Friday, May 30, 2008

"Hawk" is Born!


WTH is going on with this Naruto . . . shiiiiiiit the fightings got pretty lame but ill be damned if Kishimoto doesnt know how to fuckin surprise you. The story is taking amazing turns every fucking chapter!

I mean now that i saw the new chapter it rly is logical for Sasuke to make this decision. . .but damn. . .i rly wasnt expecting it o.O

So now Sasuke is going to become the main villain of the story or what. . .im totaly clueless of whats going to happen next. . . there so many turns so i have no idea what can i expect from now on. I guess there should be a major thing going on for Naruto aswell. . . maybe something with the key that Jiraya sent to him?

I just cant wait to see how all this is going to unfold.

p.p: And WTF is with the new eyes o.O?????

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