Friday, July 30, 2010

StarCraft 2: The Campaign

DID YOU KNOW? Turns out you cant get achievements if you are not logged in!

Hey guys 4 days later and and awful lot of playing of Star Craft 2: Wings of Liberty i can finally write my review. Not that there was any doubt that this game will be AWESOME! But still from the first hour of playign i already wanted to talk about it.

So....i got back home on 27 july i open sadly my normal edition of the game and i start installing right away. While installing im enjoying the wonderfull re-cap of the original game and whats been going on that led to the story in SC2. the game is done installing i download the patches and quickly get started.
Now first what i wanna point out is that the game and the systems are integrated together! There is a offline mode which if you fail t o log in to the internet will be available but i havent tried it. The menu is absolutely gorgeous shit the whole design of the game and are amazing and just hype you upp straight away.
I ignored the online battles and jumped straight into the action.
Lucky for me i had alot of exp with the old SC and some other RTS games so i managed to pull everything pretty quick. Even tho there new units and stuff the game feels surprisingly the same. Mayeb i just spent too much time on it as a kid i dont know. But the same doesnt mean bad. The game rockz! on many levels.
The evolution of technology has allowed blizzard to do amazing things with the maps. And during the capaign there is a great sense of story progress and detail. Buildings and lying cars around. Ppl cowering in fear. Space stations...volcanic planets, jungles you get it all...and its EPIC!
Between missions you get to interact with some of the cast and get yourself involved with the story more deeply. I really feel sad for anybody who skipped talking and clicking around cuz you are just missing out on the whole thing...
You can upgrade your units and buildings and get some passive buffs for your army through research of Zerg and Protoss technology. Now those stuff are exclusive to the campaign but they are pretty cool and add a good sense of progress and even a small RPG element.
Altho for me the best choices were kinda obvious i suppose there are good sides of the upgrades i didnt pick.
On Hyperion your command center battlecruiser you also get an "archive" which gives you the ability to view all your mission progress and the option to replay or even try higher difficulty to get some achievements done. sadly i got disconnected couple of times during playing and didnt get achievements for alot of missions. Took me awhile to figure out that i need to be in to get them. Which doesnt make sense to come the game cant save the stuff you pulled off and then load them to There is only 1 online mode you probably cant use cheats ( i havent heard of any cheats beeing discovered yet) while in offline you probably can...if its not that then i hope blizz had a good reason to cripple ppl witheout internet connection (tho i suspect there wont be that many).
The cinematics....well.....nobody ever needs to say anyhing about the quality blizzard always delivers with its cinematics. Superb as always!
The pretty much a follout of what happened in SC 1 and the brood wars. we get some moving forward but not much. The great enemy......a hybrid race that created the zerg and protoss and wants to kill everybody in the think about it if they created the swarm and the protoss that doesnt make them Hybrid...cuz they came BEFORE the 2 the term is a bit wrong. at least from Xel`Naga point of view. I always imagined the Xel`Naga would be something i was dissapointed when i learned what they truly were.
Overall the sotry quality is mediocre....but the way you get involved in it makes the game shine. Amazing gameplay and EPIC just sucks you right into the action and leaves you breathless.
Since this is gona be a trilogy it wasnt a surprise the missions were concentrated on the Terran. the Protoss had a handful of missions...3...or was it 4? well just a couple. And you dont get to play the Zerg at all....which is an interesting choice....i personally dont mind it ...but for newcomers its gona be harder to get into the zerg in multyplayer witheout ever playing them in the campaign. Oh well....practice makes better i guess :D
In the end StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty lived up to the expectations and turned out to be a diamond. i suspect with its release the market will open up once again to RTS games.....after all blizzard just showed everyone how a RTS game should be made. Cuz trust other RTS game can even be compared to SC2. Its THAT AWESOME!

After i finished the campaign i dived straight into the online battlefront and its super fun!
ive been neglecting my WoW priest alot ^_^ but hey...can you blame me?

Monday, July 26, 2010

StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty!

Its 27 July, 2010! AND...HELL ITS ABOUT TIME!

StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty the first part of the new trilogy by blizzard that will expand the story of the original game is here! And HELL....ITS ABOUT TIME!
I got just the normal edition but i am hoping ill get my hands on the collectors edition from EU. there are bound to be some copies lying around in my country`s game shops that ppl couldnt afford to buy ^_^ Thats how i got the Wrath of the lich king collectors edition ^_^

Im installing the game right now and i just cant wait to start. I also got this brand new limited edition mousepad of Kerrigan vs Zeratul! Its SUPER AWESOME! Ill go buy the Raynor one later cuz there is no way ill go out of my house today :D

With the standard edition you also get a stack of small wanted posters of Jim raynor.....its like Blizz is asking us all to do some propaganda and spread the word :D Ill drop some around mailboxes just for fun :D I mean....there like 50+ of em...maybe 100 but ill leave some for me aswell ^^
Watching my new mousepad makes me feel rly sad...i should have been more serious about getting the collectors edition...i mean i certainly had the money...but i was like meh...i have time :(
The music during the installation is also awesome...and there is a Soundtrack CD with the collectors pack :( gosh i rly screwed myself up -_-`

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Moar and moar manga :D

Keeewl :D
Thx to the super duper awesome folks at Viz Media i finally did it! I got all the current volumes of One Piece :P 54!!!!! i even have 54 in japanese from last year :D
It really feels great. Now im going to stop reading the chapetrs each week and ill just wait for the volumes to come out in english. It looks so awesome on the book shelve :P

And now im going to concentrate on collecting other stuff. I got everything from Bleach too. I suppose i should get the last 9 vols of D. Gray-Man now. And maybe get shaman King. but even tho i love those mangas...ive seen the anime episodes or red the chapters it feels a bit like a waste of money to get so much manga. especially if i know everything that will happen :( thats why im not rushing with buying the 49 volumes of naruto. Besides im kinda angry witn naruto cuz the quality dropped alot :(
I got some more Deadpool comics. Deadpool is shaping up to become my favorite marvel character :D he is just hillarious :D Also i reviewed the Boba Fett omnibus but i actually have 2 more Star Wars omnibuses from Dark Horse and they are all awesome :) just a sucker for star wars ^_^ i mean i grew up with that shit.

I started this sci-fi manga called GANTZ! I remember looong ago a friend of mine mentioned it to me but i never rly researched it. but now since i got access to alot of manga i thought maybe ill give it a shot. Just finished vaolume 2. Its rly interesting and the art altho a bit crude is still very nice. And 400+ pages and im still not sure whats going on....maybe thats part of the authors plan...keep it slow paced in the beggining and then exlpode with insane shit :D Well see...i heard the new chapters come out pretty slow so no hurry anyway :P

got to get more berserk tho. but the damn bookstore just wont re-supply with volume 17... :(((( and i dont wanna get 18,19+ witheout reading 17 -_-`

Oh i also got kakashi,Itachi and Pain PVC figures to decorate my manga shelve :P Kakashi looks especially awesome! CLICK ON PICTURE TO ZOOM!

The Pirate Devlin

Awww i just got myself a bulgarian keyboard setup so im pretty happy. i know ive been slacking alot....well...the stupid facebook is to blame for this. Ive been posting alot there which kinda defeats the need to write here :(
Sry my dear blog!

Well now in celebration of my reunion with the BG language ill post some stuff :D

So first i wanna talk about this book called "The Pirate Devlin" by Mark Keating. Its a pirate book...obviously :D And you know i love pirates and when i saw it on the new arrivals section i got curious so i bought it. Also at the time i have been readign too much manga and i thought i should you know...get back to more serious stuff.
The book is amazing. The author tries to keep everything that happens in the book in...real time. . . and by that i mean that all events and timelines are the same as the real world`s history. And our hero Devlin is just a small fish in the big ocean.
The book has this realism to doesnt make the pirate life all that glorious....actually i learned some stuff that were a pretty big surprise to me....pirate life back in the day wasnt an easy business :X

So wee get to see how our pratagonist Devlin gets screwed up and ends up in a pirate ship. And then for the story`s sake becomes the captain of the pirate vessel where he was forced to "work" on. And then we get to see a single adventure. The whole book is about his first adventure but it is told in a superb manner!
but that also means that the book is not very long. Which is kinda good too cuz its a great weekend read for those hot days where you just wanna sit down and relax.
So im not gona spoil what happens cuz the story is not very long ...but it was very fun and it keeps you interested till the end. And there were some pretty insteresting twists in the end. Altho dont expect stuff the size of the "dark knight".

