Monday, July 18, 2011

Rise of the Eldrazi


Cast Emrakul and its a GG baby!
Yay what a wild weekend i had. Every now and then i got overwhelmed by the amount of work i have. Sometimes things overlap and i have couple of days in a roll where i got to take care of tons of shit. Im pretty much used to this kind of thing now but this time i also managed to get a bit sick due to the unfriendly to astma weather. I missed the M12 release and i made up my mind that as soon as i find the time ill make a quick jump down to the store and try to get a booster box. Well i couldnt do that on monday as i had to write some reports and etc. But Today i checked what time the store will open and i was there like 10 minutes later. My homeboy Norman was on shift which was great and he also had a very very very pleasant surprise for me. A full Rise Of The Eldrazi set. And even tho that it is actually the 2nd expansion in the Eldrazi block it has whooping 248 cards in it! So i decided to  break tradition and buy it right away (even tho he could have saved it for me) and just get the Worldwake and Zendikar later. BUT i also wanted to go tru with my own plan to get a booster box from M12. . . .so that ment that ill have to cough up alot more $ than i originally anticipated.
So yeah.... X_X menu update on money spent: +503AU$     sigh . . . i think ill hold a bit on the collectors side and try to get some cards for another deck to play with. Im considering some new cards for my vampire deck aswell.

Also it appears that people can redeem cards from Magic Online and get a full set (1 card each) when they get enough cards or pts (i didnt ask for details). So that got me thinking on the way home....if i get a super old set in the game would they print a set and mail it to me aswell? Ill have to ask in the store next time i go. Because that might be one of the ways to obtain some of the tricky old cards. Oh boy i bet that will cost a fortune to do.

I also took some pictures of my MtG collection before putting the set into the folder pages or opening the boosters. Actually ill open the boosters now and will put a list of each rare i draw lets hope for some cool stuff and maybe 1-2 planeswalkers ^_^ (I mean google up the prices of Chandra and Jace. . . JEEEZUS!)
1)  Birds Of Paradise
2)  Cemetery Reaper   (FOIL: Garruk`s Companion)
3)  Angelic Destiny 
4)  Phantasmal Image 
5)  Sundial of the Infinite 
6)  Reverberate 
7)  Solemn Simulacrum 
8)  Gideon Jura 
9)  Rites of Flourishing  (FOIL: Fireball)
10) Saturated Ghoul       (FOIL: Swamp)
11) Mind Unbound         (FOIL: !!! JACE, MEMORY ADEPT !!!) EPIC WIN
12) Warstorm Surge
13) Arachnus Spinner
14) Garruk`s Horde
15) Garruk, Primal Hunter
16) Cemetery Reaper
17) Adaptive Automaton
18) Skinshifter
19) Quicksilver Amulet
20) Throne of Empires
21) Dragonskull Summit (LAND)
22) Grand Abolisher
23) Dungrove Elder
24) Worldslayer
25) Visions of Beyond       (FOIL: Zombie Goliath)
26) Chandra`s Phoenix
27) Flameblast Dragon
28) Personal Sanctuary
29) Jace`s Archivist
30) Sunpetal Grove (LAND)   (FOIL: Azure Mage)
31) Rootbound Crag (LAND)
32) Day of Judgement
33) Time Reversal
34) Sun Titan                           (FOIL: Ice Cage)
35) Sphinx of Uthuun
36) Archon of Justice

There we go.....maaan that was alot of opening and alot of praying to the gods for cards :D Obviously everybodys eyes have already fallen on that mind blowing foil Jace. I mean shit Jace is already worth 40$ and even a foil one :D :D Garruk is 45$ and most of the rares are pretty good and valuable. Sadly this aint for sale or trade because most of the cards i dont have yet in my M12 collection. I mean until now the only cards i hard were from the pre-release events. I was planning after opening the packs to check out their prices and see what value i got out of the box. But unfortunately i do not have the time right now. Maybe ill do it later tonight at the office. And out of 36  rares i got only 1 twice. But then i got the foil Jace so its like i got a full set of 36 witheout repetition. Pretty cool huh :P
Buuut now im stuck with an awful lot of commons and ill have to sort them out at some point to figure out which one of them i need in the collection...sigh....that will be a bit frustrating.

Oh and i got 4 copies of manic vandal :D exactly what i needed. 1 for the collection and 3 for the vampire deck cant wait to test them and see how they work.

And thats about it. Going to replace March of the Machines with a new card on the sidebar menu and then im off to work (and eat).

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