Sunday, August 14, 2011


Ay ay ay
Already on the 3k $ mark :D
My Magic collection has grown quite alot. But i still only have 2 playable decks and not that many good cards to trade. arguably i have tons of valuable cards in the collection but those are a no-go! I recently got 2 Shards of Alara boxes and obviously got almost all the cards from the set. It was interesting for me to find out that Oblivion Ring was a common in that set but now in M12 its an uncommon. There were some good cards in the shards of alara but most of them are just good commons that you can use in some legacy decks. The rares overall are mediocre and not that expensive. There is the Etherium Master that i so much love and im planning to build an artifact deck based on the one from the first Duels of The Planeswalkers game.
I still do as many drafts as i can. Altho because im usually at the store mid-day i miss the first 1-2 and can never do too many even if i want. Still its tons of fun. Im getting better but the first place is yet to be mine.
Last draft i did was crazy. it was one Scars, Besieged and Phyrexia booster. So the carads and the decks were very weird. I took 7th place X_X I felt like the deck was good but maybe i misplaced some cards and later i realised i passed on some good cards that at the time i thought are useless in draft.
Drafting M12 even tho its a bit boring for me now is alot easier because i have more experience.
Im thinking of getting a legacy deck but they are oh so expensive and if i build one ill probably spend all my MtG funds on it. (i`ve set a budget of about 1,300$ per month as my limit). Yeah good Legacy decks are THAT expensive.

I should probably make a new standard deck. Im thinking some kind of white-blue control. Its more fun to play and the valakut is getting stale for me. But i really feel that Innistrad will be the time when i become a competitive standard player because it will remove the whole zendikar block from standard and we will only have scars block innistrad and M12 to play with. So alot less cards to use for decks and more time to level up and rack up some experience for the expansions.

I havent been posting here much because i am currently working on a Die2Nite blog and i was sick for a week aswell so i had no time to write stuff down here. You know how i am . . . i get hyped with one thing and then i move on to the next one. Ive never really been a regular poster here. Its always been spikes of posts and then couple of weeks/months of silence.
And due to my throat infection and girlfriend and playing magic my gaming average has dropped so low. I barely have time to play anything on my PC anymore. On steam right now i have played 4.1 hours in 2 weeks! TWO FUCKING WEEKS! Thats like 29 minutes of gaming per day X_X
And there already hints about the next WoW expansion sigh....i wish i had more time to play wow and otehr games. There still things i want to achieve over there :(

The old republic and diablo 3 are hopefully both coming by the end of the year and im very excited about those games. But ill probably end up just testing them out a bit on release and then just make em collect dust on my start up menu.
I have such a huge back log of books,games and manga. Its crazy.

Anyway i g2g.
Keep it real guys!

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