What i really loved was that tip of the hat tribute to legendary pirate "Blackbeard". Devlin meets Blackbeard in a small bar in some lawless village and gets on the mans deathlist! There was this thing with a candle that blackbeard did which i loved. So it was that moment that really hyped the character for me. Funny thing the whole time while i was reading their encounter i was picturing Blackbeard as the one drawn in the manga One Piece....ive been reading that thing for too long so i suppose it shouldnt surprise me :D

So all in all even tho this is not going to be some crazy bestseller that will blow your mind away. In the end the pirate devlin is a great pirate book that will not dissapoint you! And probably just like me ...will make you want more.
Good news is there will be a sequel somewhere in the future :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Star Wars Omnibus: Boba Fett

Jango Fett`s son Boba is actually a un-altered clone of Jango!
Star Wars Trivia

Well well.....i got this like a month ago or so but i couldnt bring myself to write in the blog.....been so lazy :D and the free time i had i used to play world of warcraft and lately Mass Effect 1.... ^^
So i was checking out the comic section of my favorite bookstore and on the new arrivals i saw this tidy and awesome looking omnibus. Now back in BG i had already seen plenty of Dark Horse`s SW series and i totally loved them....and i also love Boba Fett so i thought....hey....maybe ill drop the manga for a bit and check this baby out. Hey wait....didnt i get this together with Suicide Kings o.O haha cant rly remember....and im too lazy to read me previous post to see if i wrote about it haha :D but i think i got them together. Anyway...
First thing i want to say is that this comic is a pure 200+ pages AWESOMENESS!
I loved it....thanks to this amazing puppy i got myself 2 other omnibuses from DH.
Boba Fett has always been a special character in the SW universe. I dont really understand why.....i think he is amazing and bad-ass and whatnot but come to think of it...
he had such a small role in the original trilogy....what made Boba Fett so popular? I think the idea of a bad ass cool looking bounty hunter was what got the attention of everybody. I mean looking back at the days when SW first came out it was Darth Vader, Stormtroopers and Boba....everything else was just a bunch of weird ppl walkin around. But those 3 designs....that was bad ass futuristic gear that delivers alot of PAIN!
In the prequels Jango was introduced and gave us some background on boba....which turned out kinda weird...Boba was a clone raised normally by Jango......well i guess a man cant leave behind a better legacy than a copy of his own hehe....
So in this fat-pack of Boba stories we get to see more of him. The character is explored more deeply and we see how major SW events reflected on his work. But in the end of the omnibus mr Fett is still the same mystery that he was before i started reading....and i think thats what makes him even more cool :D
The collected stories were great.
I have a small issue with the ending of the first one....i mean putting him on the same level as Vader...okay i understand if you wanna give him some cred but cmon that finale....just...i dont know i felt like the writers wanted to push Boba a level further since it was his own series and they didnt wanna dis-honor him or something. I get it its hard to do justice to 2 awesome and very loved characters but still Vader is Vader....
The bounty hunter race was awesome i totally loved it...altho it was a mix between Han Solo and Boba...but i guess Solo`s presence payed off...
Overkill i rly enjoyed. A true bounty hunter story.
The hutt arc was kinda annoying....mostly because the art sucked balls....i guess it was an old comic series. . . .the storyline was too long and the art just drew my stamina...but i still enjoyed it but it was the weakest of all the collections inside the book.

Overall i think this is a must read for every SW and Boba Fett fan. I was so hyped after reading it that as i said in the beginning i got myself more omnibuses.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Deadpool: Suicide Kings!

In Deadpool's comic book appearances he is known for breaking the fourth wall!
Comic Books Trivia

