Saturday, February 13, 2010


According to Shonen Jump's character popularity polls, Ichigo was consistently the most popular character in Bleach in the first three polls, but ranked 3rd in the fourth, most recent poll.
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Well i was planning to give my opinion on Bleach after finishing Volume 7. But my plan kinda turned up-side down.
But i think it was a good thing since now im at volume 18! And im much more involved with the story and the characters.
So hum.....well it is a good manga....i can see why its one of the Kings that dominate Japan and the rest of the world.
Lets talk main character.....well Ichigo is pretty much your typical j-manga hero. At least looks better than Naruto lmao....cocky and puffed with energy n whatnot.
Speakin of energy the measurement of power in the Bleach universe is "spiritual pressure". Which ichigo posesses in enormous amounts! But apperantly is too stupid to unlock his full i dont mind that kind of background set up to get the story moving but honestly since its a kind of magical thing.....couldnt he....oh i dont know...level up slowly instead of being super awesome from the get go. All the way to volume 18 and i rly dont feel like Ichigo is progressing....i mean yes....he did those short training sessions and got alot stronger but that felt like cheating...or grinding in an online game... -_-
The start of the manga was a bit slow....unlocking info about the soul Society and the sub-chars. Ichigo slowly trying to figure out wtf is the deal with beign a Soul Reaper....
Then suddenly Rukia gets arrested and everything started movign in fast forward!!!
cmon in 10 days becoming a Soul Reaper.....n now in 3 days to master bankai....which SR Captains train for 10 bloody years! 10 YEARS!

It just feels like im skipping part of the growing process. But at least going to the S.S world proved exiting. Plenty of fights.....a lil bit overwhelmed by all the new chars that were introduced...and each volume gives some background info....which is an interesting way ot telling the main story but kinda ticks me off when im just drooling to see more action!
I guess the main over-powered issue for me is that Ichigo went from Rookie to defeating Captains....and that doesnt seem right.

So to sum it up . . . the only issue i have so far with this manga is the weird pace with which it tells its story and develops its characters. There is a sense of grand scheme going on for the past couple of Vols,....but the lame thing is i kinda spoiled my reading from a Shonen Jump chapter where i saw that Aizen was a bad guy. . . .so i wont be that surprised when he returns to show how bad-ass he is. Hope they are done quickly with him so i can enjoy the new villain :D

The Art is great tho. Nice details and the characters look awesome. Chad is kinda weird....and not in a cool way...not like...say...Bob from Tenjou Tenge. Orihime is pissing me off with her girly ways....reminds me of Sakura -_-
But Kisuke and the Black Cat are awesome.
Zaraki and Ichimaru of the captains crack me up....everytime i see Gin`s permanent evil grin face it just makes me picture dead bodies.....(mkay that come out wrong).
The fights are great. The author was holding abit in the begining but as the captains started poping all over the place it got rly cool.
The Bankai was a neat touch cuz.....well prue swordsmanship can only go so far...but using some soul magic tricks that is just cool.
Toshiro`s frost dragon was awesome!

So to sum it up.....Bleach lived up to the hype and im glad i finally started it....and best thing about starting a manga like this late get tons of Volumes to read.
Also the books look epic on the bookshelves! I think i should take some pics of my manga collection when it gets abit bigger. Viz Media started releasing One Piece like 5 vols a month....even faster than the Naruto Push-Up. So im damn sure i want OP fully on my bookcase :D
Which reminds me....Ace died in the last chapter.....i knew Whitebeard wont survive the massacre...but all this fighting and sacrifices and Ace is kinda sad :S And not to mention how awesome Fire Fist was :S
So what now.....Luffy is surely gona go nuts....even Garp wants to kill Akainu now!
cant wait cant wait....

Well thats from me....if you are wondering about a new manga to start...and granted you are not already reading bleach...take it. It WONT dissapoint :>

Monday, February 01, 2010

The Wheel Of Time: The Eye Of The World

Robert Jordan died before he could finish the last part of The Wheel Of Time!
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Well my plan to have a Unit in the City where i can switch quickly between Gym and Work Failed. Not that it failed but it was the unlucky event of having a moron for a tenant and probably a thief. Anyway im done with this shit i think im not gona try for a new place anytime soon. Trying to cheat time is not a good thing. Now ill just learn to travel a bit more :S

