Friday, January 15, 2010

What to do...what to do?

The highest amount paid for a virtual item is 330,000$ that Erik "Buzz" Lightyear paid to obtain a Space Station in the MMO Entropia.
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Meh ive been pretty confused lately. For the past weeks ive been trying really hard to figure out what online game to play -_-`
Warcraft is abit dull....the lack of raiding is killing my fun and i just dont wanna grind anymore. A new char would be fun to play for sure...but i dont wanna invest time in a new hero untill cataclysm comes out. Then ill make a goblin. So i find myself looking for something new.....Tried to go Back go GoonZU but im not that much into it. Especially since ive lost all my shares due to my in-activity.
Tried Project Entropia....but the game requires loads of IRL $ to keep playing. I mean i was god damn dropped as a colonist on a hostile world with a ugly looking jumper n a machine to collect....erm...sweat....from monsters. Everything must be bought with $ . . . . it is fun in a way...i like the hard social network in it. To progress n become good n skillfull player you need to keep in touch with others. But that invest invest invest...untill you have no more money is just too much for me. Unless i find a 100% way to make some kind of minor profit. Then i would play the game....maybe i should rob a bank n buy a space station :Pp

i think i should return to the old school gaming. Single player PC games...there so many great titles i have missed in the years since i started playing wow.
And my PSP still has a bunch of games that needs to rock.
I guess my slow change of lifestyle just puts the gaming at a lower priority but it was such a major part of my life before and now its hard for my brain to cope with the fact that im playing less.
Or maybe u just want something new...but then again Star Wars THe Old Republic by BioWare is not coming untill 2011 so there is no hope atm. And im for sure not playing Lord of the Rings or Warhammer....

Yesterday i dragged my ass to Kinokunya and i saw that the manga and graphic novels had a 20% discount :P So with CHI CHING sound in my ears i quikcly started looking around for stuff to buy. I wanted to get the first 8 VOLs of Darkhorse`s KOTOR comics but they had only 6,7,8 in store :(
In the end i settled down for the first 7 vols of Bleach :P I think it was about time to start this manga. And even tho i had tested the first chapters online it was still great fun reading the first vol on paper :) nothing beats paper!!! I wish they had all Berserk VOLs id buy em all for sure.
Also i got myself Book 1 of the Wheel of Time saga. About time i tried this too. But my effort to find a large sized versions failed. So im with a pocket book -_-` On the positive side the 12 current released books wont take alot of space on my shelves....but still...TOO SMALL!

So yeah thats it for now. I had some stuff i wanted to write about but im kinda sleepy so i thought ill just pop up n post something quickly xD

Sunday, January 03, 2010

2010! A new year a new life!

More than 38,000 blood donations are needed every day.
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Here it is....2010....the year has passed. What did we learn? Did we learn anything? Well i dont know about you....but for me....2009 was one heck of a year.
09 Was the year of change for me. Leaving the old country in my own pursuit of happyness. passing tru Europe and finally ending here in Australia. Im a adaptive individual so i have changed alot after leaving BG. For the good mostly. Seems i stopped all my bad habbits . . . . i have a more clear vision for the future and a better understanding of life and what i want of it. I think im starting to grow up -_-` But it was a good year. . . . not the best. . . . id say my party years as a kid were better. . . .hehe but 09 was the most important one in my life so far. Defined my path. A good year indeed. There are some regrets....but hey we cant make all the right decisions all the time.
A good year indeed.......lets hope 2010 brings more pleasant memories and i hope destiny will still support me in my adventures.

Riiiiight now after the EMO monologue :D
Time to get down to bussiness.
New Year Eve in Sydney. The most amazing shit evah! :O also the craziest and wierdest celebration ive had so far during the NYE.
Now . . . . i made some google research about whats up in Sydney during the 31st but . . . . i was simply not prepared for this hyper shit. There were more than 1,500,000 million people in the god damn centre and everybody camping the shores of the harbour so they can view the amazing fireworks. Some people have opened tents the day before just to save their good spot. I wish i knew about that. . . . .
So we are going with my cousin n some other VN ppl and everythign is great. the mood is great. Im happy n excited for the upcomign night untill.....i reach the harbor :O
MAAAAN the crowds were insane. Didnt took long before we got lost. And with my cousin`s imba english we had no way of finding each other. I was pumped with red bulls n spent 4 hours alone between hundreds of thousands of people waiting for the final fireworks. Made some great videos which im still having issues uploading on facebook. Maybe when i change my unit ill have a better shot at this.
The spirit of the whole thing was great.
Everybody partying and dancing. People were happy and very friendly. it felt rly great. There were actually alot people who got separated from their mates so i was relieved to find out it wasnt just me. I mean cmon...1,5mil crowd...thats alot. I mean seriously u cant imagine how many peopel this is.
The fireworks at 9PM were ok....set the bar but what happened at midnight was nothing short of MAGIC. I mean i made 13 min video to record it all but. . . . honestly my camera doesnt even come close to what i saw live under the bridge :O
There were some really expensive and imba fireworks and it was just something that everybody should see at least once in his lifetime. Pure joy for the eyes. Later for whoever gets the chance to view my videos you can see the sea of cameras that was infront of me . . . . it was amazing.. ...i kinda think some people saw the whole thing from the screens of their cameras instead with their eyes :D My hands persoanlly grew tired of the hole damn holding :D

