Thursday, January 25, 2007

Trouble in the streets!


I moved from my last location and started a journey around the neibhours. It was though. I managed to salvage some stuff from few werehouses and even camped in a library for a while. Maan being alone surely sucks! Now im in a library again...this sector has much more action in it than the previous sectors even been. The mall next to us got heavily attacked by large number of zombies. After one night they decided to attack us too...many of the survivors were draged out. THe more expirianced guys killed many zombies. Since i dont have any ammo for my actualy..i lsot my pistol...i couldnt do anything to help. But i cured about dozen of them and got very nice exp. SO i got the hand combat skill and after that i imidiately jumped on one zombie nad slashed him for good ^_^ there still walkin zombies lurkin around but i think we will handle it!


About lvl 83 now ^_^ man it surely feels good to be one of the big guys! But i earned it...after all i spent so many hours playing and training. Shenburry town was open last night. I got 80 shares with my and some friends chars. and even buyed 20 from some player. . . cost me 3 mils -_-` but i think shares are more valuable from money. Cuz later even if i have 100,000,000 i wont be able to buy any shares. . .trying to get talatat shares showed me that its almost imposible to get anything later in the game. And i already refund 1.5mil from selling some mats. So its ok i guess.
The new summon event rulz. Usu told me what should i i feel stupid for not started using summon when i first got recko neck. I couldve have very powerfull summon by now. Oh well. . .ill have to train it and at least now i get prizes with that :P hehe


My team is progessing amazingly. Got the league title and runnig for more. Fans and board love players love me. . . and i even beated Man Untd for the English Cup in the 1/4 finals ^_^
very hard game and unexpected win...but maan the feeling was great! I never thought i would like a football game but..hehe...people change :P

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