Saturday, October 18, 2008

This is the Age of "Smiles"!

Don Quixote Doflamingo. . .

First of all i wanna express how pissed off i am from the fact that there will was no OP chapter this week. Heard something about Hunter X Hunter returning to Shonen Jump n possible turn taking in showing up on the pages with OP! I hope that aint the case...n why the fuck they would slow down OP anyway! Its a top hoch manga . . . -__-`

2nd....ive been doing some reading and...could Boa be Luffy`s mother :O It is a wild guess theory but. . .or fuck where could have he seen the eyes on her back then? No wickedness. . .now that made me laugh hard tho :D Im sure its not so much his fear than his dumbass brain that just doesnt think of her as a woman haah wont be first time he ignores a girl/woman.
Im pretty sure by the end of the Kuja arc Luffy will be able to use "Haki"! And that would be a major power up . . . one that could probably give him some chances against the Admirals in future battles! I mean Rayleigh used it against Kizaru right? N somehow managed to strike a Logia n hurt him. . . .

But what i am rly hooked up on now is Don Quixote Doflamingo!
BOUNTY: 340,000,000!
Man this guy is pure COOLNESS! I luv him. . . .how can u not root for the bad dudes when u get villains like him! Just an awesome guy. N i pretty much suspect that his power is much greater than his old threat. . . shit he was ready to start a fight with Sengoku in Mariejoa. . .i mean wtf! :O N with his puppe like ability . . .that could be pretty troublesome. And also he was pretty exited about getting into a fight with Whitebeard. . . i mean his hole attitude shows nothing more than a fearless pirate who is veeeery confident in his powers.

The smiles thing that he mentioned. . . . now that rly bugs me. . . could they be related to Gol D. Roger n his smile on his execution? Maybe the ban line on the smiles of Doflamingo are the "End of age of dreams" thing he was talkin about. Only time will show . . . one thing is for sure tho:
I WILL get tattoed his smile on my right arm. . . i got hooked up on the idea 2 days ago . . . n ill fuckin do it :) I think it will look awesome :>

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Човек, ще те счупя! Не съм те чувала от сто години!!!