Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Rise of the Vampires

Magic The Gathering

So collecting the Scars of Mirrodin set was fun! But i still needed a deck to get back into the game with. I mean sure i got that infect pre-made deck and it was so lame that even i knew it sucked and i havent played the game in 8 years or so. Ya i`ve clocked some 30 hours on Duels Of PLaneswalkers but that dont count. + they only use cards from the D12.  So i got my boy Norman (who`s my personal assigned card dealer) to start gathering me the Mirrodin Besieged   set and on the pick up day after some pretty extensive research of the mtg site i sat down with my laptop and picked up a deck i liked and told him "i want this deck...NAY".

And what deck i chose u ask? VAMPIRES!
First of all i love me the vampire tribal theme. Also on Duels the vampires are my favorite deck and maybe the strongest. At least ive clocked most of my wins with it. So i kinda knew some of the cards from the deck i decided to pick up from the "Top Decks" coloumn. I was checking it out. . . . not really getting it. All creatures were 1-2 mana dwarfs so i wasnt sure how the deck works. But hell that deck one some big tournament recently so cant argue with the pro players right :D
So here it is:

Matthew Landstrom's Vampires
Standard StarCityGames.com Open in Indianapolis, IN
Main Deck

Vampire Royalties are powerfull
60 cards 

Dragonskull Summit                                        4  Go for the Throat

Lavaclaw Reaches                                            4  Lightning Bolt
Marsh Flats                                                       ____________________
Swamp                                                              11 other spells
Verdant Catacombs

23 lands                                                                 Sideboard
Bloodghast                                                        2  Act of Aggression
Gatekeeper of Malakir                                      4  Arc Trail
Kalastria Highborn                                           2  Batterskull
Manic Vandal                                                    2  Crush
Pulse Tracker                                                    2  Dark Tutelage
Vampire Lacerator                                            1  Doom Blade
Viscera Seer                                                      2  Skinrender

26 creatures                                                          15 sideboard cards
Actually some of the cards were missing so ill have to wait until Norman can find them for me:
3x Manic Vandal, 3x Dismember, 1x Arc Trail and 1x Batterskull. But even with those missing and with me adding 3x Blade of the Bloodchief (3$ each) the deck ended up costing a whooping 281.80 AU$ i still dont entirely understand the reasons behind the rare lands especially since they can easily be replaced by basic ones. But hell the guy won the tournament with this right. . . might aswell take his word for it. Besides most of them will probably end up in my future decks so its not that bad of an investement. Still god damn rare lands cost a ton. Not to mention batterskull X_X and i still need to get the 2nd one. So yeah if i had assembled the deck as listed it would have passed the 300AU$ mark easily. It costed me more to make this than for me to get a full set of besieged. . . .
I played some games against 2 guys and their standard decks and actually my vampire babies did really well. Obviosuly it would have been better if i had the full set but still the deck works great. And i need more practice because i was pointed out couple of mistakes and opportunities that i missed in my games. Ill be going to the store after i finish this post. . .and after i have some breakfast. Actually i have to pick up some shirts from the dry-cleaner aswell X_X sigh

So yeah. Im very excited to be back in magic and hopefully ill have more fun with it than i did as a kid. Not to mention that now i can afford to get cards and build decks i want. :) 
I intend to attend the pre-release of D12 and try my luck at the FNM this week. :D I dont think ill win but hey practice makes perfect.

Took a relationship advice from Shinji recently. Because i wasnt sure if i was in one but on the other hand i didnt know how exactly to initiate "the talk". Jeez its alot easier to sweet talk a girl to sleep with you than to talk relationship and stuff o.O Not to mention i`ve never been with a girl longer than a month or so. But yeah i didnt manage to go as smooth as Shin adviced but on the other hand it ended up with a win. I guess i knew and me and pakki were already a couple but just had to seal the deal with a verbal acknowledgement. She actually has seen my MtG cards because i had one of my folders in my backpack but i dont think she is put off by that part of me. I think she finds my geek side kinda cute haha. Which is truthfully told very good. Because i am a big gamer and pretty nerdy since im into comics and manga and as of now TCG again so it is important to have a girl that wont bitch about that. But then again i dont think any girl would mind a geeky guy who can fuck her the way i fuck haha :D


Okay so i tinkered a bit with my menu. The followers sidebar got pushed down a bit. Because lets face it anybody who spends time reading my blog will scout the menu at some point and random people wont follow. Altho its been hard to even get ppl i know to follow me. Not to mention noone knows his google account password because they are auto-logging in to YouTube. Well to be fair im auto-logging aswell and the only reason i remember my password in google is because of this blog.
I also removed the "Im reading. . ." sidebar. Its been awhile since i red a book and im not reading anything and i dont think ill be reading that much anytime soon. So no more of that for now. Instead im placing a Magic card im thinking of changing it everytime i post or maybe once a week not sure how that will play out. But the true reason behind that is that i intend to keep track of the amount of $ ive invested in Magic and my cards. Im counting card sleeves and deck boxes and folders because lets face it. . . nobody will buy those unless he collects and plays Magic.

Thats it for today and ill see you guys next time.

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