Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MtG Collection Vol. 1

1,830.80 AU$ laying on my bed :D
Hehe here`s the pic of my whole collection :D I reckon its pretty impressive for under 1 month :P
Im planning to attend my first FNM event tommorow night. Lets hope nothing unexpected happens at work. And also doing some research for my next deck. Im going to GGS today too to do some practice with my vampires and test some of the new card ideas i have.
And to brag about my foil Jace hehe ^_^

Since i was sick i decided to skip training this week and relax and get my strenght back. Next week im hitting the gym hardcore again and will go to check out the Gracie academy that is much closer to me and will be a better place to train BJJ. Also going to get some new weights for home so when im busy i can still do workouts.
And i should probably try and go to the bookstore to see if there some new releases. Im hoping for some Gantz and if im lucky maybe the missing Berserk volumes that prevent me from continuing my collection.

Keep It Real Guys and ill see you next time :)

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