Well couple of days ago i was walking around the shelves at the comics section of my favorite bookstore wondering what should i buy.....there just so many stuff :O I was on a roll with buying manga but right now im waiting for the store to re-fill with 2 missing vols of One Piece so i decided ill take a turn and go back to normal US comic books. last thing i got were the 2 TP vols of Ultimate Spider-Man which were extreamly awesome but beyond taht i dont have anything else. And i even got the spidey books like almost a year ago when i started Death Note.
So i was looking around...i swear everymonth the comics and manga get relocated in the i was looking around and trying to figure out what was where and etc etc...
so when i passed the new release stand i saw this cool looking Deadpool comic TP named Suicide Kings. And from waht i saw in the back cover it was a solo collection which i liked cuz there so many events right now and so many big stuff going on at the Marvel Universe taht i felt like just getting 1 TP is like jumping in a huge maze witheout lights.
So i browsed couple pages...the art was great. I rly love how the style of the artists in the past years has evolved....change for the good :)
So after reading the introduction of the comic i was totally hyped up. The way Deadpool talks with himself and with the comic bubbles....thats just too awesome :D
So i bought the book and i was NOT disapointed. It was EPIC!
Great art. the story was kinda cheesy but it was delivered perfectly!
And we got The Punisher, Daredevil and Spidey in the story.....poor Wade got himself cut and blown away so many times....i was rly glad for him that he got laid at the end of the story....(okay like thats a big spoiler...)...and also pleasantly surprised at the level of violence in the book...n the hot chick scenes :PpPp
its good to know there not holding back with some of their titles (i mean Marvel).
And it was very funny too...the merc with the mouth....hehe suits him right :P
I think its a safe bet to say that ive become a Deadpool fan :P

Looking forward to my next clash with his stories.

p.p: And the way he knows he`s a comic character is amazing :O....i was twitching when he made funny remarks about the marvel universe infront of the punisher and spider-man ahhahah it was hillarious!

So if your looking for a great comic book to cool off some time the Suicide Kings TP (Vols 1-5) is well worth its price + we get 1 extra story which was pretty good too tho i didnt enjoy the art as much.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


According to Shonen Jump's character popularity polls, Ichigo was consistently the most popular character in Bleach in the first three polls, but ranked 3rd in the fourth, most recent poll.
Manga Trivia

Well i was planning to give my opinion on Bleach after finishing Volume 7. But my plan kinda turned up-side down.
But i think it was a good thing since now im at volume 18! And im much more involved with the story and the characters.
So hum.....well it is a good manga....i can see why its one of the Kings that dominate Japan and the rest of the world.
Lets talk main character.....well Ichigo is pretty much your typical j-manga hero. At least looks better than Naruto lmao....cocky and puffed with energy n whatnot.
Speakin of energy the measurement of power in the Bleach universe is "spiritual pressure". Which ichigo posesses in enormous amounts! But apperantly is too stupid to unlock his full i dont mind that kind of background set up to get the story moving but honestly since its a kind of magical thing.....couldnt he....oh i dont know...level up slowly instead of being super awesome from the get go. All the way to volume 18 and i rly dont feel like Ichigo is progressing....i mean yes....he did those short training sessions and got alot stronger but that felt like cheating...or grinding in an online game... -_-
The start of the manga was a bit slow....unlocking info about the soul Society and the sub-chars. Ichigo slowly trying to figure out wtf is the deal with beign a Soul Reaper....
Then suddenly Rukia gets arrested and everything started movign in fast forward!!!
cmon in 10 days becoming a Soul Reaper.....n now in 3 days to master bankai....which SR Captains train for 10 bloody years! 10 YEARS!

It just feels like im skipping part of the growing process. But at least going to the S.S world proved exiting. Plenty of fights.....a lil bit overwhelmed by all the new chars that were introduced...and each volume gives some background info....which is an interesting way ot telling the main story but kinda ticks me off when im just drooling to see more action!
I guess the main over-powered issue for me is that Ichigo went from Rookie to defeating Captains....and that doesnt seem right.

So to sum it up . . . the only issue i have so far with this manga is the weird pace with which it tells its story and develops its characters. There is a sense of grand scheme going on for the past couple of Vols,....but the lame thing is i kinda spoiled my reading from a Shonen Jump chapter where i saw that Aizen was a bad guy. . . .so i wont be that surprised when he returns to show how bad-ass he is. Hope they are done quickly with him so i can enjoy the new villain :D

The Art is great tho. Nice details and the characters look awesome. Chad is kinda weird....and not in a cool way...not like...say...Bob from Tenjou Tenge. Orihime is pissing me off with her girly ways....reminds me of Sakura -_-
But Kisuke and the Black Cat are awesome.
Zaraki and Ichimaru of the captains crack me up....everytime i see Gin`s permanent evil grin face it just makes me picture dead bodies.....(mkay that come out wrong).
The fights are great. The author was holding abit in the begining but as the captains started poping all over the place it got rly cool.
The Bankai was a neat touch cuz.....well prue swordsmanship can only go so far...but using some soul magic tricks that is just cool.
Toshiro`s frost dragon was awesome!

