Sunday, May 18, 2008

One Piece the "Shabondy Archipelago"

Fufufufufufu :D

i had a reeeeally hard time finding the latest chapters of the OP manga. The animes upload is screwed up and they all got some weird links in weird sites...and... cba to deal with such stuff...
So last night after reading the latest Naruto chapter i thought its a good time to start lookin for my fav OP manga.
Took me a while. . . probably a whole god damn hour untill i finaly stomped on a online reading site :))) its rly awesome and convenient cuz the size of the pages is bigger than the windows pic viewer so it saves me time to enlarge and etc. The quality is a bit lower the cut em some slack right? ^^

Anyway as always the manga blew me away i was practicaly suckin every single page of the chapters and i was on my toes the whole damn time. Im rly glad i skiped 5 chapters cuz reading them at once rly was worth it. And 499 was a good one to stop at too.

The Duval mini arc was quite funny :) the end of the problem was kinda shocking :D ...changes his bone structure o.O wth :D
As always the Mugiwara no ichimi made a weird ally in a weird way.

What rly pumped me up is the Shabondy Archipelago. This arc is just bound to be awesome. I mean dispite the fact that the marine headquarters are just on top of our guys we now learn alot about the pirate stuff going on.
As the Straw Hats other pirate crews have been traveling and fighting numerous dangers along the way to the Archipelago and it was revealed who the other top Rookie crews are. They are called the 11 Supernovas. . .as in the 11 pirates that have bounties above 100,000,000 beli.

Removing Luffy and Zoro from the list that leave us with:

>Urouge "Mystery Monk"<
Captain of the Fallen Monk Pirates
Bounty: 108,000,000 beli

>Capone Gang Bege<
Captain of the Firetank Pirates
Bounty: 138,000,000 beli

>Jewelry Bonney "Big Eater"<
Captain of the Bonney Pirates
Bounty: 140,000,000 beli

>Killer "Massacre Man"<
Fighting Crewmember of the Kid Pirates
Bounty: 162,000,000 beli

>Scratchmen Apoo "Roar of the Sea"<
Captain of the On-Air Pirates
Bounty: 198,000,000 beli

>Trafalgar Law "Dark Doctor"<
Captain of the Hearth Pirates
Bounty: 200,000,000 beli

>X Drake "Red Flag"<
Captain of the Drake Pirates
Bounty: 222,000,000 beli

>Basil Hawkins "The Magician"<
Captain of the Hawkins Pirates
Bounty: 249,000,000 beli

>Eustass Captain Kid<
Captain of the Kid Pirates
Bounty: 315,000,000 beli

This realy sets the plotline for some pretty awesome fights. The elite rookies all look pretty cool. I laughed alot af Capone since this is one hell of a reference to Chicago`s Al Capone :D I mean...cmon besides the name, he and his crew are dressed up like "wiseguys". . . cant get more obvious than that :D
And with a quick search in wiki i found out that most of the other pirate captains are references to some real life pirates. Pretty cool Eiichiro cant stop to amaze me. Even if he gets inspiration by real life people he always makes his chars incredibly awesome and unique. Pf..did i mention that the Archipelago was unique "island" itself?

Based on the brief reviews of all the elite pirates i can pretty much bet that there going to be some major beat downs going on in the near future. Taking in account that Luffy`s crew consists of 9 members including him its pretty obvious that there had to be alot of bad guys to opose them. Altho the 9 listed above are all big time bosses and we dont take into account their sublings i still think that our guys will have few punches with most of them.
I can bet that they are going to make . . . 2 friends amongst them. I think maybe Bonney will take a liking in Zoro. And probably "X Drake" will get to be a friend of Luffy out of respect. But thats just a hinch. I wont be surprised of they get to be friends with the guy from Skypea.

I think it will be logical to say that Chopper will have a fight or some sort of interaction with Trafalgar since he is obviously some kind of doctor. Which makes it perfect chance for Chopper to "level up" and maybe get his bounty fixed :D

Basil Hawkins looks like a decent oponent for Zoro since its clearly seen that he has a big sword. Altho "Killer" could be his opponent too since he uses blades too and i can bet my ass that Captain Kid and his crew will be a major pain in the ass for our heroes. last bet is that Luffy will have a fight with Eustass. Pretty obvious this one. . .i mean Eustass is in the same league as Luffy and is comlpetely evil. I have to be honest i rly like Kid hehe such a cool char design. Reminds me of Hiruma from Eyeshield 21 :D So ya. . .there should be some fight between Luffy and Kid in the future. Why not now u ask? Ill tell you. . . cuz chances are Luffy will have to face the Merman Schicibukai on Merman Island so a awesome fight with Kid now will kinda ruin the mood. .. also cant rly make anything big on the archipelago since the Goverment can easily dispatch tons of Marines+ an Admiral or two and that would be a big big problem for everybody as we already saw. (way to go Zoro)

So ya. . . im pretty pumped up and cant wait for the story to unfold. Alot of new exiting chars and alot of options. I guess will have to sit and wait for mr. Oda to amaze us again :))

p.p: I wonder who the famous engineer is. . . if he is 100 times stronger than any of the rookies than probably he is an ex-member of Gold D. Roger`s crew, but thats just a guess.

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