Wednesday, March 14, 2007

World of Warcraft- Darkhan is back!

Whoa whoa time to post again la.

I got my copy of WoW 11 days ago. gosh Gesh i hate you mon. . . convincing me to play again -_-
i was thinkin 3 days should i buy the game or not. I had money and well didnt know what to do with them so ya. . . one morning i woke up and. . . i just wanted to paly wow. I called my friend he was in school so it took lots of time to explain me where is the shop from witch i can buy the game (gosh we are retarded town only 1 oficial game shop). I went there but i was kinda ashemed im going to buy wow i pretend i was buying it for my lil bro (i dont even have a bro :P ) and the sellsman turned to be a girl (pretty hot too) she even gave me some free stuff as bonus (guess im hot too ne:P ). So filled with exitement and happynes i went back home. Instaled the game and got luck to find a new copy so i didnt need to patch much. I was wonderign if i should start new char or play my old Troll Rogue. In the end i decided to play with Darkhan again. And man am i glad i did that. There sooo many changes in the game. The new honor system is much better but doesnt allow people to grow in rank -__-` and since darkhan was few ranks up before i quit last time now im Grunt :P and some new people will never get the chance to be in the horde army. haha im so lucky la ^_^ and i got this cool trinket from the warsong clan witch got for only 2 gold and now is so expensive :P hihi

im leveling slowly thou. not taht much time to play +i fool around too much. Doing low lvl quests and stuff. But im just so into the game world cuz im warcraft fan. i like reading the quests and stuff to figure out the story. And i got so into fishing and cooking. Im gona become artisan pretty soon and start making amazing stuff and sell them in market for tons of gold (or so i hope). Havent made so many battlegrounds althou i need to so i can get some nice prizes for me. I guess i did so many battlegrounds with my trial acc cuz i was limited to the action i can perform. Well no more... now i can do everything.

Today i got the Cosmos addons. they are amazing. ANd especialy the all in one inventory addon. that kicks ass ^_^

now im at work and i dont feel much like playing so i just chat lots and play some goonzu :) and chat there too ^^


Anonymous said...

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The newest two races mentioned above are the "draenei" and the "blood elves" and they are great to start playing with all over again and no doubt new players will find the way up to level 70 very exciting.

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Another important aspect to mention is that Horde was finally given the chance to play as paladin with blood elves. Blizzard balanced the two new classes by allowing draenei to play as shamans. However chances for the two new classes to interact with their neighbors are low while they are leveling up. The new classes will probably experience trouble in finding trainers and even some quest givers. The new profession, jewel crafting can be really profitable, especially when combined with mining.

The flying mount was something new for WOW players, but many reviewers agreed that flying mounts are cheap indeed but very slow, even slower than a non epic mount. The epic flying mount is fast and crucial for some quests and territories but it's a bit expensive to some players. However, camping in the new territories can be a real pleasure because the player is now able to raise more gold in a shorter time span than before and also has great chances to loot precious items they needs or they can sell in auction houses.

Patches are regularly released in order to improve the balance and the quality of the game. In addition Blizzard performs weekly server maintenance so they can prevent game bugs, account break in or other problems related to the technical support of the game engine. Game masters are always online and they solve players' problems very fast and in a professional manner. The Burning Crusade can be considered a great new real-time game and also the valuable proof that WOW was and still is an unique PC game that fascinated millions of people around the globe.

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