Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Game Newsletter #1 "Enchanting sucks!"

Since ill write about few games ill start this column called Game Newsletter.

Games today:
Bite Fight

Todays main topic is the enchanting system in goonzu which i experianced first hand yesterday night.


as i said today`s main topic is the enchanting system of goonzu. 2 days ago i decided its time to get my hands on some decent sword and enchant it. But since sword have such a crappy dmg if i wanted something good i had to buy 1 of the high swords. I was sick of waiting for a good fav or lux sword. So i buyed a normal iron slasher. pretty good one too just for 11 mil. and while the future enchant sword was worth the money the situation wasnt like that with the crap swords i needd. each fuckin piece of junk i had to buy costed me between 8 or 9.5 mils -_____-`
not to mention i needed to buy blessing stones and at the end even few waters cuz my supply ran short.

So i started enchanting did to lvl 3 everything was ok i was happy...until i decided to pick on lvl 4. now... my first lvl 4 failed. i thought... okay. . . its normal to fail sometimes. then i tried again and not it only faield but it de-graded my weapon back to lvl 3 -___-` i mean how fucked up is this. then i enchanted back to 4 and tried to go for 5. . .faild and back to lvl 3. lost all my cash that i have been saving for the past 2 weeks. I was so depressed.

the enchating system in the game really sucks. too hard to enchant i mean. . .its good to lose few times so the elemental stones can sell in market and the flow can keep going. But i mean 5 lvl having 40% of succes o.O thats not real. and the amx lvl atm are 10 o.O
and the losing grade shit. . . why do we need that. not only you lose your items on the fail but you have to waste 1 extra enchant to bring it back to the way it was. I mean cmon. . . thats not fair. At least if we had something that can increase that chance of succes -_-`

still last night i unsealed the sword and it is kicking ass. i couldve waited for enchant 4 but im kinda after if i get the money for another try and if i fail again. that would seriously piss me off.
so with nearly 100 dmg more im kickin octo ass again and well. . . hope i get on my feet soon enough ^^

Oh and today we finaly got our patch. Jee they sure took their time. Heard that players lose their shares cuz of the town hall bug. buildings running low in durability. . . they should have made a small patch to fix this long ago. Anyway if everything is ok when they put server online ill probably leave sambara and head for Turphania with Mommy and torq and tamwyn. Maybe others from guild gona go too. pity i have only 20 shares from Turphania. . .maybe i should have invested in shares than my sword -_-`

Bite Fight

Okay now this game i found even before my Travian post few days ago. but i didnt write anything cuz i wasnt sure if i gona play serious. well turns out that the Bulgarian server is pretty active and growing everyday :) we even have people from different countries. which i dislike alot cuz some of them have premium accounts and they got a serious boost cuz of that :(
But still i managed to catch up with the big guys and now im switching positions in the top 50. Made myself an alliance named "Akatsuki" (i wonder why :D ) and i hope it prospers well.
I hope this post makes you visit the game and maybe you will start playing too.
But either way pls visit this link so i can get few gold coins for my vampire ^^


Now this strategy game is really someting nice. I found that there is a bulgarian server too (is it just me or lots of games lately have bg versions o.O ) so i made second account there. besides i have better chances of being top player in my country`s server. Im pumping my resources atm having lil hard time with economy on 2nd account but it will be ok soon enough i hope. Still got 4 days of protection i think. So im starting to think about military aswell. Ill try making few fast raids when i go OOP. hope it works out good ^^

If you like nice browser games that req good planning of enocomy and tactics this is a game for you. Of course the best game for me is still Utopia, but i just dont have the time to play it.

well that was it for my first Game Newsletter :P