Friday, August 03, 2007

Game Newsletter #6 "One of the strongerst"

Yes the Vampire Lord has raised again and now has takin his rightfull place amongts the most powerfull beings.

rofl what im trying to say is that im back in top 50 in Bite Fight. I wont get to the first place. Unless the lead player goes on vacation or has the bad luck of being unable to play for few days ^^
But still being in top 50 is good enough. I hope ill be around the first 30 thou :Pp
Some stupid werewolves sended me insulting letters after i attacked them so now im kicking their asses few times a day to remind them to be polite -_-`

In goonzu i dinged lvl 91 :P and now since i buyed a new wow card i think ill decrease my playing time in goonzu so i can catch up in WoW. Besides im waiting for my new fox to be trained by my mom/
I managed to bring 2 old Bulgarian players back in the game and i think that soon the bg warriors in goonzu will be a considerable power :Pp

In travian not much has happened. Im just growing my villages peacefully :P

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