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Get To The Choppa!


On average, 12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents daily.
Hospital Trivia

Okay this is disturbing . . . 12 kids daily end up with wrong parents? CMON WTF :O Imagine one day a guy comes to your house and says. . . hey guys look we know you love ur kid but its actually NOT yours . . . we made a mistake and we wanna give you this one which is rly yours . . .btw he is a retard -_-` This is nuts o.O hire extra ppl to keep track of the records and the babies . . .put a military tattoo or something . . . .i swear ill brand somehow my child just to be sure i get the right one out of the hospital :O

Also i went for my weekend shopping spree to stack my fridge with some food and i thought oh hell ill have launch at pizza hut and then i saw that there is this promo thing going on right now "Hunger Relief" so i bought myself a yallow wristband which says "From Hunger To Hope" it thing its a rly good idea. . . the wristband could be mistaken for a party one or an endorsement but the important thing is that the money go to charity. Click the link if you wanna see more info and if you have time and 2 bucks spare cash go to your local KFC (yes Chromoly ur favorites are suporting the cause aswell) or Pizza Hut and buy a wristband or a pen. You might enjoy a nice meal today . . . but there hundreds of thousands of kids who wont! So help them out or i will smack you with holy fire in azeroth . . . or a chair if i see you down the street xD

And then there is Clive`s new nickname.
Yesterday i went to work on couple of galons of coffee cuz i didnt sleep. Kiki kept me busy but thats not a story for the blog xD besides i already shared it with my Mahi so . . .ye...
So im like rly hyper at work cuz of all the coffee and during launch Mark says he knows some rly cool thai joint where we can go n grab some imba food. So me and Clive get in Mark`s car and head for the place. So we are cruising on the road and suddenly Clive bursts like a god damn girl "AAAAAAAAAAAA" "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK" me and Mark go like : WTF mate? S`going on?
And Clive says: "There is a spider on the window" So i turn around and look and i see this spider stuck at the window but . . .its OUTSIDE! Im like jeez dude dont be such a woman its not even inside the car! And Clive says "r u kidding me its trying to get inside!"
No srsly now. . .how the fuck will the spider get in? Break the window or something o.O
But he keeps whining like a bitch so we opened the window n i reached to get it and . . . well only naturally i decide to prank Clive and go screaming "AAAAAAAARGH THE FUCKER BIT ME"
I swear Clive was shitting his pants in the backseat with face white as my god damn bed sheats :D it was priceless :D eventually we had to stop the car to get the spider out and after that the whole day i was making fun of Clive n telling everybody what a big phat girl he is :D Also from now on i call him Spider-Man xD
And on monday ill do the Homer Simpson song "Spider Clive, Spider Clive, Does whatever Spider Clive does.! LMAO its gona be awesome ima bust his balls for this accident for months :D