So to sum it up.....Bleach lived up to the hype and im glad i finally started it....and best thing about starting a manga like this late get tons of Volumes to read.
Also the books look epic on the bookshelves! I think i should take some pics of my manga collection when it gets abit bigger. Viz Media started releasing One Piece like 5 vols a month....even faster than the Naruto Push-Up. So im damn sure i want OP fully on my bookcase :D
Which reminds me....Ace died in the last chapter.....i knew Whitebeard wont survive the massacre...but all this fighting and sacrifices and Ace is kinda sad :S And not to mention how awesome Fire Fist was :S
So what now.....Luffy is surely gona go nuts....even Garp wants to kill Akainu now!
cant wait cant wait....

Well thats from me....if you are wondering about a new manga to start...and granted you are not already reading bleach...take it. It WONT dissapoint :>

Monday, February 01, 2010

The Wheel Of Time: The Eye Of The World

Robert Jordan died before he could finish the last part of The Wheel Of Time!
Books Trivia

Well my plan to have a Unit in the City where i can switch quickly between Gym and Work Failed. Not that it failed but it was the unlucky event of having a moron for a tenant and probably a thief. Anyway im done with this shit i think im not gona try for a new place anytime soon. Trying to cheat time is not a good thing. Now ill just learn to travel a bit more :S

Now...ive started the Wheel Of Time series and i got to say the 1st book looks pretty promising. Im already halfway tru it tho ive been slacking the past couple of days, hence why i havent finished it yet. But im rly enjoying it. Its a nice change of pace cuz i was pretty much reading only Pratchett since i arrived here. Tho i have set my eyes on some Warhammer books from the Good Games shop where i went to try n play Magic The Gathering. Oh ye that plan went to the scrap too. Not enough time to commit and i dont think the game has its old hold on me. And the nerds in the place totally kicked my butt n i felt so noobish for not knowing whats up with the game. I guess id be better if i had some mates to play togheter that would be more fun.
So reading EyE of the world has been wonderfull with 1 exception!!!
I cant stop picturing Chavdar in my mind everytime i see Rand`s name pop up in the book. And since he is kinda the main charatecter of the book....well you can see that this can creative some issues! Ive known Rand...erm Chavdar since i was a kid and that was also a time when i was rly into Fantasy so its hard not to get the memories mixed with my reading. Just being on the DragonClub Forum for so long n seeing his nickname as Rand Al`Thor has carved his image in my brain and its hard to ignore it. The girl chars in the book are rly annoying....Egwene and the Wisdom are pissing the shit of me n i rly wish i could smack em :(
I hope they die by the end of the book!!!!

Gaming wise . . . . still in a loss. I need new stuff. Im definetely going for some PSP time the next couple of days. Also ive sunk so low that im actually playing a game on Facebook -_-
NOT Mafia Wars !!!! Im not that commercial :D But its a fantasy called Castle Age. Its actually pretty good n i enjoy it. N since i started playing ive ben kicking some major butt....which is probably the reason im still there :D Winning makes me wanna play MOAR!
Even wasted 12AU$ on it . . .but hey thats the same as the money i spent on bus/train tickets a day so it wasnt that much of a loss .....i that was a lame excuse :S

On other news this morning i sent Emilia the gift money for her dream bike :> i tried to wake her up but damn it that girl is either sleeping like a dead person or just keeps her phone very very far away from her! Pity cuz id love to hear her reaction when i bring the news...but me being me i couldnt hold my mouth shut...or in this case my i texted her couple of times ^^ She should awaken in couple of hours so i guess then she will bombard me with msgs :D Best thing is,...she cant give the money back which will drive her crazy ahhahahah :D

p.p: Next time ill tell you what i think about Bleach :P (Down with 7 Vols already)

p.p2: Naruto got exciting again. Sasuke went pure evil....was about time if u ask me -_-
And on even more EPIC level...Luffy SAVED Ace! Stop the brothers with the perfect teamwork you lame Marine HQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOH i cant wait for the new chapter.
And and and and aaaaand. Viz Media are planning to start releasing OP the same way with Naruto (3 VOls per Month untill they catch up). HOW FREAKIN COOL IS THAT?

