Monday, July 23, 2007

Deidara has finaly died!

Eh i downloaded the latest chapter of Naruto last night. I must say it was a real twist. well. . . maybe not a twist but a shoking surprise for all those stuff that have been revealed.

I knew it. as i said few posts early in my blgo Deidara will die. and it happened :X seems like Kishimoto really liked Deidara cuz even the other Akatsuki members got lil sad about his death.

I was really hoping that Sasuke would die too but ofc a main char to die. . . and especialy probably the most popular one in this manga :X as i said many times the manga should have been named Sasuke -___-`

I dont know that many manga or animes but still i have no memory of seeing the main char of the story having such hard time being popular amongst the fans. And if Naruto keeps growing like that even ill will start hating him. hehe

anyway whats more important is that the final members of Akatsuki are finaly revealed. Crap the 2nd member is a woman thou. a pure guys organisation wouldve been better. Now we know that the leader`s name is Pein. wahahha i wonder why :P we know he has a shapeshifting ability. and those eyes. i wonder what bloodline is this. Is it possible they are stronger than Uchiha`s eyes. After all Sharingan is the best bloodline in Konoha but what about the other villages ?? what is really interesting is the fact that Akatsuki has a hidden master. Now this guy should really be powerfull. and to think that the bijuu`s are only 9 and he didnt want one. . . or. . . maybe he planned to kill some members anyway :D so many questions now. i cant wait for the next chapter.


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omo! Deidara died ne? YAY !!