Thursday, July 21, 2011

Drafting and Zombies

Lal the new season of Die2Nite has finally started. The update got delayed for 24 hours but its now here. There is obviously a huge public outrage because of the meta  cap. Even tho we had weeks of whining on the world forums. Still the cap is 20 instead of the french 15 so hey...cheers for the small victories eh?
On the other hand the construction tab is not working so now new towns cant build. However Epoq posted that the issue has been fixed and should be ok tommorow morning. There alot of new features and i think the game will become very dynamic this way. I made a quick jump even tho there only 3 hours before argh because i want to try some stuff and i need 7 more days to unlock another rucksack slot which is probably the best skill in the game.
We have a new hero power called architect but i have no idea when that will get unlocked. I think the new blueprint mechanic will be awesome and will really push players to go out and take advantage of auto-searching. Rulesy`s map app is being taken down not sure why but i wont be surprised if he got upset with the update.
There is some kind of unique special power called "Pre-war camera" which you only get if you subscribe for 6 months of hero time.....i want it but i will hold onto my money for now until somebody else gets it and says what the bloody hell does it do.

Also in the Magic world i did my first draft today which was super fun. I made a green/white deck with enchants as some kind of a semi-winning combo. I had a draw on my first game but i was winning the 3rd match so i was very upset we didnt have the time to finish :(
I won my 2nd round rather easily and then got my ass whooped by the eventual winner and his damn agro bloodthirst deck X_X
Drafting proved a very interesting and fun format. The challange of making deck by being passed cards from other players is exciting indeed. I think i did fairly good but more practice is needed. I wanted to do a 2nd draft but i was just soo hungry so i went out to buy myself some food and because of that my spot got taken by another player. I did however get a New Phyrexia booster box and with the draft and 100 basic sleeves for the deck i spent another 180$ on MtG. So i think ive reached my cap for the next 30 days. Maybe 100$ more for some cards for my standard deck or something but yeah...ill try to avoid spending alot of cash on the collection.
Considering how much i enjoyed the draft today i really hope i can attend the FNM event tommorow. Who knows what kind of crazy decks people will bring on the battlefield. xD

Also went to my GFs place and watched a new movie by Donnie Yen. But it turned out it was 2nd part and she had seen the first one so it was i who was left in the dark wondering exactly what was going on. The movie was pretty good the fighting sequences were great but the story was a bit hard for me to understand. Too many historical movies in chinese cinema lately. I guess its a big thing right now but for outsiders like me it makes relating to the characters a bit hard. On the other hand i got 2 other movies. 1 from singapore and 1 japanese both seem promising. Maybe ill post reviews after i see them.

Yours Azzy


Steve said...

Besieged Missing Cards:
Consecrated Sphinx, Slagstorm, Sword of Feast and Famine, Inkmoth Nexus!

Shinji said...

I'll be at ur mom's place 20 hours from now so I'll be waiting for ur ass on skype these days 4 da material