Arlong`s Journal Entry Number: 8

Valium was walking the magnificent streets of Silvermoon. As an assassin he didnt rly like the magical aura of the place not to mention that it was so god damn bright. Its not easy to hide in the shadows when there are none. Arlong`s phoenix had found him earlier today and delivered a small partchment on which the Forsaken red that he was to meet with his employer asap at his residency in the Royal District. Valium had just arrived in the city after a mission in Dun Murogh and he was looking forward in spending some time with his own stuff (which usually ment going to Eye of The Storm to kill some Alliance scum).
"Why does he want to debrief me so fast"-murmured the undead. "Its not like they had anything important in their possesions . . . he said just kill the dwarfs and come back"- still with his inner thoughts the assassin arrived at Arlong`s house. The two Arcane Sentries made Valium smile. His patron even in the hearth of Silvermoon city where he is considered one of the greatest champions, still put up defenses to protect his privacy (and any treasures he had in store). The guardians didnt move as the rogue went past them. The place was too fancy . . . the high priest didnt spare any gold to make it as posh as possible. He had used some very rare findings to decorate his house aswell. There were alot of powerfull artefacts that would make alot of heroes lick their lips and wet their eyes in dreams of owning some of the stuff that were placed around the house. valium wondered how many times other champions have asked the priest to sell some of his prized items.
"Ah Conqueror Valium"- Arlongs voice came from the 2nd floor of the house. "You are just in time" the priest jumped and slowly levitated down to greet the assassin. He always flies around thought the rogue. Must be some royal thing . . . .dont wanna get dirty by walkin the roads of the common folk or something.
"How did your assignment go?" -asked the priest but he didnt seem intrigued at all.
"Flawless. . . .i dont understand why you sent me. . .they didnt prove to be worthy of my weapons . . .i just poisoned them."-the undead spat on the floor.
"now now . . . . there is no such thing as a unworthy job, but i agree i did not really need to send you . . . but i needed you away from here so i can prepare something.
Valium raised an eyebrow but Arlong just waved for him to follow. They went outside to the garden where surrounded by bunch of goblins stood a Mechano-Hog . The undead stopped in the middle of his tracks.
"LOL you didnt! . . "
"Dont be daft . . . . of course i didnt" Arlong laughed at the outragoues thoughts that went tru his assassin`s mind. "Its for me"
Valium grinned:
"I hear those puppies cost a small fortune. But i really dont get it . . .why buying one now? Its not like you rly need it."
"Actually. . .this is a gift from Cermacrome of The horde. Grand Priestess of the Silverlance order. Apperantly my recent return and deeds have sparkled some disccusions amongst the higher ups. It was not unknown that i desired one of these for a long time. So as a rewrd for my dedicated services i received this . . .but ofc i hired these fine gentleman" Arlong pointed to the goblins. "to perform some upgrades and modifications that would better suit my needs. But there is actually something for you in here."
The priest walked towards the small backpack that was hanging from the hog and took something from inside of it.
"Here thats for you . . . i think a martial artists like you would appreciate this fella"-said Arlong and threw a small gem with a bear picture on it.
"is that. . . .but they have been released just 2 days ago . . . when did you . . .word on the street is they cost quiet alot. . ." valium kept staring at his pandarian monk magical gem. That was really a very generous gift. "I dont know what to say . . . .its really a wonderfull companion for someone in my line of work . . . .i will . . . . find a way to return the favor m`lord." Valium gave a clumsy bow to the priest.
"Now now . . .its a token of friendship. Besides im in a good mood so lets not be so official about this shall we? I reckon this baby needs to be taken out for a ride so if you will excuse me . . ." that said the priest sent away the goblins hopped on his hog and left the building with a very weird and happy smile on his face.
* * * * * * * *
I am currently undergoing undercity champion training.
yesterday a very hardcore dungeon farming from which i got myself new gloves and a new belt. Coughed up 200g for the belt gem :O
Apperantly the Get to the Choppa! achievement is a refference to one of my favorite movies "Predator"! it was a cool thing to know. . . . i think now i love my hog even more xD
Also did:
Good Grief
Hadronox Denied
I think ill talk with Guild Master Ace to hook me up with a party for the Glory of the Hero achievement. I could fancy the red proto drake :>

Also Mount of the week: Red Drake
I think from all the drakes the red one looks the most natural. i mean i know they are all the same design but the other colors look kinda kinky -_-`The red is like the traditional dragon color so i like it best. And just thought ill make a change of pace. been using my netherdrake for far too long xD
Favorite Pet: Lil KT. I think i wont use another pet for a long time xD Maybe the panda when i get it. But KT`s animations just make him the best so far. Im sad i missed out on Grunty :( having a Star Craft pet wouldve been awesome. Sry im not RPing this part of the journal but im lazy now xD and in a hurry to get back to wow n do some PWN! :P

Would love some comments from my guildies when u read my posts. Slackerzz xD
Duh preview-ing the post makes me think that writing personal and wow stuff at once is pretty expansive :D tcsk.....maybe ill cut em in two.

Yours Arlong The Argent Champion

end of entry

Also Whitebeards health is pear shaped. and he got struck in the chest with a sword. Now he is enraged and is goign full out. FINALLY :D The Strongest man in the world attacks. What will happen? :O well . . . we got to wait 2 weeks cuz Oda is taking another break. At least he allows himself time to come up with the chapters not like naruto where everything seems a bit puked in some kind of weird rush :O But Kisame still pwns :D n WTF is wrong with samehada. . . . . looks like some of those worms in Dragonblight rly :O

Well thats all folks xD

p.p:LUV TO MY MAHI {}{}{}{} we shall be the PROs :D hahaha

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