Sunday, July 24, 2011

Booster Boxes

Magic The Gathering

+240 AU$
Wah okay so after the M12 booster box i got a new phyrexia and i got to say that + the fat pack i got 2 weeks ago it almost got me the whole set. Which is really cool. On one hand if i just ordered 1 card of each i would have probably saved some cash BUT considering i already got all the top and expensive rares its not much of a deal. And by cracking boosters i get to keep alot of cards including rares  for trade. Im sorry i didnt post the booster list but it does take time and i was lazy.
All lands in the set are gorgeous.
Yesterday i spent the entire day with my gf driving around Sydney and chilling out on the beach and eating sushi. Then later that night i made a very quick stop to the store and shocked Norman with 2 boosoter boxes from Zendikar. I was really itchy to get my hands on that set because he found me the Rise of the Eldrazi expansion but not the core set from the block. So now from my last count i need 12 cards from Zendikar which i think again is pretty good. I got 3 foil rares!!! Uber lucky :D Overall the set doesnt have that many expensive or good cards. But it does have shit loads of strong lands which are used in pretty much all competitive decks. Wherever its standard, extended or legacy we are talking about. So yeah that was cool and also Zendikar has those super pretty full sized basic land cards which are kinda hard to get. Couldnt draw a single foil tho :(

I think i kinda rushed this month with my Magic purchases and i think ill lay back a lil bit. Do some more drafts when i can and plan out my artifact deck. I know im close to collecting the entire standard but there is no real rush and i still got to send some extra $ to my mother in order for her to finish the kitchen in the unit.

Got a GPS too because recently i am having alot of trips to places i dont know so i decided now is a good time to get one. The brand name is Garmin and is really an amazing toy. Shiny and sleeck. . . . reminds me of an iPhone lolz. The navigation is amazing tons of info on the display including speed limits and camera locations + on tricky roads it actually shows me an image of the road and points to me which street to take. And in the city has a 3D map with buildings and stuff. And the best part is that its a national gps so i can use it all over Oz. AAAAND it even has a map of New Zealand for a good measure. It will come in handy when i go to visit Peter Jackson for coffee one day :D

So thats it for todays post. Keep it real and ill see you guys next time!
Yours Azzy

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