Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Online games...

Bla i quited Urbandead...someone killed me and i turned into zombie...and that showed me even more how stupid was the game. Althou its very nice writing about it here in the blog the game offers nothing to me that i can enjoy.

In Battle On althou i try to paly it some times its always full :( so i guess i wont be playign this too ^_^.

im reliefed that i stoped playing so many games...kinda nerd isnt it ^_^ now around valentines day coming im focusing more about partying and goin out with friends and especialy with some girls ^_^

GoonZU of course i still play. Althou i havent loged in 3 days :X cant play from work and the stupid patch today ruined everything AGAIN! And my pc is curently at service shop cuz the windows got buged AGAIN :( hope this time everything will be ok. Tomorrow is the GoonZU vote i hope i manage to log in and place my votes for Dark. He said if he win election he gona buy me angel wings and even something as bonus ^_^ so im praying that he wins cuz ill win alot trou this too :P

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