Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Being fit is the new HIGH!

Everytime i start surfing on the internet i go around the web and check out some of the leading news...and today what managed to get my attention was....Christiano Ronaldo got swine fly xD
HA surves you right for leaving Manchester !!!!! Sigh i blame FIFA 09 for my re-newed interest in Soccer. . .yes im calling it soccer cuz football here has another meaning -_-` they got so many versions of Rugby aswell . . . crazy aussies xD

But something i was meaning to write about for quiet awhile now is a trend across Australia that is...Beign fit is the new HIGH! And ye...it sounds ridiculous and weird. . . but if thats the prace of beign high yes....i think we can all live with it!

Come to think of it the trend hit bulgaria couple of years ago didnt it? I well before i left the Fashion Housers and the "Zala" dudes were swarming Burgas like ants and cockroaches.
Most of us guys were either infront of the mirror or in the gym wearing Adidas clothing. And recently both.
So ye it is a wonderfull thing that now everybody considers that being fit (and logicaly having a buffed sex body) is cool. Better than thinking drugs are cool -_-`
And ye i suppose i got hooked up on this aswell. Actualy ever since i went to Hungary i was having plans to start but the language barrier kinda fucked it all up for me since i couldnt talk with a trainer and figure out what i should do and not do. I am lazy or at least lacking serious motivation but wheni came to AU the amount of free time certainly said its word. And a huge word that was!
So after i finish my practice im heading straight for the gym 5 days a week at least. And there so many gyms here . . . aussies are really into that thing lemmie tell ya.
Besides i got the hair,i got the attitude and the dance moves...gettign the body will pretty much make it all perfect wont it :P Shame on me for not going to the gym while i was in BG. . . i certainly had the time -__-`

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Now another big hit from Blizzard. . . or more accurately from the community:
World of Warcraft: Cataclysm!
The suspected leak comes after previous speculation that the Goblins and Worgen would be added to the 11-million-strong massively multiplayer online role-playing game's roster. On July 17, the fan site MMO Champion said it was convinced the two races would be playable after Blizzard revealed Goblin and Worgen novelty masks for its in-game Halloween-themed festival. Previously, only playable races were granted such distinction.

The reported name of the supposed upcoming expansion, Cataclysm, was trademarked by Blizzard on June 26 for everything from computer games to greeting cards.

So whooooa o.O another big hit incoming? We will certainly learn in the incoming BlizzCon! But i do doubt that they are gona give the goblins to the Horde....i mean they were so neutral and the positioning of the towns and camps . . . it would greatly disbalance the zones....but they could be also a new small fraction that would join the horde i du no....but it would be so cool if we do have goblins to join us....
What i am thinking is that both new races if they are indeed planned as new. . . is that theyll be both available to the Alliance and Horde....something like a quest and during ur level up u chose which faction you want.
Blizzard has certainly planned alot o.O Cant wait for BlizzCon.

Also check this out:
Rumors of a "World of Starcraft" were jettisoned this week when a Blizzard Entertainment representative revealed that the company's next MMOG will be based on an entirely new franchise.
Now now. . . . i hope the new MMORPG isnt better than wow i would hate so much to leave my beloved Arlong behind :(
But if i know 1 thing about Blizz thats that they are perfectionists...so Arlong ....beware and be afraid ^_^

Also im going back to my old days as a child when i was reading alot.
I alraedy finished the Rincewind trilogy and i am on my way with the Sellswords trilogy from R.A. Salvatore.
Having the time and motivation to read again is great. Certainly brings back memories from my childhood . . . gosh i do so enjoy reading.
Pratchet is so awesome but i thought ill give him a break and bought 3 books from the Forgotten Realms. The first book was kinda weak tho. . . it had its moments but didnt rly grab me. But now im already on half the 2nd one. The Witch-King`s promise and i am rly enjoying it.
Jarlaxle is so cool and rly spices up the story. While in the first book he was kinda put aside and everything resolved around Entreri now in the 2nd books he is equal if not more important. Certainly he is the cooler dude of the scary team. His battle with the commander of the Vaasan gate did bring tons of laughs from me. So so so much to read. And i feel a lil spark of creativity going on around my brain. Reading alot kinda does that to you :P
My imagination is getting feeded again . . .a swedish table rly xD

No time to go check out Public Enemies tho . . .maybe this Saturday . . . .also its movign time again....the house owner is total jerk/whore (im not sure never met the person). So this time our moving out isnt on a whim of my cousin. I totaly back him up but i am kinda afraid he`s gona put us in a crappy new place. And i wonder if i find a place for us to crash will he accept it since i wont look for vietnamese ppl ^_^
Well i care little anyway im just waiting to strike . . . or more precisely to strike out and bid him farewell and stay on my own. Well maybe with other ppl but away from him ^^

Also predatorez is such an impossible person to wake up -_-` text msgs and calls 5 min long and he still doesnt pick up o.O GOsh does he sleep like a dead guy or what o.O

Oh oh Shinji . . . . how about you do lil art for me m? :P
As you can see my banner pic dissapeared o.O So i need a new one ^_^ Care to make one?
If you got the time just let me now and ill send you some details about what i want.

p.p: No Zero Punctuation today :(((( sob sob
Anyway: cheers with Richard the warlock IMBA PWN SONG!


Shinji said...

K gimme the size in pixels (and maybe some wishes but Ima try do my thing xD )

'N we still waiting for ZP >_< if it ain't out till the EoD we gotta give HIM a review.

Shinji said...

PS: I hate the music that always starts when I open ur blog. Not the music itself (maybe that too) but the fact that there IS music when I dun expect it to be. Dammit...

Jimmy Nguyen said...

Ekeke sry just depends on my mood and wanna show the latest things im into...or getting back to...
maybe ill tinker with the other players and see if i can make it start on click instead of being auto launched ^_^
tc tc the things i do for u -_-`

So pixels...88x31 make couple of things certainly the size will allow it and ill see if i like something ^^
You know me pretty well so i guess you will strike somethin i like. if not i shall give something more specific. Lil bit of challange for Shinji with my weird taste in art hehe.

p.p: I wasnt expecting you would actualy spot the lil test aimed at you....i am happy to see your spending couple of minutes to read the blog ^_^

Jimmy Nguyen said...

Oh also i spotted couple of nice art and web design books here im gona be busy the next few days but maybe ill go get some stuff for you and mail em...i wonder how much they gona rip me for in the post office for mailing to bg -_-`