Sunday, April 25, 2010

Star Wars Omnibus: Boba Fett

Jango Fett`s son Boba is actually a un-altered clone of Jango!
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Well well.....i got this like a month ago or so but i couldnt bring myself to write in the blog.....been so lazy :D and the free time i had i used to play world of warcraft and lately Mass Effect 1.... ^^
So i was checking out the comic section of my favorite bookstore and on the new arrivals i saw this tidy and awesome looking omnibus. Now back in BG i had already seen plenty of Dark Horse`s SW series and i totally loved them....and i also love Boba Fett so i thought....hey....maybe ill drop the manga for a bit and check this baby out. Hey wait....didnt i get this together with Suicide Kings o.O haha cant rly remember....and im too lazy to read me previous post to see if i wrote about it haha :D but i think i got them together. Anyway...
First thing i want to say is that this comic is a pure 200+ pages AWESOMENESS!
I loved it....thanks to this amazing puppy i got myself 2 other omnibuses from DH.
Boba Fett has always been a special character in the SW universe. I dont really understand why.....i think he is amazing and bad-ass and whatnot but come to think of it...
he had such a small role in the original trilogy....what made Boba Fett so popular? I think the idea of a bad ass cool looking bounty hunter was what got the attention of everybody. I mean looking back at the days when SW first came out it was Darth Vader, Stormtroopers and Boba....everything else was just a bunch of weird ppl walkin around. But those 3 designs....that was bad ass futuristic gear that delivers alot of PAIN!
In the prequels Jango was introduced and gave us some background on boba....which turned out kinda weird...Boba was a clone raised normally by Jango......well i guess a man cant leave behind a better legacy than a copy of his own hehe....
So in this fat-pack of Boba stories we get to see more of him. The character is explored more deeply and we see how major SW events reflected on his work. But in the end of the omnibus mr Fett is still the same mystery that he was before i started reading....and i think thats what makes him even more cool :D
The collected stories were great.
I have a small issue with the ending of the first one....i mean putting him on the same level as Vader...okay i understand if you wanna give him some cred but cmon that finale....just...i dont know i felt like the writers wanted to push Boba a level further since it was his own series and they didnt wanna dis-honor him or something. I get it its hard to do justice to 2 awesome and very loved characters but still Vader is Vader....
The bounty hunter race was awesome i totally loved it...altho it was a mix between Han Solo and Boba...but i guess Solo`s presence payed off...
Overkill i rly enjoyed. A true bounty hunter story.
The hutt arc was kinda annoying....mostly because the art sucked balls....i guess it was an old comic series. . . .the storyline was too long and the art just drew my stamina...but i still enjoyed it but it was the weakest of all the collections inside the book.

Overall i think this is a must read for every SW and Boba Fett fan. I was so hyped after reading it that as i said in the beginning i got myself more omnibuses.