Friday, October 19, 2007

Game Newsletter #8 "Gladiatus"

I have added the link in my menu few days ago. But i was too lazy to write about it.

Well i quit Travian (since my provinces were obliderated) and a week after that GameForge released a BG server for their game Gladiatus. Ofc i made an acc and tried the game. Turns out its a much improved version of BiteFight. It has a very nice design. The art is nice too. Some minor animations. The interface is much better now:)
I was lucky i found out about the game at the day it was lunched. That gave me an edge and i quickly became the best gladiator. UNTIL! my freakin account buged. Then it was a 4 days of painfully watching how the others are surpassing me :(
After those 4 days the game admin finaly fixed the problem and now after a few days of hard working i managed to pull myself to 9th positon. Hope to be in top 5 on monday :>

The game really kicks ass and i recomend it to all of my readers!

Oh ya. . . pls visit this link once per day if you can ^^

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