Monday, November 10, 2008

Armors and dumbells!

A new chapter has come in my goonzu life. Ever since i came back from Hungary ive been working hard (and smart). I came to realise that in the 2 months ive been playing after my break ive achieved alot more than i did in my 2 years hardcore playing. Now i dont rly regret what i did back in the days. . . i still had fun n thats what counts. . .but on the economy side of the story its rly sad.
I couldve been sooooo soooo rich! N probably alot more influential n powerfull. Well at least now im playing alot smarter n trying to gear up aswell.

Ive started to PD armors. . .so far ive made 2 MGs: Wooden Armor and Bronze Armor.
Im rly pushing for a PG but its still eluding me :S I hope i get one in the next few days.

I have left Turphania about 30-35 days ago. I was townless for along time during halloween event but then decided to join somewhere so i can get some candies :D
Well i ended up in Naos which is a very strong town with alot of players . . .but not very talkative. There plenty of beasts around but thing is . . .everyone is hunting or whatever is keeping them busy :O so they dont talk much. I dont rly mind but i would prefer a bit more of a chit chat. I dont rly know my townies atm. I met alot of new ppl tho im trying to get more known around the world n to make more friends. After all i do plan to run for goonzu in the next few elections.
Its rly sad how Turphania is going down n down :( Im not sure but i may not go back soon. . . . not if town keeps rolling like that. And im having hard time with SuperDaddio . . . now . . . he is a good friend but. . . its kinda hard to get my money back . . .after a painfull talk with him he got mad n payed like 250mil to me. Which is cool but he stopped with money mails again :O
I made 5.5bil since i gave him that loan n i know he has made some cash n stuff . . . he says his stuff sell slow. . . well he is just selling few things n keeping everything else for his PDing. Ofc it wont sell . . .
In my guild i saw alot of loaining n paying back. Its cool how ppl after receiving a loan start working hard on paying it off. N Daddio got what he wanted n now he is all settled n doesnt think he needs to push himself to pay back :S he got a nice ranked weapon, armors, spirit n pet. But i got none of those so thats why ive been kinda pushy on him lately. . . i would like to amass some cash n try getting something nice for me too :S

Speaking of nice things. . . Season 2 update is rly awesome. Pets got boosted up tramendously and now they are a great asset n finaly starting to pay off the blessing stones wasted on them :D
Im hunting like crazy shells and crabs and let me tell ya. . .shells are selling like hell :D Alot of pets are dying everyday n that makes me alot of marbles ^^

Ive been doign weight lifting alongside my goonzu playing sessions :D Trying to get in shape. Its a good way to mix the usefull with the pleasure of gaming. N when i watch movies i train too :)
Im actualy seeing some results or more like...feling them since i can make more series now before i go dyyyyy :D

Im think maybe i should fix my bike n start making some runs again in the morning. But i usualy go to bed at morning so. . . i du no about that :O

p.p: 3 years of goonzu and i still dont know how to use Trade Port. . . its just sad -_-

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Anonymous said...

az shte ti obqsnq be :Pi btv, mersi 4e ne si mi vzimal ot neshtata v goonzu, mislq da se vrushtam skoro