Well thats from me take care ya all!
May The Light Shine Upon You! (Casts Prayer of Fortitude)

Inglorious BastErds!

Leonardo DiCaprio was the first choice for Col. Hans Landa, but Quentin Tarantino then decided that a German speaking actor should play the part.
Movie Trivia

Well the name of Quentin Tarantino always makes me exited. The guy makes such wonderfull movies . . . even tho hard to understand at times. Teaming up with Brad Pitt for a movie was always a WIN. I watched the movie last year but i was so lazy with my posting so thats why im writing the review today.
Well i dont know about a review but ill have some words.
First n obviously...THE MOVIE IS AWESOME! Havent seen it yet? You better run to ur Video Store n Buy/Rent this shit cuzz its gona blow ur mind!
I cant recall a movie in which 16 minutes of calm dialog can make me stare into the screen. And that was just the beginign of the damn movie. To be honest all the dialogs in the movie were brilliant! The story is well entangled togheter but the individual chapters n the way their stories are told...thats what makes the movie tick. There is a great amout of Char development and its pure joy for the soul to watch this movie`s plot unfold.
Hans Landa who was played by Christoph Waltz was my personal favorite. Brad Pitt did an amazing job with his performance but mr Waltz just shattered my world. He was amazing . . . . made his character so alive and so real. Sweet and wicked and evil and crazy....Landa is an example of what probably all writers would want their chars to become.
And the mix of English-German-French gave an authentic feeling to the movie. Oh ye didnt Waltz spoke in 4 languages in the movie.....sick!
The finale of the movie was...a shock...i certainly did not see that coming. I wont say what happens cuz for a fact i know that there still ppl who havent seen the movie. But i hope you guys will fix that mistake soon.
There isnt anything to complain about this masterpiece of cinematography!

It will surely become one of the best movie of all time and ppl will watch it again and again and again...i know i will!

Friday, January 15, 2010

What to do...what to do?

The highest amount paid for a virtual item is 330,000$ that Erik "Buzz" Lightyear paid to obtain a Space Station in the MMO Entropia.
Games Trivia

Meh ive been pretty confused lately. For the past weeks ive been trying really hard to figure out what online game to play -_-`
Warcraft is abit dull....the lack of raiding is killing my fun and i just dont wanna grind anymore. A new char would be fun to play for sure...but i dont wanna invest time in a new hero untill cataclysm comes out. Then ill make a goblin. So i find myself looking for something new.....Tried to go Back go GoonZU but im not that much into it. Especially since ive lost all my shares due to my in-activity.
Tried Project Entropia....but the game requires loads of IRL $ to keep playing. I mean i was god damn dropped as a colonist on a hostile world with a ugly looking jumper n a machine to collect....erm...sweat....from monsters. Everything must be bought with $ . . . . it is fun in a way...i like the hard social network in it. To progress n become good n skillfull player you need to keep in touch with others. But that invest invest invest...untill you have no more money is just too much for me. Unless i find a 100% way to make some kind of minor profit. Then i would play the game....maybe i should rob a bank n buy a space station :Pp

i think i should return to the old school gaming. Single player PC games...there so many great titles i have missed in the years since i started playing wow.
And my PSP still has a bunch of games that needs to rock.
I guess my slow change of lifestyle just puts the gaming at a lower priority but it was such a major part of my life before and now its hard for my brain to cope with the fact that im playing less.
Or maybe u just want something new...but then again Star Wars THe Old Republic by BioWare is not coming untill 2011 so there is no hope atm. And im for sure not playing Lord of the Rings or Warhammer....

Yesterday i dragged my ass to Kinokunya and i saw that the manga and graphic novels had a 20% discount :P So with CHI CHING sound in my ears i quikcly started looking around for stuff to buy. I wanted to get the first 8 VOLs of Darkhorse`s KOTOR comics but they had only 6,7,8 in store :(
In the end i settled down for the first 7 vols of Bleach :P I think it was about time to start this manga. And even tho i had tested the first chapters online it was still great fun reading the first vol on paper :) nothing beats paper!!! I wish they had all Berserk VOLs id buy em all for sure.
Also i got myself Book 1 of the Wheel of Time saga. About time i tried this too. But my effort to find a large sized versions failed. So im with a pocket book -_-` On the positive side the 12 current released books wont take alot of space on my shelves....but still...TOO SMALL!