After that there was a very long walk towards . . .. well i dont know i just followed the crowds. So many was like a . . .. i cant explain it. Everywhere you look and there are streets full with thousands of people. walking in the same direction....if this was a revolutionary army it wouldve made alot of people scared shitless :D
Then i was having pissy conversations with my cousin about how to fuckin meet each other. i ended up in a bar sms-ing the name n location hoping it should be pretty easy to find. It was New year so my no drinking rule didnt stay up for that night. Ah the good ol whiskey and tequila. I had missed those bastards :D
i got slighly drunk n then when i was ordering some extra tequila shots for myself i spotted some hot asian girl ordering next to me n offerred to pay for her drink....kind a big mistake since she had 5 GFs with her :D (rofl)
Oh well it was New year n i was drunk i guess i shouldnt be too upset about it xD
Then i joined them dancing flirting i had a rly good time. Then my cousin rang me to go somewhere else so i left the girls. . . . well i had a "date" with my cousin so it w asnt like i would be alone...or so i thought. 20 mins later we still couldnt find each other and then during another "u go there" call my cousin`s phone died all went pear shaped i got pissed like a mofo n went home with the first bus i found.
it was an interesting New year. . . . .i was happy it was pretty cool. But i was pretty dissapointed that i didnt get to party all night like i usualy do. At least the Thailand girls made up for the cousin fuck up. He is still apologising to me....DAMN RIGHT...ill brag about his fail untill enxt NYE :D
Tho next year hopefully ill have a gf and ill just book us for a yacht and well watch the fireworks from the sea. Aint no way im goign around between tons of drunk/drug people and waiting for 4 hours witheout being able to even go take a piss.
There was an indian group of boys infront of me n 1 of em went to buy drinks at some point. i Offered him 20$ to go buy me something n the rest that was left was for him. Dude never came back n later called to tell his mates he couldnt pass tru the crowd anymore :D :D :D
I wasnt angry for the money i was pretty happy i didnt go myself cuz i knew what would happen....and i was right :D

WoW is kinda boring lately. . . . all i do is Random Heroics when i log in. I can farm my champion seals at the tournament but . . . . im not up for it. Farmed 4 Furious pieces.
but i jsut have no motivation to play lately. Im slackign in fallout too....especially after some weird crash that set me back with 2 hours of gaming.....n i oh so much hate to repeat stuff.
Maybe i should chill with some PSP stuff...i got plenty of games waiting for me on my shelves. Thinking of buying tekken 6 n the new NFS too.
Tried Entropia Universe after seeing that a player in the game set the world record for biggest virtual item purches! Which was 330,000$ for a space station :O The economy ideas behind the game are cool but after playing for few horus n talkin with experianced players it turned out that unless u play for a long long time n invest alot of money ull never reach the possibility to actually make a profit in this game. Some people claim big time money but its only few people i guess.....and with an average of 60-80$ per month its alot more expensive than playing wow.....for this money u can play couple of damn subscrition games n have plenty of fun. Alot of people state that Entropia is addictive....well. . . . ill give it couple of more hours of playing. Maybe ill farm that damn sweat and try to get my 10$ that i invested back. I could probably become hardcore n make money on it with my hours of gaming. But the style n gameplay just cant grab me.
Just downloaded my favorite GoonZU tho. At least it has the imba economy n politics witheout needed this constant investmenet to actually play. Tho there still plenty of special items available from real money shops. But ive achieved so much...i wonder if SuperDadio will pay up the 3,000,000,000 marbles which he owes me....if the inflation dropped that could be even super alot of money :D but he ws trying to sneak with the debt before so i doubt he will want to apy up after so long.
Well see tho :D Also ive probably lost all my shares after some updates months ago :S was my pride.....i wanted to be a politician so much :((((((

Oh man im so thirsty. . . . donated blood to the Australian Red Cross today. I feel so weak right now.....actually after the whole transfusion when i tried to stand up all world went blue n i was so dizzy i almost fainted :D so i stayed a bit longer n drank a juice to regain some strenght. But i feel good mentally. . . . the doctor with which i filled my paperwork said im saving 3 people`s lives today. . . . . . i mean 3 people. Its great to know ive doen something this good :> Now i have my from hunger to hope wristband and a bandage on my hand xD and it puts a smile on my face. Im fighting the GOOD FIGHT! As Three Dog would say :)
It may not be much in improving the world...but hey...every little bit helps....and now i need water! GIEF WATER! :D

the Nurses said i should relax for today n drink plenty of water n juice. So i bought 2 DVDs:
Inglourious Basterds with Brad Pitt :p I know i watching it too late...but cmon cut me soem slack i got work n gym trainings...n playing online games. Not to mention if i dotn buy it or see it on the cinema i cant see it. Since downloading stuff over the net is a pretty had thing for me. Not to mention i got banned from Zamunda. Or my IP from Au is not supported or whatEVER!
Also got myself ALI with Will Smith. One of the few movies i havent seen with him :)
I think it will be a great movie and now that im officially training Boxing it will be even more interestign for me to see it :P

Tho this week im cancelling my gym appointments . . . later in the week i got lots of stuff to do at the office and also 3 days no exercise from the blood transfusion. Oh well its not a bad thing since i still havent found a unit in the CBD. but when i do...its hardcore training baby! New Moon body and whatnot :D

p.p: No Weekly Shonen Jump for 1 more week....damn damn damn xD