Monday, November 10, 2008

Movie Week! vol:1

Okay okay since ive been taking my movie watchings a bit serious lately ive decided to share the movies i see n maybe recommend you or stop you from seeing them depending on my opinion :)

Okay now i dont exactly remember everything i saw in the past weeks but ill give a breakdown on stuff i do remember:

-The Longest Yard Awesome!
-The Waterboy Great Fun!
-Gridiron Gang A MUST see!

-Fred Claus Great Family Movie!

-The Prestige Great Acting, Amazing Story!
-The Terminal Great Acting, Amazing Story!

-Se7en Great Acting, Amazing Story . . .kinda Dark!
-The Usual Suspects Great Acting, Amazing Story!

-Deadspace: Downfall Very entertaining
-Star Wars: The Clone Wars Great fun especially if u are a SW fan!

Quick highlights
The Longest Yard
Lets take a quick look at the cast....Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, NELLY, Steve Austin, Bill Goldberg, Bob Sapp and many more. This is a football team n one with shit load of stars in it! It is an AMAZING comedy. Ive laughed like hell during this movie. . . . oh boy does Chris, ROCK the place or what. . . .the story is nothing special but the acting n the jokes are rly hitting right on the spot. + You see alot of cool ppl which greatly boosts the fun. I mean lal...Steve Austin shit his pants..>WTH :D that was LOOOOL
Definetly a must see movie!

The Waterboy
Actualy i saw this movie a long time ago but since im into the NFL thing atm i though i should drop it too. Its an above average movie but it has some rly great moments that makes it worthwhile. Its all in all a good comedy by Sandler.

Gridiron Gang
THE ROCK . ....
what more can i say :O Amazing acting and amazing based on true life story. Rly rly inspiring movie that everybody should see. Football fans will be pleased too especialy with seing The One busting some moves too :)

Fred Claus
A great Xmas family comedy. Its form last year but i saw it yesterday and i totaly luv it. Vin is delivering some of his faced pased talking that i totaly dig. IT has a strong msg to the kids . . .and its a pleasure watching it. We get to see Kevin Spacey in the movie too as the arch-villain . . .sob . . . why do they always make him play bad guys :O

The Prestige
Okay now thats a deep movie. I got it and i was expecting one thing. . . and got completely different product :O Ofc it was all for the best. Its a story about 2 magicians that compete against each other after a tragic accident. This was my first real look behind the scenes of the magical world. . . and i still cant shake my mind off how they actualy make the bird trick :O
I was stunned! oh did i mention that we have Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman in the leading roles? :O or should i say Batman and Wolverine ^^ A must see movie. . .and if u still have doubts. . . its in top 10 of imdb.

The Terminal
Tom Hanks. One of my favorite actors. Inspired by a true story this movie blows away with its amazing acting and incredibly realistic storytelling. Spielberg hits and he hits hard. Btw an important note for my countrymates: Том Ханкс говори на български в филма :О
Touching movie that everybody should see.

Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman. Again top actors in a top movie. From the director of Memento we receive again a crazy twisted drama/thriller movie that will keep u on ur toes untill the end of the movie. Amazing story with great acting and incredible twist. I dont know how i havent seen this movie before :O

The Usual Suspects
Now thats one of those deep movies that show their true nature at the very end of the movie when they just blow you away letting you to recycle the information for 30 mins before blinking again. I dont think i should say anything else than : WATCH IT

Deadspace: Downfall
Technology evolves and we get better n better animations. On quality Deadspace is a top shell movie. The Story is prologue to the story in the PC game Deadspace. So its a good way to get involved into the game before u even start playing it :) I rly enjoyed the movie pity i cant try the game now :(

The Clone Wars
The new TV series from Lucas Arts. They are rly enjoyable althou i had alot of doubts before seeing them. It kinda reminds me of "Band of Brothers" sometimes . . . since the part of the clones is much bigger this time. Seeing alot of ordinary troops action. The whole Anakin has an apprentice thing looks to me like a smart way to rip off the fans but . . . who am i to judge :O

Well thats it :D Cant rly come up with any other movies to recommend for now.


McLovinn said...

u forgot to mention ur top3 movies

1- High Scholl musical 3
2- Need for seed 3: the final race
3-Live free or fuck hard

Здрачник said...

Lmao my top movies are:

1. Azzy rapes Kaku`s mom!
2. Azzy goes to USA n kicks Kaku`s ass!
3. Azzy steals all Kaku`s money!

McLovinn said...

hahaha lick me
seriously now
some movies for you:
anygiven sunday
no country for old men
speed racer(lol its funny)
italian job
tropic thunder(lolable)

u probabily watched most of them already but who knows. i gotta watch more movies. goonzu is fcking my movie time, also my soccer time, my study time, my... yea goonzu screwed me lol THANK YOU AZZY

Anonymous said...

I loved Fred Claus and The Terminal!! what great movies you've watched lately.

Hi hun!!! remember me?? I really gope you haven't forgotten about your wife XD I'm truly sorry I disappeared...I was busy due to my graguation and work...finally I graduated on December, I'm a Chemical Engineeer!! YAY haha

How are you?? HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!! what have you been doing huh?? partyin' like an animal? LOL

Hoping to hear soon from you!!


Love, Paola!