Now...ive started the Wheel Of Time series and i got to say the 1st book looks pretty promising. Im already halfway tru it tho ive been slacking the past couple of days, hence why i havent finished it yet. But im rly enjoying it. Its a nice change of pace cuz i was pretty much reading only Pratchett since i arrived here. Tho i have set my eyes on some Warhammer books from the Good Games shop where i went to try n play Magic The Gathering. Oh ye that plan went to the scrap too. Not enough time to commit and i dont think the game has its old hold on me. And the nerds in the place totally kicked my butt n i felt so noobish for not knowing whats up with the game. I guess id be better if i had some mates to play togheter that would be more fun.
So reading EyE of the world has been wonderfull with 1 exception!!!
I cant stop picturing Chavdar in my mind everytime i see Rand`s name pop up in the book. And since he is kinda the main charatecter of the book....well you can see that this can creative some issues! Ive known Rand...erm Chavdar since i was a kid and that was also a time when i was rly into Fantasy so its hard not to get the memories mixed with my reading. Just being on the DragonClub Forum for so long n seeing his nickname as Rand Al`Thor has carved his image in my brain and its hard to ignore it. The girl chars in the book are rly annoying....Egwene and the Wisdom are pissing the shit of me n i rly wish i could smack em :(
I hope they die by the end of the book!!!!

Gaming wise . . . . still in a loss. I need new stuff. Im definetely going for some PSP time the next couple of days. Also ive sunk so low that im actually playing a game on Facebook -_-
NOT Mafia Wars !!!! Im not that commercial :D But its a fantasy called Castle Age. Its actually pretty good n i enjoy it. N since i started playing ive ben kicking some major butt....which is probably the reason im still there :D Winning makes me wanna play MOAR!
Even wasted 12AU$ on it . . .but hey thats the same as the money i spent on bus/train tickets a day so it wasnt that much of a loss .....i that was a lame excuse :S

On other news this morning i sent Emilia the gift money for her dream bike :> i tried to wake her up but damn it that girl is either sleeping like a dead person or just keeps her phone very very far away from her! Pity cuz id love to hear her reaction when i bring the news...but me being me i couldnt hold my mouth shut...or in this case my i texted her couple of times ^^ She should awaken in couple of hours so i guess then she will bombard me with msgs :D Best thing is,...she cant give the money back which will drive her crazy ahhahahah :D

p.p: Next time ill tell you what i think about Bleach :P (Down with 7 Vols already)

p.p2: Naruto got exciting again. Sasuke went pure evil....was about time if u ask me -_-
And on even more EPIC level...Luffy SAVED Ace! Stop the brothers with the perfect teamwork you lame Marine HQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOH i cant wait for the new chapter.
And and and and aaaaand. Viz Media are planning to start releasing OP the same way with Naruto (3 VOls per Month untill they catch up). HOW FREAKIN COOL IS THAT?

Well thats from me take care ya all!
May The Light Shine Upon You! (Casts Prayer of Fortitude)

Inglorious BastErds!

Leonardo DiCaprio was the first choice for Col. Hans Landa, but Quentin Tarantino then decided that a German speaking actor should play the part.
Movie Trivia

Well the name of Quentin Tarantino always makes me exited. The guy makes such wonderfull movies . . . even tho hard to understand at times. Teaming up with Brad Pitt for a movie was always a WIN. I watched the movie last year but i was so lazy with my posting so thats why im writing the review today.
Well i dont know about a review but ill have some words.
First n obviously...THE MOVIE IS AWESOME! Havent seen it yet? You better run to ur Video Store n Buy/Rent this shit cuzz its gona blow ur mind!
I cant recall a movie in which 16 minutes of calm dialog can make me stare into the screen. And that was just the beginign of the damn movie. To be honest all the dialogs in the movie were brilliant! The story is well entangled togheter but the individual chapters n the way their stories are told...thats what makes the movie tick. There is a great amout of Char development and its pure joy for the soul to watch this movie`s plot unfold.
Hans Landa who was played by Christoph Waltz was my personal favorite. Brad Pitt did an amazing job with his performance but mr Waltz just shattered my world. He was amazing . . . . made his character so alive and so real. Sweet and wicked and evil and crazy....Landa is an example of what probably all writers would want their chars to become.
And the mix of English-German-French gave an authentic feeling to the movie. Oh ye didnt Waltz spoke in 4 languages in the movie.....sick!
The finale of the movie was...a shock...i certainly did not see that coming. I wont say what happens cuz for a fact i know that there still ppl who havent seen the movie. But i hope you guys will fix that mistake soon.
There isnt anything to complain about this masterpiece of cinematography!

It will surely become one of the best movie of all time and ppl will watch it again and again and again...i know i will!