So yeah thats it for now. I had some stuff i wanted to write about but im kinda sleepy so i thought ill just pop up n post something quickly xD

Sunday, January 03, 2010

2010! A new year a new life!

More than 38,000 blood donations are needed every day.
Red Cross Trivia

Here it is....2010....the year has passed. What did we learn? Did we learn anything? Well i dont know about you....but for me....2009 was one heck of a year.
09 Was the year of change for me. Leaving the old country in my own pursuit of happyness. passing tru Europe and finally ending here in Australia. Im a adaptive individual so i have changed alot after leaving BG. For the good mostly. Seems i stopped all my bad habbits . . . . i have a more clear vision for the future and a better understanding of life and what i want of it. I think im starting to grow up -_-` But it was a good year. . . . not the best. . . . id say my party years as a kid were better. . . .hehe but 09 was the most important one in my life so far. Defined my path. A good year indeed. There are some regrets....but hey we cant make all the right decisions all the time.
A good year indeed.......lets hope 2010 brings more pleasant memories and i hope destiny will still support me in my adventures.

Riiiiight now after the EMO monologue :D
Time to get down to bussiness.
New Year Eve in Sydney. The most amazing shit evah! :O also the craziest and wierdest celebration ive had so far during the NYE.
Now . . . . i made some google research about whats up in Sydney during the 31st but . . . . i was simply not prepared for this hyper shit. There were more than 1,500,000 million people in the god damn centre and everybody camping the shores of the harbour so they can view the amazing fireworks. Some people have opened tents the day before just to save their good spot. I wish i knew about that. . . . .
So we are going with my cousin n some other VN ppl and everythign is great. the mood is great. Im happy n excited for the upcomign night untill.....i reach the harbor :O
MAAAAN the crowds were insane. Didnt took long before we got lost. And with my cousin`s imba english we had no way of finding each other. I was pumped with red bulls n spent 4 hours alone between hundreds of thousands of people waiting for the final fireworks. Made some great videos which im still having issues uploading on facebook. Maybe when i change my unit ill have a better shot at this.
The spirit of the whole thing was great.
Everybody partying and dancing. People were happy and very friendly. it felt rly great. There were actually alot people who got separated from their mates so i was relieved to find out it wasnt just me. I mean cmon...1,5mil crowd...thats alot. I mean seriously u cant imagine how many peopel this is.
The fireworks at 9PM were ok....set the bar but what happened at midnight was nothing short of MAGIC. I mean i made 13 min video to record it all but. . . . honestly my camera doesnt even come close to what i saw live under the bridge :O
There were some really expensive and imba fireworks and it was just something that everybody should see at least once in his lifetime. Pure joy for the eyes. Later for whoever gets the chance to view my videos you can see the sea of cameras that was infront of me . . . . it was amazing.. ...i kinda think some people saw the whole thing from the screens of their cameras instead with their eyes :D My hands persoanlly grew tired of the hole damn holding :D

After that there was a very long walk towards . . .. well i dont know i just followed the crowds. So many was like a . . .. i cant explain it. Everywhere you look and there are streets full with thousands of people. walking in the same direction....if this was a revolutionary army it wouldve made alot of people scared shitless :D
Then i was having pissy conversations with my cousin about how to fuckin meet each other. i ended up in a bar sms-ing the name n location hoping it should be pretty easy to find. It was New year so my no drinking rule didnt stay up for that night. Ah the good ol whiskey and tequila. I had missed those bastards :D
i got slighly drunk n then when i was ordering some extra tequila shots for myself i spotted some hot asian girl ordering next to me n offerred to pay for her drink....kind a big mistake since she had 5 GFs with her :D (rofl)
Oh well it was New year n i was drunk i guess i shouldnt be too upset about it xD
Then i joined them dancing flirting i had a rly good time. Then my cousin rang me to go somewhere else so i left the girls. . . . well i had a "date" with my cousin so it w asnt like i would be alone...or so i thought. 20 mins later we still couldnt find each other and then during another "u go there" call my cousin`s phone died all went pear shaped i got pissed like a mofo n went home with the first bus i found.
it was an interesting New year. . . . .i was happy it was pretty cool. But i was pretty dissapointed that i didnt get to party all night like i usualy do. At least the Thailand girls made up for the cousin fuck up. He is still apologising to me....DAMN RIGHT...ill brag about his fail untill enxt NYE :D
Tho next year hopefully ill have a gf and ill just book us for a yacht and well watch the fireworks from the sea. Aint no way im goign around between tons of drunk/drug people and waiting for 4 hours witheout being able to even go take a piss.
There was an indian group of boys infront of me n 1 of em went to buy drinks at some point. i Offered him 20$ to go buy me something n the rest that was left was for him. Dude never came back n later called to tell his mates he couldnt pass tru the crowd anymore :D :D :D
I wasnt angry for the money i was pretty happy i didnt go myself cuz i knew what would happen....and i was right :D

