Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dust Storms!

Well well well check out the wonderfull view i got couple of days ago at 6 am in the morning when i woke up to see this shit out of my window :O Dust storm hit twice Sydney (yesterday was the 2nd time) it was such a surprise for me the first time. The whole world turned red super strong was rly spooky. I was like wtf is going on o.O
you couldnt see more than 10-20 meters away..i felt like i was by myself in a house that suddenly got teleported in Sahar desert during tornado. The gross part was that after the storm passed everything was in red dust....ah i laughed so much at my cousin when i saw his car xD
N i know how much he hates cleaning...
Also i went to get some breakfast at oporto this morning and i found myself in the middle of a wakin up carnival :) Nice surprise and certainly a nice change of pace. The main strip of marrickville certainly looked alot better n frendlier witheout cars :>

I rly enjoyed my stroll around...seeing stuff like this on tv it has always been curious for me. N ppl seem so happy and everybody is talkin about the footy grand finals...alot of beer is gona be drank tonight xD Personaly ima watch James Bond at 8:30 on channel 7 :P So many stuff...ive....all bulgarians are missin out so many stuff....we are so behind with the ages....the more i stay here the more i fall in love with australia ^_^
the last weeks escapist btw....wasnt rly good....i du no maybe its cuz it was about music....just half the stuff went right tru my mind and didnt register a laugh. I just didnt get what he was talkin about.I knew it was suppose to be funny but....i didnt get the stuff -_-` felt kinda stupid rly.
Also the OP manga is so high on steroids its gona burst if it doesnt stop with the mind blowin chapters. Whereas naturo keeps disapointing even with the what should have been an interesting story arc. Sasuke gets up against Raikage and Kazekage...gets hard ass kickin...activates susanoo and even tho he should be exhausted he still jumps on the rest of the kages with the intention to kill Danzo...who also has a sharingan and is supposedly pretty tough whats up did Sasuke drank a rejuvenation potion or something? :O

It wish it would be all over soon....i dont think i can survive much longer with the way naruto is goin on....its not the same manga i fell in love with when i was a kid :S

Rosi brought me back into the past with a uber cool song called Alive. Eh the good ol days. It was so much easier back in the hasles no worries. Just going out playin and having fun. Well since it is one of my all time fav songs ill keep it as my intro song for a while.

Watched the movie Grease last night. . . . .that so called calssic. it was great.....i felt so lame for not seeing this movie. . . . and after that i watched "pretty woman" with Julia Roberts...super cool movie....i it rly possible to get a decent gf from a prostitute o.O
maybe i should try hehe.

Been rly tired lately. Actualy i think it may be the wheater or something. Sometimes i just feel like an enourmos urge to hit the cousin has been slackin at work aswell...which left me with some unpleasant hours of work by myself....

I just want to get this first project over with and put all the paperwork behind me and get to do some stuff. Havent been to the cinema in a long time too. . . .if you dont have time to jump to the cinema for a quick getaway thats when you know ur job is screwing you -_-`
Oh well it is all in the name of money right?
if i get a car like this i guess it will all be worth it mmm? :P
Sry im posting it small but too many piccies in this post i think. . .n still havent figured out why the link to the facebook pics dun work like they should. Well thats it from me this week.....maybe ill take a break from posting.....dun see anything interesting happening n im so tired i dun have the spark to write cool posts....
sigh....gief gnomes to smash :S

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