Sunday, January 21, 2007

Back in Talatat!

Well here it is...another post about my gamer life ^_^


Today i returned with Tamwyn to Talatat. im pretty happy :) being able to be with my old teammates..althou i dont really feel like talkin with most of the townies now. Maybe its still weird for me^ ^ it will pass with the time. I was pretty busy the last 2 days so i couldnt play much...but tomorrow from work ill catch up fast enought :P
Good thing about Sea Palace F1 is that the octopuses give very good stuff that have decent costs.
I have almost 6 mils in my back acc feels good to have some money again :P now if i only can find fav or lux sword it would be awesome.
Ray and Torque still need uber much iron so i keep sponsoring them :) well thats the least i can do after the black gown ray got for me from itemmall :P
Im trying to find a friend of mine who can be future goonzu still trying to gather a team of bulgarians with witch we can get a town for ourselfs and control it...pure BG that sounds good doesnt it :P

Urban Dead

The firestation where i was hidding with other survivors was attacked by pack of zombies. I got wounded many times but the others healed me asap so im fine now. But unfortunately when i walk out for my scouting the firestation got heavily barricaded so i couldnt go inside. I was kinda afraid that i wont find another shelter. . . but i managed to go to the nearby hospital and after a short fight with a zombie i got inside. There few survivors here and we even have a generator...a working one. I made few searches around the building and i found 3 med kits and one issue of the new paper that the survivors make. So for now i think ill stay in the hospital and when the streets are safe ill continue my journey to reach my lost friend Rottenbrain!

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