience and if it ever comes your way make it your job to get your family there and see it. Its well worth the money!

Been training hard in the gym these past months. Got from 69kg to 81 in about 5 months and altho im far from being a beefy hunk im pretty fit and in a very good shape. The only drawback here is i had to replace a good deal of my wardrobe to account for my bigger frame. Especially pants. God my lefgs grew so fast X_X I`ve been rapidly increasing the weights during my leg workouts. 2 of the top exercises i do are currently with 110 and 200 kgs!!! And i started with 20/60! Talk about improvement. The Chest and Shoulders beefed up too but my arms are kinda slow to progress. But my coach has switched my training in order to work them biceps and triceps more.

On 3rd of may i started training Brazilian Jiu Jutsu under Prof. Paulo Guimaraes in his city dojo. The experience has been mind blowing. The trainign is hard and since i take double classes everday i get to work and home devastated. It will take perhaps some months before my body gets used to the routines. Besides my astma doesnt really help my case. Still i am motivated and will try to get my blue belt as fast as possible.

Im even thinking of starting piano lessons in the weekends. But im still thinking about that. My schedule is busy as it is. And then there is the motorcycle thing. . . . im kinda divided between a new car or a motor for my birthday. Well see how i feel about it as september approaches.

As you can see from my favorites list ive been visiting a site called Die2Nite alot. Thats not a suicide website dont freak out, its in fact a zombie post apocaliptic game that i have been playing for little over 2 months now. its really awesome and very intense. Its hard and requares alot of social skills. That and the escapist magazine are the first 2 things i do when i get online. I guess ill have to add Facebook to the list when i get back. I did spent an awful lot of time on FB before i took my leave.
At the time of me quitting Facebook i did a major clearing of my skype account too. Had so many people i dont even remember. Or in-active accounts. Or people i no longer feel like i want to keep in touch with. Everything useless or old and forgotten got deleted. Which sadly really reduced my Friend List to a handfull of people. But hey quality over quantity right? :P

My comic book/manga library has grown quite large and im very proud of it.

Gaming wise i havent had much time to play hardcore. I do enjoy occasional gaming hour on my PS3 at work. But in home even tho now i own an Alienware desktop...oh yeah... (I GOT AN ALIENWARE DESKTOP!) So as i was saying even tho i have an awesome gaming rig now (costed me 3,000AU$) i dont have much time to play. It was casual WoW for a long time and then Shogun 2 came out and i got the uber collector edition which requared me to get Steam. . . . .thinking about it i should have gotten steam a long time ago. But i realised due to my World Of Warcraft dedication i have had missed out on a few dozen amazing games. But now its kinda late with work and the gym and my BJJ training its really hard to catch up with games. Still i got some nice shiny games on my Steam account. Also i fancy the idea of being able to download them wherever i am to whatever PC i want. So even if i go back to Europe i can get my gaming on relatively quickly. And will save me the trouble of mailing boxes of games and paying who knows how much $$$ to the PO!

I have a big crush on the UFC now. I am truly a fan now. Heh UFC....its amazing what kind of interests i harbor in me. So yeah big UFC fan. Went to their event in Sydney in February, Diamond ringside ticket :D It was ana amazing experience. I was sitting next to Ryan Bader who turned out to be such a great and friendly guy. And watching the fights so close.....amazing i could feel every punch. every takedown. the athmosphere was unbelievable. I hope one day i can visit the UFC in USA and see some of the major title fights between legendary fighters like GSP, Anderson Silva and Dominic Cruz. The UFC was one of the reasons i chose to train BJJ too.

Erhm im getting kinda hungry right now so ill go ahead and stop annoying whoever is reading this with my personal crap :D Still thx for reading ^_^

Maybe ill see you soon. . . . or maybe it will be after another 10 months. I really cant say.
Dont Die2Nite and
May The Force Be With You!