WoW is kinda boring lately. . . . all i do is Random Heroics when i log in. I can farm my champion seals at the tournament but . . . . im not up for it. Farmed 4 Furious pieces.
but i jsut have no motivation to play lately. Im slackign in fallout too....especially after some weird crash that set me back with 2 hours of gaming.....n i oh so much hate to repeat stuff.
Maybe i should chill with some PSP stuff...i got plenty of games waiting for me on my shelves. Thinking of buying tekken 6 n the new NFS too.
Tried Entropia Universe after seeing that a player in the game set the world record for biggest virtual item purches! Which was 330,000$ for a space station :O The economy ideas behind the game are cool but after playing for few horus n talkin with experianced players it turned out that unless u play for a long long time n invest alot of money ull never reach the possibility to actually make a profit in this game. Some people claim big time money but its only few people i guess.....and with an average of 60-80$ per month its alot more expensive than playing wow.....for this money u can play couple of damn subscrition games n have plenty of fun. Alot of people state that Entropia is addictive....well. . . . ill give it couple of more hours of playing. Maybe ill farm that damn sweat and try to get my 10$ that i invested back. I could probably become hardcore n make money on it with my hours of gaming. But the style n gameplay just cant grab me.
Just downloaded my favorite GoonZU tho. At least it has the imba economy n politics witheout needed this constant investmenet to actually play. Tho there still plenty of special items available from real money shops. But ive achieved so much...i wonder if SuperDadio will pay up the 3,000,000,000 marbles which he owes me....if the inflation dropped that could be even super alot of money :D but he ws trying to sneak with the debt before so i doubt he will want to apy up after so long.
Well see tho :D Also ive probably lost all my shares after some updates months ago :S was my pride.....i wanted to be a politician so much :((((((

Oh man im so thirsty. . . . donated blood to the Australian Red Cross today. I feel so weak right now.....actually after the whole transfusion when i tried to stand up all world went blue n i was so dizzy i almost fainted :D so i stayed a bit longer n drank a juice to regain some strenght. But i feel good mentally. . . . the doctor with which i filled my paperwork said im saving 3 people`s lives today. . . . . . i mean 3 people. Its great to know ive doen something this good :> Now i have my from hunger to hope wristband and a bandage on my hand xD and it puts a smile on my face. Im fighting the GOOD FIGHT! As Three Dog would say :)
It may not be much in improving the world...but hey...every little bit helps....and now i need water! GIEF WATER! :D

the Nurses said i should relax for today n drink plenty of water n juice. So i bought 2 DVDs:
Inglourious Basterds with Brad Pitt :p I know i watching it too late...but cmon cut me soem slack i got work n gym trainings...n playing online games. Not to mention if i dotn buy it or see it on the cinema i cant see it. Since downloading stuff over the net is a pretty had thing for me. Not to mention i got banned from Zamunda. Or my IP from Au is not supported or whatEVER!
Also got myself ALI with Will Smith. One of the few movies i havent seen with him :)
I think it will be a great movie and now that im officially training Boxing it will be even more interestign for me to see it :P

Tho this week im cancelling my gym appointments . . . later in the week i got lots of stuff to do at the office and also 3 days no exercise from the blood transfusion. Oh well its not a bad thing since i still havent found a unit in the CBD. but when i do...its hardcore training baby! New Moon body and whatnot :D

p.p: No Weekly Shonen Jump for 1 more week....damn damn damn xD